The Ultimate Ski Fashion Guide: Everything You Need to Hit the Slopes in Style!

Looking for what to wear on your next ski vacation? I’ve got you covered. You can shop for everything right here…from your base layers to that smokin’ haute ski outfit! (what I’m wearing in the photo: ski suit Cordova, Goggles POC, beanie Heidi Leibt)

Here in Telluride, CO. skiing is a big thing. Personally, my goal is at least 100 days on the slopes each winter. It’s a favorite outdoor activity for us locals and I gather from social that a lot of you are obsessed with it too. Swooshing down sugary slopes, soaking in the bluebird skies and testing the limits of the human experience. Skiing merges inner and outer strength. It taps into the soul like nothing else, it’s awe inspiring, being on the slopes feels otherworldly….like YOU ARE defying gravity.

Look your best on the ski slopes

But it’s not all about the skiing, it’s about the Aprés too (I’ll cover Aprés ski in an upcoming post) It’s best to dress for success no matter where those skis might take you. Once you take off that ski jacket you want your sweater and base layers to look cool too. With lots of snow on the way this winter, dressing for success is a priority.

Ski clothes should not only look great but they need to behave right on the slopes. They need to be comfortable, warm…and yes, if you are caught skiing a Hollywood line (underneath a popular lift) you want to look as great as you feel.

Let this be your one stop shop for everything SKI!

the ski jacket.

Consider this an investment piece. Buy a great jacket now and it should last you a good long time. Get something you love because they aren’t cheap. Pockets are essential, you need somewhere to store that lip balm, tissues, goggle sock, extra sunscreen and a credit card for aprés. Where you are skiing and the temps will determine how heavy your jacket should be. Nothing wrecks a day on the slopes more then being too cold or too hot. I love down filled ski jackets and they come in so many different styles and weights.

ski pants.

You can go all matchy with your jacket and pants or do something different. These days I like my top & bottom to be from the same collection, but you do you.

ski jumpsuits, bibs & catsuits.

Ladies, these are back in fashion in a big way. Cordova and Bogner make some really awesome and super sexy styles. The retro vibe is big with these looks but they are back to stay in a big way. Don’t be shy, you can totally rock one of these. Keep in mind that if the weather is super cold you might want to wear a large puffy ski jacket over your catsuit. Not to worry, the puffy comes off at Cloud Nine!

the helmet.

Not an option, a ski helmet is an essential. So what if your hair gets a little trashed underneath it…if you don’t wear one and have a wreck you could sustain hideous injuries. Be cool and wear a helmet. Besides, you can go total glam these days as so many chic designers are making them. Also, you look more like a real skier if you do. I’ve heard that some mountains even make this an essential rule if you are going to hit their slopes.

the base layers.

When it comes to base layers they need to fit a few criteria. Moisture wicking, warm, seamless and technical are a few things to look for. Sweaty Betty has so many cute ones to choose from. Brands like Smartwool carry different weights depending on how thick you want your base layer. I tend to go with the lighter 150 weight, but the 250 is great for frigid conditions. Remember that these base layers might become part of your aprés look too, so be sure to make them cute! There are even one pieces which are great for under jumpsuits.

the ski sweater.

You can have ridiculous amounts of fun with the sweater options out there. From wool to alpaca to cashmere there are lots of warm fibers to choose from. You can go with a classic Fair Ilse or something graphic bold and bright. Remember when the jacket comes off the sweater is what they will see next.

the beanie & hats.

You’ve gotta keep that lid warm when you take off your helmet. Some beanies you can fit in a jacket pocket. I often wear a small backpack for accessory changes when I know we are going to hit up slope side restaurants and bars.

the headband.

Headbands have such a retro / euro vibe and are a fun stylish accessory for when you stop for a slope side lunch or aprés. They keep your ears and forehead warm and they look so cool. Don’t want to commit to a beanie?Wear one of these beauties for slope side margaritas, besides then make less mess of your perfect blowout. Headbands are also small enough to tuck into the pocket of your ski jacket.

the gloves and mittens.

The jury is out on what’s better out on the slopes, gloves or mittens. Gloves are easier to grip your poles with, but mittens keep you warmer. It’s a toss up. I have plenty of each and switch them out depending on the temperature. On very cold days, for layers of warmth, you can also put wool liners in your mittens.

the socks.

We aren’t going to get into hardware in this post: skis, boots and poles. But, we do need to address those socks. If your feet don’t stay warm and dry you can end up miserable. One thing many first timers think is the thicker the sock the better. This isn’t necessarily true. Every boot fitter I’ve ever worked with prefers that skiers wear a lighter, less padded sock. If you go that route, then your feet will create an air pocket within the boot that will help to keep you warm. Also, to get the boots to fit their best you really need to feel what’s going in inside. Micro movements with your feet will help with turning, this is tricky in a thick sock when you potentially have less feedback between your feet and your boots.

the neck gaiter or “loop scarf”

Wearing a full on scarf can be dangerous when you are skiing. It can trip you up and get caught on things. That’s why a gaiter or loop scarf is the absolute best way to go. On really cold days I couldn’t imagine skiing without one. They also help protect your face from the high altitude sun.

Happy shopping!


~ Marla Meridith

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