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Very Cherry Tart with Almond Crust


Raise your hand if you love cherries? We sure do over here. They are  symbolic of summer fun don’t you think? The other day I had a big basket of ripe cherries begging to be used in a recipe. I came up with this healthy Very Cherry Tart recipe that I know you will love as much as we do.

Great news! This tart is perfect for breakfast or dessert as it is filled with good for you ingredients. Nothing like having a guilt free sweet tart make you feel your best.

Gluten Free Cherry Tart © IMG_6285

Swiss wildflowers © IMG 6908


I am still in Switzerland. There are stunning wildflowers everywhere here in the Upper Engadin Valley.


Swiss Wildflowers © IMG 6902


Everywhere you turn is another dazzling view! I love this farmhouse on the Corvatsch ski mountain


Farmhouse on Corvatsch Mountain ©


Let’s not forget the cows with jingly bells.


Swiss Alps © IMG 6873


They happily graze everywhere ~ with the best views of the Alps and bluebird skies!


Cows in Engadin Switzerland © IMG 6891


It tickled my heart to watch this man with his grandson walking along Lake Silvaplana. Every afternoon you see people on the lake kite surfing.

The wind comes through the valley and makes it the ideal conditions for this sport.


Man with boy watch kite surfing on Lake Silvaplana ©


Back to tarts….I love them for so many reasons…


Gluten Free Cherry Tart © IMG_6307


You can have all sorts of fun with your fillings and toppings. Embrace seasonal fresh fruits and don’t forget some chopped roasted nuts.


Gluten Free Cherry Tart © IMG_6294


There is something so cool about finding a great crust recipe (in this case almond) and topping it with any whim, wish or desire!


Bright green pistachios pouring from white cup


With tarts you can go sweet or savory. We are obsessed with my Pumpkin Pie Tart which we enjoy throughout the year. For savory you can try my Rustic Tomato and Cheese Margherita Tarts.

I always use a delicious gluten free almond tart crust that is quick and simple to prepare. It is free of any flours and is simply ground almond meal and some oil.


Gluten Free Cherry Tart © IMG_6312


You can experiment with the nuts you use too. Hazelnut or pistachio meal would be nice too.


Gluten Free Cherry Tart © IMG_6302


What is your favorite kind of tart?


Gluten Free Cherry Tart © IMG_6343


Have you been enjoying lots of juicy ripe cherries this summer?


For Recipe Details Click Here


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Check out my Very Cherry Pinterest board for some great ideas too!



~ Marla Meridith

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44 thoughts on “Very Cherry Tart with Almond Crust

  1. Marla the tart is stunning….and then, there’s the pics from your trip. Truly just beyond words. I can only imagine how breathtaking it is there and how you must be in your major happy place:)

  2. This tart sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing your other photos, as well. I especially love the farmhouse, but the flowers are gorgeous, too!

    1. Melissa that farmhouse was amazing. Can you believe it is directly next to the ski run?! Certainly no homes like that in the US ski areas! I could have spent a whole day photographing it 🙂

  3. We have been eating cherries like crazy lately, and I know this would be a hit at breakfast! And your pictures are just stunning!

  4. OMG switzerland looks amazing!! That lake water color and that little village in between looks dreamy. That place really looks magical!! I love the fact that the tart crust is made with almonds. I too have started baking with almond flour and I love it. I do not have any gluten sensitivities, I just like the fact that is much more nutritious than flour. Great pictures Marla!

    1. Miryam, those little villages are astounding! I cannot get over the Alps and the views.
      You are right, this crust is such a great alternative to flours. Very quick to prepare too!

  5. At last, summer has arrived. And with cherries to usher us in, and a tart like this to help us savour the moments. Really good stuff here Marla, the tart and the picturesque images!

  6. My hand is all the way raised. I LOVE cherries. I wanted to bake with them the other day, so I bought a huge bag, but…I apparently ate them all before I got a chance. Oops.
    This looks delicious!

  7. I have been looking for a good almond tart crust. Yours look like the answer! The clicks are great- of the food and the place. I can so do with a trip to switzerland what with Arizona’s rising temps!

  8. Hi Marla – I was just doing some catching up and wanted to say thank you for the link-back to the parfaits.

    This tart is absolutely STUNNING. I think I might have to make it myself soon. The photos are inspiring as well. Wonderful post!

  9. Hi Marla. Did you use pistachios to add color or was it a really good flavour combination? I was wondering if flaked almonds would work as well?