10 Daily Lessons I Learn from My Dogs

Moose and Bo are my everything. They are my almost 4-year-old rescue coonhound mutts who rule my world. Ask anyone who knows me & they will promptly tell you I am obsessed with my dogs. To the point where the people in the movie Best in Show seem normal. If you have not seen it you must. Especially if you are a dog lover. The boys have their own Instagram account (of course!) @mooseandbotelluride They would love for you to follow them there! Many people who visit Telluride recognize them from Instagram…it’s always a fun interaction when they tell us that.



Moose came into my life three years ago and Bo two. People always ask if they are from the same litter…the answer is no, but they might as well have been. My boys love each other so much, but they also are obsessed with their humans. I adopted them both from the amazing Second Chance Humane Society in Ridgway, Colorado. About 45 minutes from where I live in Telluride.


10 Daily Lessons I Learn from My Dogs | #pets #dogs


We had dogs growing up and I was always jealous of my dad’s relationship with them. All eyes were on him…I had a strong bond with our family pets but nothing like what I have with these guys.


Dogs know exactly who their pack leader is and they follow that leader. This special human is the one who takes them on the most walks and gives them daily love, food & drink. Thankfully I am that person to my boys. This makes their love for me unstoppable. And my love for them is larger than life.


10 Daily Lessons I Learn from My Dogs | #pets #dogs


Moose is my redhead more independent and feisty pup. He is naturally social and runs like the wind. Bo, with the black spot, is a true southern gentleman. He can’t get enough hugs, bays and bawls and sleeps wrapped around me every single night. He is a bit shyer then Moose, but both are total charmers when you meet them. My boys are scent hounds…so the nose always knows!


Here’s the list I came up with and I’ll add to it over time. From my fur babies, I learn new tricks and the ultimate meaning of life every single day.



10 Daily Lessons I Learn from My Dogs |



It’s OK to take it easy.

We often get so caught up in the unnecessary stresses of the day. Watching my dogs sleep in the living room when I’m en fuego with work promptly reminds me to take a deep breath and smile. It’s OK to take a timeout and regroup.


Exercise is really the best for you.

My boys live for running around the mountains here in Telluride. They live for being outdoors with their noses to the ground. I take them on several walks daily, the only way to ensure they both get good naps while I work! I love watching them play outside, they make me laugh and the mountain air always invigorates. These daily walks are how we all stay in great shape and our moods more even. The boys encourage me to get outdoors even when the weather is less than desirable. 


10 Daily Lessons I Learn from My Dogs |


Don’t be afraid to nudge someone to tell them you are there.

I’m constantly being nudged and poked, especially when it’s time to wake up or I have spent too many hours on my computer. When the boys need my attention they tell me…with their noses! Is someone not giving you enough attention? Let them know it, they might not realize.



10 Daily Lessons I Learn from My Dogs | #pets #dogs



Eat mindfully.

My boys eat 1 cup of very healthy dog food 2X per day. If I feed Moose more he promptly gets sick…because he inhales his food. Their body weight is perfect, these boys are lean, long-legged muscular machines. Daily exercise and portion control are both factors in that. I don’t give them table food. Treats are given sparingly. With this attention to diet, these guys are some the fittest pets I’ve ever seen. This is a lesson I use from myself all the time. Mindful eating feels way better than overeating any day.


10 Daily Lessons I Learn from My Dogs |


Don’t be afraid to make new friends.

Moose and Bo have each other, but they really love to make new friends. I love watching their tails wag and how excited they get with new and old friends. These are genuinely sweet interactions. I love my friends. They are my anchors for everything. I also love meeting new people. You never know who will become your next bestie.


10 Daily Lessons I Learn from My Dogs | #pets #dogs


Don’t be a bully.

Bullying sucks for everyone. We shouldn’t do it, nor should our kids or our dogs. When Moose & Bo start to pick on another dog I stop them immediately. If they are getting picked on we get out of the situation promptly.


Get excited when your loved ones walk in the door.

I can walk in after being out for 5 minutes and my dogs are beyond excited to see me. They are the best welcome committee ever!! I give them the same excited attention back. Think about it…do you get excited for your kids, hubs, boyfriend, girlfriend or friends to show up. You don’t need to be as ecstatic as described, but a hug or looking up to say hello is always nice. Show them you care.



10 Daily Lessons I Learn from My Dogs |



Take nothing for granted.

Whether it’s as small as a crumb on the floor or a treat the size of a dime. Pets never take the little things for granted, nor should we. If a stranger smiles or says hello, do the same back. No treat is too small and no nod should go unnoticed.


Live in the moment.

My dogs are where there four paws are. They aren’t worried about who likes them, what time it is, where they are going for Christmas. Of course as humans time controls us. But living in the moment will set us free. That way we won’t miss the important things.


10 Daily Lessons I Learn from My Dogs |



Love unconditionally.

How much do our pets love us…so much! We don’t have to buy them cars, give them diamonds or send them on ski trips. They love us and we love them unconditionally. Wouldn’t it be great if us humans were the same way? Give love & get love with no strings attached. It will make you way happier in the short and long term.



~ Marla Meridith

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  1. Marla, as is usually the case when I read anything about pups, this brought tears to my eyes. You are so right about what we can learn from dogs. I have 2 dogs as well; they occupy a very very large part of my heart.

    Thank you for this!

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