6 Winter Weight Loss Tips You Can Count On!


So many of you have asked on here and Instagram how I can be a food & lifestyle blogger and stay so skinny. I LOVE the winter, honestly it’s my favorite season. (Maybe that’s part of the reason why I chose to live at 10,000 feet at a ski resort.)

Trust me. There are plenty of opportunities to stay thin in the winter. Even though we may eat higher, calorie comfort foods this time of year ~ the colder weather offers many opportunities to burn plenty of calories. Heck, you burn calories just trying to stay warm. Here’s some of my important winter weight loss secrets revealed….

Take the Stairs!

Yes you will huff and puff, but hellllloooo. It’s so worth it to feel a quad burn & take the stairs. I’m not talking 20 floors folks (thought that would be fantastic) step up a few floors a few times a day and watch those legs and butt firm up. Bet your skinny jeans will look oh so good.

Eat 5X-6X Per Day. 

Mini meals have been part of my daily grind for many years. Have you ever realized how much MORE you eat when you are starving? It’s way too easy to gorge yourself when hunger panic sets in. If you eat 5 to 6 mindful portions per day your body and mind will stay satisfied and will prevent binge eating.

Mindful Portions

No need to pig out when you can get the food/calories you need when you need them. Try your hardest not to over eat and get too full. Nothing feels worse than a bloated belly and tired, over caloried body. You can only burn a  certain amount of fuel at one sitting. As soon as you overeat your body goes into full mode and calories get stored as *gasp* fat!

Walk When You Can

Skip the subway, bus, car or cab when you can. If you can walk rather than transit a few blocks or miles, then walk! This will easily burn more calories then sitting in the drivers seat. Besides, trying to stay warm in the cold will help to burn more calories too.

Fat is Thin. 

What??? Foods labeled as “Fat free” “weightloss” food can be a lie. Did you know these empty calorie, over produced foods can add unwanted pounds? I eat plenty of calories based in whole food, real fat calories each and every day. These real fats come from all sources. The healthiest sources are plant based (nuts & avocado being two of my favorites) I also love cheese,butter, meats and yogurt…all in mindful quantities. They help to satisfy the  body and mind to make it feel full. Truly satisfying. Having no fat in your diet can equal sallow skin, brittle hair and nails and low energy levels. Yuck, who wants that?!

Find a Workout You LOVE!

I plead with you….do something, anything! Do you like yoga, running, aerobics, barre exercises, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing? If you can fit in a gym class or walk your dog then do what you can when you can. Get out on a fat tire bike, walk with a friend, get out there & just move. It doesn’t even need to be 60 minutes of exercise. When I can fit in 20 minutes I do it. Every move and every minute counts!

Disclosure: All thoughts and opinions are that of the author Marla Meridith. Please visit with your Doctor if you have any medical, diet or health questions. 





~ Marla Meridith

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2 thoughts on “6 Winter Weight Loss Tips You Can Count On!

  1. Great tips, Marla! Love your advice on mindful portions and to find a workout you love – I love to run but this year I’m also adding in some pilates and yoga for strength and flexibility. It feels good so far!