What to Wear for Skiing: An Essentials Guide!

alpine skiing & here it is in pictures. It can take quite a few years of practice to get your layering just right. In this post are my best tips. What to Wear for Skiing is a common question & finally here are some answers.   This guide is perfect for kids & adults. Remember the most important elements are to have moisture wicking & warm layers. Adapt the layers to how the temperatures are outside. You can always bring extra pieces in a backpack. Don’t forget about looking cute at Aprés too!     Hardware:   What to Wear for Skiing: Gear & Clothes | An Essentials Guide | ( @MarlaMeridith ) To alpine ski you gotta have skis (obviously) mine are Wagner Custom & they are fabulous! You choose a ski based on the snow conditions & the kind of runs you like to ski on. Mine are pretty fat because I’m all over the hill. They are brilliant in the powder & also great in the bumps. They also behave super great on the groomers too. They are the best skis I’ve ever owned. Not to mention my topsheet eskimo girl graphic thrills me!   You also need bindings. Mine are Salomon z10. If you are purchasing new gear or renting, go to the best store you can find for the best advice when getting your gear. Remember, there are many ski shapes & styles. Depending on what & how you ski will determine what should work best for you.   Boots! If you are purchasing your own boots make sure you visit with the best boot fitter you can find. Poorly fitted boots can wreck any ski experience no matter how great the snow. Ask around to find out who the best boot fitters are in your area. I’m crazy in love with my Scarpa touring boots. I purchased them at our local favorite Bootdoctors here in Telluride right before my trip to Switzerland.   Yes, living full time in a ski resort has many perks! I always have Surefoot custom insoles put in to maximize my comfort. Any skier will agree that these are imperative & worth the extra cost! You can also have boot warmers put in if you tend to get really cold. You can also use disposable hand & foot warmers.   Ski poles: I like light weight, strong pair. Mine are K2. To properly fit ski poles check out this great How To from   Outerware:   What to Wear for Skiing: Gear & Clothes | An Essentials Guide | ( @MarlaMeridith )   Yes, you gotta look cool when you ski. But form must meet function! Moisture wicking, breathable fabrics are key. The idea is to stay dry & warm…while being fashionable. Top layers with Gore-Tex are really great out there. Room for layers is also very important. I have plenty of down jackets that I love, but these days I’m obsessed with my Picture Organic Clothing Appola Suit. I NEVER thought I would wear a ski onesie, but I’ve proven myself wrong. It’s soooooo comfortable & keeps me warm & dry and is also excellent in powder! I like to wear one of my favorite belts with it too.   Helmet: I beg you all to wear a helmet wen you ski. I’ve taken some serious falls on all kinds of slopes & I’m always so grateful for this type of protection, besides it keeps your head warm! I wear a POC helmet & also their goggles.   Goggles: These are essential to protect your eyes from the sun, glare & harsh weather. The lenses you use will be determined by the quality of light outside. I carry a few lenses that I can quickly change in & out of my goggles. Don’t forget to carry a lens micro fiber cloth or shamie too to clean them with. Here’s another great article at about how to choose your goggles & lenses.   Gloves/Mittens: On super cold days I wear my Hestra mittens with thin black glove liners. On warmer days I wear Hestra gloves. Yes kids, mittens do keep you warmer.   Neck warmer: Neck warmers really help on cold, blustery days. I love my Buff warmers. They are super comfy (I have the marino wool ones) and I can pull them over my face to prevent frost bite. You can also wear them as a headband. Cool stuff!   Base Layers:   What to Wear for Skiing: Gear & Clothes | An Essentials Guide | ( @MarlaMeridith )   Base layers are gonna be your best friends. Make sure they are moisture wicking, quick drying & super comfortable. I love Smartwool Ultrathin socks. They fit so well with my ski boots. I also wear them with all my cowboy boots. I have cute, lacy tank tops & my favorite Coobie bras. Ultralight base layer shirts are amazing. Get a bunch of these. Patagonia, The North FaceUnder Armour, Helly Hansen & Smartwool make great ones.   I LOVE my new Airblaster Ninja Suit. Talk about warm & comfy…again…here I am in a onesie.   What to Wear for Skiing: Gear & Clothes | An Essentials Guide | ( @MarlaMeridith )   In the Backpack:   What to Wear for Skiing: Gear & Clothes | An Essentials Guide | ( @MarlaMeridith )   These days I always ski with my insulated winter Camelbak backpack. For everyday on-piste skiing I like a low profile one with just enough room for hydration, sunscreen, sunnies & a few extras. It’s easy to sit on the chairlift with this pack on. You can get any size you need on their website. I like to carry a ball cap & headband for outdoor lunches & aprés. The goggles come off & sunnies on. I carry some makeup too. You just never know when you’ll need a touch up, after all après ski is also a huge part of the ski culture! All snow/ski bunnies need to look their best!   Dermatone is great lip balm/face sunscreen all in a handy little jar.  It offers protection from windburn & frostbite too. Great for keeping that face perfect! Please keep your face protected with plenty of sunscreen before & during your ski experience. The sun is harsh in the mountains, you are closer to it at altitude & it reflects harshly from the white snow. It’s too easy to get a really bad sunburn. I love Coola products. My favorite is their SPF 30 Cucumber matte finish sunscreen.   I hope this post was super helpful to the novices & pros! Feel free to ask any questions & share your favorite products & tips in the comments. xo SaveSave SaveSave]]>

~ Marla Meridith

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3 thoughts on “What to Wear for Skiing: An Essentials Guide!

  1. This is a great guide, Marla. It is so helpful to get the inside scoop from someone who skis regularly. I haven’t braved the slopes in a few years but it is super fun! Have to plan another ski trip really soon for my family – I will certainly look to your guide for the info!

    1. Sounds great Robyn! Things change so much, so quickly in the sports/skiing industry! Hope you guys can plan your trip out to the slopes soon 🙂