Adding Value and Inspo to Your Life Through YouTube Videos

Hi everyone, happy weekend! I hope things are going well in your world no matter where you live. Here in Telluride, CO the temps are in the 70’s and it’s feeling like a high alpine summer. We are loving spending more time in the outdoors! (Socially distancing of course)

I wanted to share with you some really fun updates around here. As I have since 2009 I’m continuing to post here on at least 3X per week. Posts range from recipes to travel, fashion, beauty and anything else that inspires me. My job (and I LOVE my job!) is to create beautiful, inspirational content and the hope is that is resonates with you and adds great value to your life.

A component that I feel is very valuable for all of us (and will add value to the content on this blog) is an engaging YouTube channel. Up until recently I’ve avoided video creation as much as I could. I preferred being behind the camera then in front of it. I snored at the idea of sitting in front of a computer editing videos. Well times have changed, especially since the pandemic stay-at-home orders. I’ve been spending gobs of time self educating on shooting, styling and editing videos. Now I LOVE every aspect of it! I soak up info like a sponge and the greatest thing is I get to share my obsession with all of you!

The goal of my videos is to add that special sauce to your life. Positivity, motivation and empowerment to help you live your BEST life!

I post a few videos per week with topics including (but not limited to!)

  • & anything else I feel will add great VALUE to your LIFE

Subscribe to my YouTube channel today! My promise to you is beautiful inspiration to live your very BEST life! XO

Please let me know what content you would like to see me post here and on Youtube.

~ Marla Meridith

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