Happy New Year & Mer Rose Atelier Giveaway!

Happy New Year ! To celebrate 2024 I’m offering a giveaway for one of my favorite Mer Rose Atelier hand painted leather bags. I had so much fun painting this crossbody, with one of my absolute favorite ski towns; Aspen, Colorado! This bag is so fun to wear and you are sure to get so many compliments. All of my pieces are designed for the wearer to stand out from the crowd with my whimsical art style. The bag, valued at $550.00 holds essentials for a night out on the town and is easy to slip into a larger tote for during the day. Great for après-ski too! I will also customize the bag with the winners name or initials for the complete bespoke experience.

Enter this giveaway over at my Mer Rose Atelier Instagram all of the details are over there!

Mer Rose Atelier "Aspen" leather crossbody bag giveaway.

Mer Rose Atelier "Aspen" leather crossbody bag giveaway

Mer Rose Atelier "Aspen" leather crossbody bag giveaway

Mer Rose Atelier "Aspen" leather crossbody bag giveaway

Mer Rose Atelier "Aspen" leather crossbody bag giveaway

~ Marla Meridith


Millionaire’s Shortbread

Recently I had the pleasure of my seventeen year old son taking over our kitchen with a whirlwind of culinary ambition. The greatest gift is when your kids are into cooking, it means we as parents get a break & the kids get to refine their skills. My son is currently enrolled in a culinary class at school, he was asked to prepare four recipes of his choosing at home and to have my BF and I enjoy them with photos of us indulging. Everything was extraordinary…but this Millionaire’s Shortbread recipe stole the show!

I’ve always been a big fan of short tbread in it’s most pure buttery form. There are three layers in this decadent treat with a thick layer of buttery shortbread as the base. Crowning this perfectly textured cookie is a gorgeous layer of decadent caramel & a velvety layer of chocolate ganache. If you want to impress guests, this dessert recipe is all you need!

Click HERE for recipe details.

Millionaires Shortbread recipe by Marla Meridith

More sweet recipes to try….


~ Marla Meridith


Everything You Need for a Gorgeous Red, White & Gold Themed Holiday Table

Do you have all the bits and pieces for your festive holiday table yet? There’s still time for last minute shopping to curate pieces that will make your tablescape extra memorable. Every year I work with a loose color or motif based theme. This year red, white and gold have won my heart. I prefer to collect pieces that I’ll treasure forever…no throwaways around here! After lots of hunting online, I found these elements that I can’t wait to get my hands on, yes I’ve ordered all of them! Tag me @marlameridith on Insta so I can see and share what your holiday decor looks like! PS: These pieces will be perfect for Christmas and New Year’s Eve (some great fro Valentine’s Day too!


~ Marla Meridith


Simple Couscous Soup with Wagyu Meatballs

The chairlifts are officially turning here in Telluride, Colorado & that means it’s also soup season! I love to cook up quick, easy, healthy meals that are loaded with high quality nutrients. In the cold, snowy months I prefer to keep a focus on soul warming comfort foods. My Simple Couscous Soup with Wagyu Meatballs hits all the marks and then some! The extra bonus is it makes an ample pot so you’ll have plenty for a few meals. I always find it thrilling to open the fridge on busy days and lunch/dinner is already prepared! Making the effort ahead of time has its happy rewards.

Can’t find ground wagyu beef? It’s OK! You can use your favorite ground beef, turkey, chicken, pork etc. If you can find it I highly recommend you use it in this recipe. It adds so much flavor!

Click HERE for the recipe.

More soup recipes to try….

~ Marla Meridith

Fashion & Beauty

Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar 2023


Last Christmas, for the first time,  I treated myself to the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar. This is an indulgence and tradition that I plan to continue every year. This purchase of the famous advent calendar needs a short, brief history about my love affair for everything Liberty. As a kid my family traveled to England several times a year to visit my aunt & uncles dairy farm in South Devon. Most of our days were spent mucking about with the animals on the sloping green pastures. Occasionally, we would take the 3 1/2 hour train journey to London, the famous Liberty Tudor was always a stop. We spent hours in this one-of-a-kind, glamorous British department store. I was fascinated by all of the expertly curated fashions, the vast hall of Tana Lawn fabrics and the floor of everything dedicated to fragrance & beauty. Though I was a young teen without the budget & need for many of the products…I was hopeful that one day I would be able to indulge in everything Liberty! The great news is…today I can & do.

The Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar is a wonderful way to sample 25 Liberty favorites from the best luxury skincare, haircare and perfume brands. Some of the items are Liberty exclusives. This box sells out so I suggest you order yours (and those for gifts) asap. The $320 price tag is beyond worth it, the overall value of the products inside are worth a whopping $1350.00. You will be as thrilled as I am from December 1-25 to excitedly open the little drawers with beautiful surprises tucked inside. Several of the products have become regular additions to my beauty routine.

The art created by Clym Evernden on the fold out box is a whimsical rendition of the iconic Tudor building in the heart of London (a keeper for sure!) If you are eager to try new beauty products then this exclusive collection is like none other. Treat yourself, you’ll be so glad you did!

Liberty beauty Advent Calendar featured on

~ Marla Meridith

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DIY, Printables, and Crafts

Mer Rose Atelier Pumpkin Patch + Giveaway!

The Mer Rose Atelier pumpkin patch has arrived! These hand painted, one-0f-a-kind faux pumpkins are a beautiful addition to your holiday decorating. Liven up tablescapes, mantels, baby/bridal showers & weddings with these one-of-a-kind treasures. These pumpkins are all painted by moi. I also create custom designs if you have a special order. For any inquiries regarding custom orders please fill out my contact form. I’m hosting a special giveaway for my Mer Rose Atelier Instagram followers. Click the link for the details to enter this fun giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a gift from me of 3 painted pumpkins (3 sizes chosen by me.) Be sure to enter by Sunday October 15th, 2023, midnight MST. Check out the full collection of pumpkins here.

Mer Rose Atelier one-of-a-kind, hand painted pumpkins for festive events by artist Marla Meridith.




~ Marla Meridith


Easy Step-By-Step Travel Booking Tips

With the unofficial start of summer upon us, it’s time (if you haven’t already) to book your summer travel!  Through the years I’ve traveled a whole lot, both for pleasure and for work. I don’t typically enlist the help of travel agents & prefer to do all my bookings on my own (it’s that control freak side of me.) That’s not to say you shouldn’t use one, they can be invaluable in certain situations. During the busiest seasons (summer, Christmas, etc) try your best to plan several months ahead. Life happens & sometimes you don’t have that much time…do what you can but try to book everything at once so you don’t miss out.

Be sure to carve out some quiet focus time when planning a trip. It can take a while especially if you have multi-destination trips. Distractions can add to the time and can make you more prone to making mistakes. I always have several browser windows open during bookings, it’s best to be on a large laptop or desktop computer to make this process more streamlined. I also have maps, articles, reviews etc. open if I need to learn about a new place.

Here’s my steps for booking trips, I do all of these simultaneously before booking any one item…just in case there’s no flights, lodging, transfers, rental cars etc. It’s way easier to book things all at once then it is to cancel them. With the proper planning you can avoid pesky cancellation fees and being shut out of opportunities. If you are traveling international, make sure your passport has not expired. Also, keep in mind that some countries require that your passport be valid at least six months beyond the dates of your trip.

  1. Make a folder dedicated to this trip only, this will keep everything organized & ready to access. Plan on bringing this folder with you.
  2. Have a printer handy.
  3. Look at the airfare for the dates you want to travel. Make sure there are flight options available before anything else. I use Google Flights and airlines I have points on to cross reference fares. If you don’t like the fare, set up alerts maybe something better will pop up. Don’t want too long though, there’s a chance the flights can go up in price too. It’s always a gamble! Be aware of the time difference as well, this could also affect what flights you choose.
  4. While looking at flights…look at your lodging options. I stay at a mix of AirBnb & hotels. Make sure the properties you want are available. Have a list of your essential criteria handy (beds, air conditioning, fireplace, view, etc) and make sure the properties you look at have them. When it comes to AirBnb I typically go with the Superhosts and have always done well. Always read reviews.
  5. Search and book any air, rail, bus, boat transfers. These will likely be needed on multi-destination trips.
  6. Book a rental car if needed.
  7. If you have a points credit card, maybe it’s time to use some of those to offset costs on flights, lodging, etc.
  8. Look to see if there are any special events that you want to go to or avoid during your time of travel. If there’s an event or restaurant you don’t want to miss book it now.
  9. If everything looks like a go, it’s time to hit the purchase buttons on your flights, lodging, events, restaurants, etc.
  10. Print out all of your reservations & for back up take pictures with your phone and add to a new album. This way in case you lose the print outs they are still accessible.

Happy trails my friends! If you have any handy travel tips please share in the comments.

~ Marla Meridith

DIY, Printables, and Crafts

DIY: The Gilded Mirror

Over the past few years I’ve been busy with Snow Queen Ranch renovations and decorating a new mountain condo. Each property has it’s own distinct personality. It’s the little and big details that make all design projects exciting. I’m forever grateful to my pro team of contractors and subs, without them none of this would be moving along the way it is. With my overall vision, we all work together to make everything come together. They handle the big stuff & I take the reigns on bits & pieces that make the vision come alive. I love adding metallic details to frames, mirrors, furniture etc. A little gold, silver or bronze adds so much dimension to home decorating.

Though the years I have found favorite paints and techniques that I wanted to share with those of you also interested in home improvements and DIY projects.

In a few quick steps you can add some metallic or any other color to wooden objects.

  1. Choose the piece you want to paint I just love these contemporary rustic round wood mirrors. I purchased the three sizes to have over a king sleeper sofa.
  2. Lightly sand the surface This will take off any residue or pre painted surfaces so you have a clean palette to work on. Brush off the dust when you are done.
  3. Paint the sanded surface with gesso or primer  To get the best results with your color it’s best to prime the surface so any other colors or stains  don’t bleed through.
  4. Paint with your desired color After your primer has dried it’s time to paint a few thin coats of your chosen color. Make sure each layer dries completely before adding a layer. I always have excellent results with these chalk paints.

See below for all the products I used for this project. Happy painting!


~ Marla Meridith

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Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

When it comes to developing recipes I love creating dishes that are playful twists on classics. These Buffalo Chicken Meatballs were created for my cookbook High Alpine Cuisine. I’ve gotten lots of feedback and I’m happy to report that those who have tried them love them as much as we do! The meatballs are filled with flavor thanks to a hit of buffalo wing sauce & crumbled blue cheese topping. Simple to prepare, baked in a cast iron skillet (my fave.) These meatballs will be a hit for entertaining guests throughout the year.

Click HERE for recipe details.

~ Marla Meridith

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High Alpine Cuisine

What I’m Reading: RISE by Lindsey Vonn

We are relishing every single moment here on the island of St. Barths. I’m hoping the time slows down just a bit as I’m not ready to go back to mud season in Telluride! For this vacation (our spring break) I decided to bring several books to read. I rarely have time to read at home with everything else going on. This quiet respite is more than welcomed after a very busy winter season!

One of my most treasured moments so far this year (which I will remember for a lifetime!) was meeting @lindseyvonn at @gorsuch during the FIS Alpine World Cup 2023 games in Aspen. I’ve never followed her career too closely, but I was eager to read her story. Lindsey‘s memoir book RISE is an amazing insiders peek at her life’s journey. Having suffered from depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember, it’s always interesting to read someone else’s story of how they’ve found ways to successfully manage mental challenges. Seeking the right help & opening up about mental health is the best way to begin the road to recovery. Lindsey outlines her path in such a comfortable, honest way. I hope anyone who suffers these issues can seek solace in her words.

Reading Lindsey Vonn’s book RISE on St. Jean beach in St. Barths
St. Barths view of St. Jean Beach, the colors here are so mesmerizing! A great place to unwind and catch up on reading.
Lindsey Vonn signing her book Rise at Gorsuch in Aspen.

As someone obsessed with skiing, learning the details of her ski career is fascinating to me. Throughout Lindsey’s career she suffered many injuries that could have stopped he in her tracks, but she persevered. The accounts of her accidents are vivid & scary. Reading about her crashes & how she triumphantly got through them are encouraging for those healing from all kinds of wounds.

I’ve also had a few knee surgeries as a result of my favorite sport….it sucks so bad to get hurt but what we learn in recovery sets us up in ways we could never imagine for greater things in life.

“Ski Fast” such a sweet inscription on my new book!

Lindsey is an inspiration for all women. She has always stood up for herself and continues to make positive impacts every day. I love her snarkiness when people piss her off….I react in very similar ways that she describes when people get in my way! Her astute business sense is very empowering. She’s a go-getter on & off the slopes.

Another beautiful thing about LV that I greatly identify with is her love for her rescued doggies. My 4 coonhound pups are also from rescues @secondchancehumanesociety & @carolinacoonhoundrescue As you likely know they are the loves of my life!! I couldn’t imagine my world without them. Her bond with her dogs has gotten her through so much in life. My fur babies are my full time job when at home, we all dote on each other so much. The love we all share is unconditional all around.

When I got back from Aspen I had my new book on a high shelf. Somehow a few of my @powder.hounds.telluride pulled it down & tore it apart. (Oh can they be devils!!) To say I was pissed is an understatement. I picked up the pieces & saved the page Lindsey signed for me. I quickly purchased another copy to make sure it would make it on this trip to St. Barths with me. Her signature is now taped into my new book….and it has way more character then it did the first go around 🐶💪🏼💗🐶🇫🇷🐶🥂🐶

My dogs decided that Lindsey Vonn’s signature was very tasty! Thank goodness for clear packing tape.

~ Marla Meridith

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Lindsey Vonn
Valentine's Day

Extra Special Gifts for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s time to get that special someone the best gift ever. If you are buying yourself a present (happens all the time around here!) then have fun indulging yourself in these fun pieces. I’m obsessed with the cherry red knit-sleeve Moncler puffy jacket, it makes a statement both & off the ski slopes. Wear it with the Evil Eye Beanie and heads will turn at all après ski gatherings! The Mer Rose Atelier hand painted vintage leather bag is très chic as well, everyone will want it but only you can have it as it’s one-of-a-kind. Happy shopping & Happy Valentine’s Day! xo

~ Marla Meridith

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Mer Rose Atelier
Mer Rose Atelier
Love Shack Fancy
Agent Provocateur
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Chocolate Covered Company

Dear Aspen, I Love You! Winter Highlights 2023

The Colorado Rocky Mountains are an ethereal snow globe this time of the year. Big storms yield lots of fluffy powder that glisten like diamonds when the high-altitude sun hits it. Snow junkies would all agree that there’s no better way to enjoy the snow then to play in it! The moment the flakes fly I call The Little Nell to book our favorite winter vacation in Aspen, Colorado.

Every year my partner Sean & I make the trek from Telluride to Aspen for a very memorable romantic winter getaway. The 4 1/2 hour drive is absolutely gorgeous as we weave through the McClure Pass topping out at 8770 feet of glorious alpine views. Tall snowy pines lead the way as we traverse along the West Elk Loop Scenic Byway in western Colorado, it’s like being in Narnia!

The Little Nell

Arrival in Aspen at last! From the moment we pull up to The Little Nell we sink into the carefree luxury lifestyle. We bid farewell to my Jeep & toast to the beginning of our long awaited holiday with a glass of chilled bubbly at check-in. Together we vow to savor every precious moment & experience that comes our way. The Nell always surprises us with its offerings, the creative team is genius at adding to the seasonal repertoire of events, experiences and menus.

Marla Meridith's winter vacation at The Little Nell 5-star hotel in Aspen, Colorado

Our large king room is large, comfy, quiet & very well appointed. A chilled bottle of Prosecco & a Charcuterie board await us on the desk….assuring us that work is to be set aside for a few days. We flip the switch on the fireplace, and nibble on a few of our favorite snacks. The Nell provides complimentary (re-stocked daily) gourmet snacks, each sealed in a lovely glass jar. My favorites are the Rosemary Crackers & Chocolate Covered Cranberries, there are however eight sweet & savory snacks to indulge in throughout the stay. After another toast on our balcony we enjoy a wonderful dinner at Ajax Tavern. Also located in the hotel, we opt for comfy slippers instead of boots. Check out my Instagram post to see the cocktails & dishes we greatly enjoyed at Ajax Tavern.

Returning to our room after the most delicious dinner…something very special sits on my nightstand. A box of four Ladurée French macarons that I immediately dive into. I share most things with Sean…but not these! If you crave more of these sweets, simply head just around the corner to the ASPENX Café located in the heart of the Gondola Plaza where you can delight in a rainbow of these Parisian treats.

The ultimate winter ski vacation at The Little Nell in Aspen Colorado by Marla Meridith

Over the past few years it’s been a treat to see The Wine Bar lounge become a hopping spot for both hotel guests and long time locals. It’s a comfy space to people watch & listen to vinyl spinning DJ’s while enjoying flavors from The Nell’s award-winning wine program. Exclusive for hotel guests are the twice weekly Complimentary Wine Tastings offered from 3:30pm-4pm in The Wine Bar. There are also longer special event tastings with sommeliers from around the world. There’s so much going on inside the hotel it’s hard to go anywhere else, especially when the temps are super frosty outside.

Marla Meridith in Aspen, Colorado

The Little Nell is Aspen’s ONLY ski-in / ski-out property. This makes the entire ski experience so easy to navigate. The slope side ski concierge team make transferring your gear around seamless, they also offer overnight waxes. Before you click into those skis, be sure to reserve a breakfast table located in the hotel at Element 47 restaurant. You can choose the very well appointed brunch (we did!) or from the exceptional à la carte menu offerings. Not to be missed are The Nell’s famous homemade pop-tarts, the house cured smoked salmon, Nell Wagyu Enchiladas & the Lemon Soufflé Pancakes. Not to worry, you’ll burn those extra calories off skiing! I always enjoy their healthy freshly pressed juices with breakfast to jumpstart the day.

The Little Nell is so well known for their world-class culinary & wine experiences, get tempted to book some here.

The Aspen Experience

Everything you’ve likely heard about Aspen is true. It’s glam mixed with the great outdoors, abounding culture & super cool locals. We love the 5-star lifestyle mixed with world class skiing, après-ing, shopping, fine dining and the arts. Aspen has it all and then some. Through the years I’ve traveled extensively around the Alps and I’ve learned so much from alpine based cultures in Switzerland, Italy and France. Somehow Aspen has managed to capture this worldly vibe right here in Colorado.

Marla Meridith in a Bogner one-piece ski suit skiing Aspen, Colorado

ASPENX: Curated Mountain Experiences, Fashion & More!

In 2021 ASPENX was launched as a retail & experience brand by the Aspen Skiing Company. This has been a very exciting addition to the companies portfolio. The 5-star offerings add so much to the overall Aspen experience. From the unique fashion collaborations (the ASPENX x Prada collab can be found in the concept store) to the on- and off-mountain food & wine experiences ASPENX can make any Aspen vacation even more memorable. Their helpful team can design bespoke experiences that are unmatched anywhere else.

The ASPENX Beach Club

Where the beach meets the mountains….the ultimate on-mountain “beach” party can be found on the top of Aspen Mountain, located just steps away from the Silver Queen gondola. Red & white striped cabanas are perched in the snow overlooking the Highland Bowl and the Elk Range.  This collaboration with photographer Gray Malin was launched last year and is back this winter (January 27 – April 16, 2023)  ready to greet guests with cocktails, champagne, and an exciting rotation of DJ’s. It’s the most Instagram worthy snowy beach party at 11,200 feet!

AspenX Buckhorn Cabin 3 course ski lunch in Aspen, Colorado

Buckhorn Cabin

For the coolest ski-in / ski-out lunch experience, the ASPENX Buckhorn Cabin 3-course Elevated Lunch from 12-2pm is a must. Invite all your best friends (up to 22 guests) or make new ones while toasting with the finest Champagnes & curated wines. Sean & I were so excited to ski  to this al fresco gourmet gathering. We were greeted with a Veuve Cliquot toast and plentiful fondue and charcuterie. After catching up with friends, we sat down to the sun drenched lunch, starting with a gorgeous Truffle Risotto and a Creamy Leek Soup. The main course was the most expertly prepared Grilled Wild Salmon and Wagyu Steak with Herbed Potatoes. An assortment of homemade pastries (I fell in love with the little S’mores cookies) rounded it all out.

After this two hour feast we clicked into our skis & cruised down 3,000 vertical feet back to The Nell for après at The Wine Bar. If skiing back down the mountain isn’t your thing, booking the later Elevated Dining Après Lunch & Private Snowcat down is a great option as well. 

Check out the ASPENX website for more info on their premium rentals, luxury ski fashion & seasonal experiences.

ASPENX Laps with a Legend

Feel like honing your skills with an Olympian? ASPENX can curate that experience too. This weekend, during the X Games (Jan 27-29) there’s a Shaun White snowboard experience for 6 lucky guests. During the FIS World Cup events (March 3-5) the one & only epic ski racer Lindsey Vonn will be skiing, cocktailing and watching the races from the VIP tent with 6 very lucky skiers.

FIS Ski World Cup

Aspen Snowmass is gearing up to host the FIS Ski World Cup America’s Downhill™ course on Aspen Mountain March 3-5th, 2023. The entire town is so excited for the return of this world renowned event to Aspen. Supercharged, exciting experiences will be going on in conjunction with the men’s super G and downhill races. I’ve been to this event in St. Moritz, but never stateside. With all the local buzz I couldn’t resist buying a VIP  slope side ticket to take in all the fun. Stay tuned for more fun times in this Aspen winter playground.

~ Marla Meridith