One-Pot Tuscan Chicken aka: Marry Me Chicken

Whenever I ask on Facebook what kinds of recipes you are all looking for one ingredient that pops up time after time is chicken. Not a shocker right? This is something that most of us load into the cart when at the market. The issue becomes once you get it home, what recipe to cook with it. I have many chicken recipes here on my blog and I’m always adding to the inventory. This One-Pot Tuscan Chicken aka: Marry Me Chicken is one you need to try this week. I’ve seen many variations of Tuscan Chicken and the ingredients are also what’s in the popular Pinterest recipe Marry Me Chicken. So consider yourself lucky, these recipes are one and the same and you can try them both right here!

What makes this dish extra flavorful is the creamy sauce loaded with sun-dried tomatoes, capers, artichokes, mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach. A splash of dry white wine brings all the flavors together just right. Want to cook this the day before? That’s even better as the flavors really marry when kept in the fridge over night. Why Marry Me Chicken? Because this recipe is worthy of marriage proposals!

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One-Pot Tuscan Chicken recipe aka: Marry Me Chicken

~ Marla Meridith

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