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15 Winter Activities You Gotta Try!

As you all probably know by now I live in a winter wonderland, Telluride, Colorado! I live for the snow & when it flies I’m out there for every snowflake! Winter-Activities Winter fun isn’t just for the kids (though it’s really fun have them join you) Go get some gear, a guide, a pal or your pet. Enjoy that blissful winter snow…remember it’s a special time of year you need to embrace! Here’s a bit more about each activity.. 1. Alpine Skiing Let it come as no surprise (as I live in Telluride, CO. A ski resort) that everyone should try skiing at least once in their lifetime. Alpine means you have fixed heel bindings. This is for downhill, slalom, etc. Feeling the cool breeze on your face as you make turns on corduroy or in powder….words cannot describe. Beyond thrilling 2. Nordic Skiing Swish in style (Nordic is free heel bindings: including cross-country, telemark and alpine touring) It’s worth the thrill no matter which you try. Nordic can be either super fast paced downhill or kick & glide at slower speeds 3. Snowboarding For those who want two feet on one board, cruise down the ski hill on a board. Carve through that powder like you mean it! 4. Snowshoeing Never underestimate snowshoeing. It is a killer workout & you get to hob nob with nature a your own pace. Hug a Pine or Aspen while your at it. 5. Sledding Be a kid again! Drag a sled up a hill (yes, you will get breathy) and fly down with the cool air on your face. Some places you can skip the uphill climb & grab a tow rope or chairlift 6. Skijoring Have a dog pull you on skis. Dog lovers, this might become your favorite thing ever! 7. Dog Sledding Mush Mush! Head out with a pack of dogs for this wild ride! Feel the wind at your face as the team barks & pulls you through the winter wonderland. You can even learn to “drive” your own team. 8. Swim Outdoors (in a heated pool please) So many resorts have heated pools in the winter. It’s so fun to swim with steam floating off the surface of the water & snowy banks on the sides of the pool. 9. Snowmobiling Head out with a guide or pals. Ride alone or with a pal. 10. Horseback Riding Gallop through the snow on a horse! All your senses are alive as you guide your horse through winters beautiful landscape. 11. Horse-Drawn Sleigh Rides Bundle up in fur blankets with loved ones & listen to the jingle of the bells as a team of horses whisk you away on a rhythmic ride. 12. Winter Hiking Hike with your pet, friends or solo. It’s beautiful to be outdoors, watching your breath in the cool air. The pine trees become your besties as they guide your way. If it’s packed snow then hiking boots are fine. If not packed…then snowshoes are your answer. 13. Ice Skating Embrace your inner figure skater or hockey player. Skating is wonderful cardio & super fun once you get the hang of it! 14. Ice Climbing Harness up & try this thrill seeking mountain sport. It might scare you a bit, but the right pro guides will have you secure & ready to get vertical! 15. Aprés Ski Ok, Ok. This is not an active activity but you gotta do it right! Sipping hot beverage near outdoor fireplaces is magical! Just imagine being bundled up in winter clothes sipping hot cocoa, cider or a hot toddy next to that fire. Go alone or with a group of pals. This is Aprés Ski at it’s finest! Don’t forget to order those appetizers too! Ski resorts around the world offer most of these opportunities. If you are visiting an area be sure to check their websites & chat with the locals to find the best winter activities! Assume any activity at your own risk. Be sure to dress warmly for winter success!]]>

~ Marla Meridith

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