Vegetable Bibimbap Bowls

The first time I ever had the Korean dish Bibimbap was in a small family-owned restaurant in NYC. I’ll never forget the flavors and runny egg on top! You can make this recipe with meat too, but we love it loaded with a lot of veg & spicy sauces. Be flexible and creative here. Use ingredients you have on hand. Let this recipe serve as a template for your creations. This dish is so simple to prepare & I bet your kids will love it too. Mine do!

Vegetable Bibimbap Bowls recipe | MarlaMeridith.com ( @marlameridith )

All of the ingredients I used in this recipe are easy to find at your local grocery store.

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Vegetable Bibimbap Bowls recipe | MarlaMeridith.com ( @marlameridith )


~ Marla Meridith

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7 thoughts on “Vegetable Bibimbap Bowls

  1. I briefly dated a Korean fellow when I lived in NYC. While it didn’t work out, he introduced me to a longer-lasting love affair with bibimbap. This brings back memories, and makes me hungry!