10 Easy Commitments to Make 2019 the Best Year Ever!


Happy 2019!! Let’s all make this year a GREAT one together. There’s nothing like starting the new year off with some easy resolutions and commitments to make it prosperous. These 12 commitments are ones that I live by every single day. They have really changed my life for the better. I hope you enjoy this list, I’ve kept it very simple so it’s accessible for all and hopefully not intimidating. It’s hard to stick to things when they are overwhelming. 


Eat Better

I’m not saying eat perfectly…I’m just saying eat mindfully, portion properly and avoid as many processed ingredients as you can. I have so many healthy recipes here on MM blog, simply search through my recipe directory and get cooking! You can search by ingredients, cuisines, methods and more. BTW, cooking at home will automatically save you lots of calories and money!


Exercise Daily

This could mean climbing the stairs to your apartment of office, walking your dog 20 extra minutes a day. Do anything! Just try to move more if you don’t already. You will feel better mentally and physically if you do. 


Smile Often

Smile at strangers their pets or to yourself in the mirror. Smiling releases endorphins and really makes you feel great. Don’t be shy, try it! Likely someone will smile back and make your day even better.


You should do one thing every day that scares you ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I’ll never forget reading this quote on the side of a Lululemon bag and it’s stuck with me for years now. Whether it’s braving a new ski slope, learning to cook, learning to cook a new dish, embarking on a career change, exercising….no matter how large or small. Stepping out of your daily comfort zone inspires new confidence and a big sense of accomplishment and joy.


Go on a vacation or staycation

As you probably know by now I love to travel, thankfully my job and lifestyle allows me to travel around the world pretty often. Obviously how you travel depends on your budget and days off from work. Do yourself a big favor and go explore something new. Exploration encourages your mind to fire in new ways. I always get my largest creative inspo from being away from my own home. You don’t have to go far from home to get the benefits of new connections and insights.


Have no enemies

It takes a lot more energy and aggravation to hate. In 2018 I made the commitment to be friends or on friendly terms with ex’s and anyone else I might have not been getting along well with. Living here in a small town of 2700 it really sucks to have the stress of bumping into people you don’t get along with. If you can safely and properly make amends to people in your life then do so. If you can’t do that, then wish them great blessings rather than ill will. It’s really true that great energy encourages more abundance to come your way.


Enjoy time alone

Take some time for get to know yourself again. That might sound corny, but trust me it will make you way calmer and happier down the road. The better you know yourself and your needs, the better you will do socially. Knowing your personal boundaries helps in all your relationships. Really the only way to understand being alone is to try it. It might feel awkward at first, but then I bet you will love it.


Mindful medicine

Have you ever practiced yoga or meditated? There are so many styles and ways to practice both these days, there is something for everyone. You just have to find what works best for you. I bet once you start you will be hooked. You can practice both on your own, there are some great apps to help guide you. If you are more the class person, search in your area for classes and seminars. A few yoga and mediation apps to check out include: Yoga Studio, Pocket Yoga, Global Yoga AcademyUniversal Breathing, The Mindfulness App.



One of my biggest weaknesses is being way too whimsical and jumping to conclusions. When I take the time to think things through…whether it be spending, food choices, bed time, how I respond to my kids life gets a whole lot better. Make the effort to think & plan ahead, this will make every day go a whole lot smoother. FYI: this is the one thing I’m the worst at so i’ll be working hard with you!


~ Marla Meridith

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