Snow, Skiing, & High Alpine Cuisine on Telluride TV


I absolutely LOVE living in a small ski town, granted it’s a small town with a giant presence in the alpine world. It’s such a big deal actually that it was just named the Best US Ski Town by Conde Nast Traveler two years in a row. Not only are the ski runs out of this world, the views epic and the town ridiculously charming…it’s the people that live here that set this place apart. Thankfully we have our very own Telluride TV, a lively channel jam packed with everything you could ever want to know about Telluride and programming that embraces the entire alpine world.


I was recently asked to join host Colin Sullivan on the show for a segment called Almost Live. We had a blast chatting about what brought me to Telluride, winter nail art, how I started blogging and my book High Alpine Cuisine.


You can watch the segment here:


~ Marla Meridith

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