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Valentine’s DIY Printables “Little Angels”

*freebie* Valentine's Day Printables | DIY Labels and Tags Craft  |

I’m not sure if it a a good thing or not, but as a food & lifestyle blogger I start thinking about holidays about 2 months before they happen. Since September/Back to School it has been a wild ride with Halloween, then Thanksgiving onto Christmas, New Years and now Valentine’s Day! Let’s not forget about all of the travel, work, kids, school and family activities.

Way before a holiday approaches my mind spins in all kinds of creative ways. I think about food, recipes, crafts & photography. All. The. Time.

I love sharing ideas that go way beyond recipes. My plan is to design more & give you DIY printables and crafts a bit more often.

*freebie* Valentine's Day Printables | DIY Labels and Tags Craft  |
I love all holidays, even simple “normal” days.

I also love to design little cherubs decked out in plaid.

*freebie* Valentine's Day Printables | DIY Labels and Tags Craft  |

Chocolate Truffles Recipe for Valentine's Day & *freebie* printables on

Do you like chocolate truffles? I sure hope you do ’cause I love them. I have a great new truffle recipe I will be sharing soon. So you can make the ones you see in the photos.

That is assuming you want to….

Chocolate Truffles Recipe for Valentine's Day & *freebie* printables on

In shades of pinks, blues, reds and greens these designs are versatile, sophisticated yet playful to suit many projects.

*freebie* Valentine's Day Printables | DIY Labels and Tags Craft  |

I have a thing for sparkle. I hope you are OK with that. You don’t have to use the foamy stickers if you don’t want to. They were all over my kitchen table from my daughters craft projects.

Happy Valentines Day from

They are also hiding out in my purse. You can read more about that over at  the new blog That’s What We Said. It is a great place to share giggles with the creators Kristan Confessions of a Cookbook Queen & Shelly Cookies and Cup  Over there is a sneak peek at what I keep inside my purse.

Chocolate Truffles Recipe for Valentine's Day & *freebie* printables on

For the mason jars I printed the flags and cherubs on card stock at about 80% of the full size. For the burlap wrapped flowers they were printed at 100%.

*freebie* Valentine's Day Printables | DIY Labels and Tags Craft  |

You can print these little flag tags and angels for yourself. Even better…for FREE. Best news you have heard all day. I know…

Just remember ~ all you need is….

*freebie* Valentine's Day Printables | DIY Labels and Tags Craft  |

Hugs are good too! XOXO

Free holiday gift tags by Marla Meridith designs & photography

Here is the link to this Valentine’s Little Angels Design PDF on my Facebook page. I would love if you email or send some photos of your craft projects to me on Facebook if you use these designs. It would be so fun to see all of your creativity.

*freebie* Valentine's Day Printables | DIY Labels and Tags Craft  |

Important Usage Information

I am so pleased to share my graphics with you. Before you download here are a few important bits of information.

The downloadable pdfs in this post (as are all the photos, recipes and everything on this blog) are free for the looking and are for personal use only. They are strictly not for commercial use. If you wish to incorporate any of my designs, photos, graphics in your own personal projects & blogs, please credit me and include a link to and/or this page. You may not not distribute any of my downloadable files. As a courtesy please do not link directly to a downloadable file but rather to this page. Thanks for understanding and taking the time to read this. Enjoy! ~Marla

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~ Marla Meridith

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49 thoughts on “Valentine’s DIY Printables “Little Angels”

    1. Thanks Caroline. Homemade Valentine’s are fun! My kids have filled the kitchen table with their own. We are having so much fun with this!

    1. Leanne, I am actually starting to strike up a better relationship with Photoshop. I used to really dislike it & now I am kinda obsessed with it. There is so much I do not know though….will take years of practice! I should take some classes in it come to think of it. Just need to find the time 😉

    1. Thanks Bridget…now if only I had your talents I could make little plaid cherub cookies. I will leave that one up to you 😉 I’ll stick with Illustrator, Photoshop and a camera!

    1. Jennifer, it really does. The extra special homemade cards, tags, buttons, badges, ribbons, bows….etc. Sweet little touches say a whole lot!

  1. Those are adorable! Thank you! I would love to print them and paste them on card stock to use as valentines day cards. On the back “designed by Marla”
    Your creativity and talent is amazing!

  2. Oh Marla~
    This post makes my HEART beam from Bainbridge to SUNNY California!
    I’m speechless at the lovely~ness!
    The burlap with the PINK & blue and red is just adorable!
    Don’t think I didn’t spot those mini pom~poms! 😉
    Too cute my dear adorable girl!
    I just LOVE your style!
    Can’t believe I missed what’s in YOUR BAG!!!
    I’ll have to pop over!
    I’m seriously PINNING every picture in this post!
    LOVE the printables!
    Yeah for more crafts on Family Fresh Crafting….I mean Cooking!

    1. Teresa, your visits always brighten my day. Thanks so much for all of your great energy and sweetness! I am so happy that you went Pin Crazy on this post. I hope that lots of people enjoy my art & designs and can use them for their own projects. I thought that the natural/rustic burlap went well with the candy colors. Nice contrast. I love contrast!!
      Hope you had fun with that BAG post. I had gobs of fun with that one! I was actually laughing as I wrote it.
      I knew you would spot those itty bitty pom poms. Now I am obsessed like you!

  3. I wish I were just a little more crafty. I do dream about doing super cute projects like these. The printables are fantastic and so nice of you to offer for us to use and enjoy. Can’t wait for those gorgeous truffles;)xx