Blendtec Designer Series Blender + Twister Jar GIVEAWAY!


This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for all of your entries ~ stay tuned. I have another Blentec giveaway coming soon. Maybe it has your name on it!

Over here we are BIG fans of our Blendtec blender. It is used daily for homemade applesauceshakes, smoothies, soups, icy treats and even homemade ice cream!

Owning a high powered blender is essential for getting a perfect texture for so many recipes. It is perfect for DIY Homemade Frappuccinos and all kinds of homemade slushy drinks. No need to dash out to the coffee shop. My kids enjoy the fact that I can whip up a batch of shaved fruity ice in no time at all!

My Blendtec was a lifesaver this summer and will be even more so with the holidays coming up around the corner.

Can you imagine how much easier it will be if you are hosting Halloween, Thanksgiving and holiday parties? You need to have this professional appliance at the ready!

Graphic with pink fleur de lis for

Why you need this

The brand new Designer Series from Blendtec is fabulous. It has state of the art blending features and it’s sleek design proudly displays on your kitchen counter.

Awesome Blend Cycle Icons
The touch area has illuminated, easy to read, universal icons that enable effortless selection of our signature blend cycles. These cycles are optimized to deliver great blends with a single touch.

The revolutionary new slider interface gives you absolute control over your blender’s speed. Precise touch sensors give you every bit of control you deserve. Touch anywhere on the slider to jump right to any speed, and slide your finger up and down to fine tune your blend.

It is also simple to clean up and takes the place of so many other kitchen gadgets. This means a more streamlined kitchen and less to clean for you!

Included in this Giveaway

This is over $600.00 worth of amazing Blendtec products one lucky winner.

*the Wildside Jar is a 5 sided jar to take blending to the extreme!
*the Twister Jar is designed to blend your thickest recipes such as: Nut Butters, Hummus, Baby Food, Dips, Thick Shakes, Dressings and more!

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Disclosure: I am grateful to work with the BlendTec brand promoting their awesome products. This review and giveaway are based off my own experiences testing their products.

~ Marla Meridith

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799 thoughts on “Blendtec Designer Series Blender + Twister Jar GIVEAWAY!

  1. Gah, I’ve been wanting a badass blender like this especially for smoothies, but can’t afford one. Great giveaway!

  2. My beautiful Starbucks Barista blender just hit the dust. 🙁 I’ve been trying to blend things in my bullet, and it just doesn’t have the oomph!

  3. I’m recovering from having my gallbladder removed. I would love to have this blender to start my healthy eating lifestyle. My children and husband would love this for their smoothies as well.

  4. I am excited about this blender because I am trying to eat healthier and I really think that this would be a great asset for healthy eating.

  5. I am about to start a clean eating challenge which involves a lot of smoothie making! This would make it much easier!

  6. I don’t have a blender. My son has told me for the last 4 years that he’s going to get me a “freaking blender” for my birthday and for Christmas – every year he says it and every year he “forgets.” I haven’t bought one because I keep holding out hope that he’ll come through for me. If I buy one, it will look like I don’t have faith in him. 🙂 I’ve been looking at the Blendtec for the past few weeks, trying to justify the purchase… I want it SO BAD!

  7. I would love to have one of these. There are so many things that my little cuisinart just can’t quite handle.

  8. This would make purees for the soon to be 1 yr old a lot easier for me – especially with a new arrival due in 3 months

  9. With a 2.5 year old and another on the way, blending is an every day occurrence in our household. And since my blender just bit the dust… well… Let’s just say this giveaway popped up at a GREAT time! :o)
    P.S. Awesome BLOG. Great to see moms committed to healthy eating!

  10. I make smoothies almost every day and I’ve begun to shop for a real blender – this one looks fantastic!

  11. I was just looking at purchasing a Blendtech machine on Amazon yesterday. I suppose I will cross my fingers and wait a few days to see if I’m the lucky winner!

  12. I’ve been looking into buying a better blender than I have to make soups, shakes, nut butters and whatever else I can make with it for a healthier diet. This would be awesome to win! 🙂

  13. I would love to win this blender! I love to make smoothies, and my ancient, Target special doesn’t always do the job. And my kids would go nuts over shaved ice!

  14. Right now we are using a blender from about 1975. It works ok but has limited abilities and is very loud, We bought another but it never relly worked well. I think a new blender would kick our uses up so many knotches. We would be able to make smoothies with fresh fruit and veggies, homemade salad dressings than are innovative with fresh herbs and veggies. I like to entertain but am afaid to use our current blender because it is a little unreliable. I never made my own nutbutters but how much better for our family would that be especially knowing what is in it, all healthy things.
    Eas cleanup would make it a regular use item. So you see we could really ue this to make healthy choices for our family. Thans for having such a great giveaway.

  15. Woud love this for making smoothies for my two year old and for homemade baby food for the bambino on the way inDecember!!!! Thanks!

  16. I would love to win this blender! I only have a stick blender, and while it does great for fruit smoothies and salsa, it just doesn’t work for making hummus, nut butters, or green smoothies. It would be an amazing appliance to help my family eat a wider variety of nutritious food. 🙂

  17. I love to win this blender. Currently trying to make fresh nut butters and I still haven’t had an success on the creamy version. Hope this will help me do a successful one.

  18. I would LOVE this! I just shattered mine last week and have been dying to replace it. I need something that offers such functionality! I am due to give birth in December and would like to make my own purees, etc. Awesome give away 😀

  19. I would love to win this Blendtec! I’m working on opening a little cafe in downtown Jenks. I want to offer my future clients fresh smoothies and yummy healthy snacks, and I know that this Blendtec will help me out so much!!!

  20. I make smoothies everyday! Love this Blender =) WOULD LOVE this new Twister Jar. It’s hard to make the thicker items without it.

  21. I would LOVE a blendtec, I couldn’t afford this blender at the time I started my health food journey and settled with another blender that is TERRIBLE! I love making green smoothies, and salsas, and so many other things in my blender, and having a nice quality blender to do everything I want it to do….!!!… is my dream. My toddler loves green smoothies, and I know that if I had this blender, I would be able to get my 4 year old back on board to drink green goodness, he can’t stand the texture my TERRIBLE blender makes!

  22. Ooh… this would be perfect timing. My current blender has started to fall apart on the bottom where it attaches to the base. It’s leaving bits of crumbled rubber and plastic all over the counter!

  23. I want this blender to make healthy smoothies and unhealthy shakes but for so many reasons home made salsa and soups and green drinks and makes the beast omelets by blending eggs and cheeses

  24. We’re without a blender at the moment and are missing our morning smoothies–would love to win this fantastic giveaway!

  25. I would love to win a blender of this caliber. I’m on a health kick and would love to start my mornings off with greens and fruit smoothies. I hear they are delicious and filled with fabulous nutrients.

  26. I would love this blender because I would love to be able to drink more green smoothies. I currently have a second hand bullet and while it is better than nothing, it doesn’t inspire me to use it everyday. It can be such a pain sometimes!

  27. I just moved and the blender I’d used before was an old housemate’s…so now I have none! Would love to upgrade my smoothie making from the immersion blender! 😉

  28. I would love to win this blender package. My blender is about 20 years old now and is saying it would like to retire. Please consider me in your contest. 🙂

  29. I’d love to have this blender – I’m on the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge and I need a new blender at home for my shakes!! I’ve lost over 50 lbs on the challenge and I’m looking to lose around 80 more. Thanks for considering me for this giveaway!

  30. I could use this blender for my green monsters I make every morning….my old one takes about 10 minutes to chop up the ice! I think it’s safe to see it’s the end of the blenders life 🙁

  31. I would love to own this blender because of all the possibilities it holds! My favorite thing to make with a blender is a protein smoothie, but you just named another possibility that is sounding pretty good right now: homemade ice cream! I also like the idea of homemade sunflower seed butter. Wow, thanks for a great giveaway!

  32. I use my blender daily, but it is one that I received for my wedding 13 years ago, and they probably only paid about $20 for it at the time. I’m shocked it has lasted this long, but I would love one that is better able to keep up with heavy use! And not having fruit chunks in my smoothies would be nice.

  33. I would be so incredibly overjoyed if I won this. I never win anything lol and o have really been wanting a blendtec for a while but finances cannot afford it. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win! Blessings 🙂

  34. After a rocky few years, and 30 extra pounds, I’m riding the green smoothie train, and I would love to use this!!!!!

  35. I’ve been using my food processor and it really doesn’t work for everything so a blender would be wonderful!

  36. I have been trying very hard to start out the remaining 6 months of 2012 on a more health conscious note. I love juicing and making meals at home. I have no doubt this Blendtec would get daily use at my home!

  37. I have been looking at the Blendtec blender since Christmas but am not able to afford one. I like all of the choices to blend that it offers. It will even make soup (it will heat it up)! Not only does it make life easier, but healthier! I have a recipe for whole wheat pancakes that starts with wheat berries. The Blendtec would make this recipe so smooth and ultra fluffy. It would add to my family’s overall health because it would be so quick and easy. Example: smoothies, pancakes, soup, salad dressing, etc.

  38. My current blender is just a magic bullet, good for the small stuff, but it would be nice to have something bigger. Plus, I’m moving and would love to have a nice fancy new blender at my new place.

  39. All I have is a cheap blender. I have to drink most of my meals so this would come in very handy and I am jealous of those who already own one =)

  40. My blender now is fairly useless… I feel like when I use it I do more stirring than it does (it’ll get an air bubble at the bottom and stop mixing things until I let the air out.) A blender like this would be amazing!

  41. We are considering one for our dental practice to make smoothies for our patients when they leave, this would be awesome!!

  42. I want the ability to make my own fresh fuit smoothies and sauces at home using high quality hand-picked ingredients.

  43. I have been looking at this blender forever… but the price has kept me from purchasing what a gift it would be to win it!!

  44. Just as I was getting into green smoothies this summer, our blender broke! We’ve been saving up to get a better blender than the one we had before, but we haven’t gotten there yet. This would really help me be able to get back into healthy smoothies and other things.

  45. I would like to win this blender because I bought a Ninja and it is just not a good blender. I want a REAL blender!

  46. The blender we have we got as a gift when we got married, going on 19 years ago. Starting to make more smoothies for the breakfasts and snacks so would love this blender!

  47. I would LOVE this blender! I make smoothies for breakfast several times a week. We had a fairly nice glass blender, but it cracked all the way down the side about a month ago and we haven’t been able to get a new one yet. This would be a fantastic replacement!

  48. Oh my goodness. What a beautiful blender to giveaway. My blender broke last month while I was making my kids’ favorite smoothie. I guess the frozen banana and frozen strawberries was too much for my old blender to handle. It smelled like burning old car for a bit and it stopped working all together. Really hope I can win this so I can make my kids they favorite healthy smoothie again!

  49. I just celebrated my one-year anniversary with my sweet husband who LOVES processed foods. I grew up on a farm and am trying to get him to realize the beauty of eating NATURAL healthy foods. Unfortunately, since we both work full time, we have little time for food prep. On top of that, we are paying off student loans and he is still in grad school– not any extra money housing around for blenders. I would LOVE a BlendTec to help speed up food prep and help me prepare delicious,.healthy meals for our little family!

  50. I could blend so many things with this blender….smoothies, nut butters, icy drinks, coffee drinks, and on and on. This would be awesome!!!

  51. I’d love to try one of these 17 yr old daughter loves to make us smoothies, but my ordinary little blender isn’t so crazy about it and sometimes fights back! lol And that would just be the! Soups, shakes, hummus and did you say ice cream?! Yes, this is definitely on my wish list! Thanks for the opportunity! =)

  52. This is one of the best and healthiest sites I’ve ever found. Your photography is vibrant and beautiful and now a blendtec giveaway! This is too cool! Thanks. 🙂

  53. I have been dying to make my own butters and jams and desperately need a blender to help me out! I’ve been making only stove top jams until I find the perfect product and the Blendtec sounds like the perfect fit!

  54. Wow! I so badly want(to win) a high quality blender! Can’t even come close to affording one! I know it’s got to be worth it though!

  55. I am salivating over this blender! Since finding your site and challenge, I’ve been secretly switching my family to real foods. This morning I burned out the motor in my little food processor making peanut butter! My kids took sandwiches made from homemade whole grain bread, homemade peanut butter, and homemade blueberry jam.

  56. I want this blender because I have been planning on buying a blender forever and haven’t got around to it.

  57. I would love to have to have this blender! I have my grandkids a lot and they love smoothies, I would like to use my blender for more things but it is just not powerful enough. we’ve been married for 42 years, been saying for years I wish I could have ‘proper tools’ for my kitchen! homemade salsa or ice cream is always so better and healthier.

  58. Would love to have a good quality blender. Cheap blenders don’t seem to last long when you use them a lot.

  59. My Vitamix is about to pass out, poor thing, it was smoking the other day, so I really need a blender for my awesome green smoothies (which my 17 month old loves). 😀

  60. Great giveaway! My current blender is one that my parents got for their wedding 45 years ago. It works, and has retro, sentimental value, but I could use more power!

  61. We use our current blender all the time for smoothies. It’s actually a 2 in 1 blender/ food processor which is okay, but would be great to have one that is solely a blender and not have to switch parts out all the time. And I love that you can make homemade ice cream with this one!!

  62. I am a big fan of making “green” smoothies with my blender, but my poor blender is getting quite the workout and I think it’s on it’s last leg! This would be such a fabulous addition to my kitchen and I can just dream of the many delicious goodies I could whip up for my family! What an awesome giveaway!

  63. I would love to have the blender to add to my kitchenware. It would help us make our baby food and smoothies a bit easier.

  64. I would absolutely love having this blender! It would make whipping up my own homemade smoothies and nut butters so much easier and faster, this looks fantastic! Not to mention my old blender fried it’s motor. Whoops. I guess maybe I loved it to death.
    Anyway, this looks amazing! Thanks for always having awesome giveaways!

  65. We traveled for a living for 8 years and have just relocated and settled down. Unfortunately that means we don’t have anything! This blender would be one of the first small appliances we’ll have in our new home!

  66. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

    I’ve been in the market for a juicer for 6 months (desperate to improve my overall health/wellbeing) and I already know this is THE juicer for me!


  67. Great giveaway! I’ve been looking at getting a blender but the good ones are out of my budget and the cheap ones are just not worth it.

  68. Well, the possibilities are endless but I’d love to make some super smoothies as well as nut butters if I had this powerful Blendtecworkhorse in my kitchen!

  69. I would love to have this blender to.make my children their smoothies ans milkshakes they love everyday. My blender is so old and on its last leg!

  70. I’ve had a Blendtec for a few years and I love it, but I would really really like to try out this new version with the different jars! If I win, I’ll pass my older Blendtec to my cousin who would love to have one as well!

  71. I am constantly trying to lose weight and one of my biggest struggles has been with food and portion control as well as dedicating time to prepping healthy meals through out the week, I need all the help i can get! plus I love cooking and kitchen gadgets!

  72. I would love a Blendtec to make better smoothies, puree soup, and make other tasty homemade treats! I have a basic $30 blender from when I got married and it would be sooo nice to upgrade!

  73. Lifestyle changes are very challenging for a latina woman who has grown up on fried meats and heavily salted sides. With various health issues, I seem to be coming across more and more blogs, posts, and articles about juicing and blending your way to health. Sooner or later I’ll buy a fancy smancy blender, but until then my Bullet is helping me to get by (green drinks should not be done in these!). It would be great to win this giveaway, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t know how to use something so powerful. I’m sure I can find inspiration in these sites I’ve found. Lol! Best of luck to all!

  74. What a fantastic giveaway! The blendtec gives so many options for healthy eating, and breaks the dependence on store-bought… soups, applesauce, nut butters, smoothies, WOW!

  75. I would love a great blender to be able to make different recipes for soups and smoothies and ice creams.

  76. How ironic you are offering this giveaway now! My husband and I both have restarted our health and fitness journey recently. He is really into parts of the Gracie diet and they are all about smoothies and good blenders! Our current blender is a cheapo and we were talking the other day about how we needed to get a good one when $$ allows. We thought we would blow ours up with frozen grapes the other day. Lol. Would be awesome to win this one!

  77. I would Love to win this blender package! I would use it to make my green smoothies to incorporate more vegetables in my diet:)

  78. I hear this is the bomb of blenders. Mine was a marriage present 19+ years ago and doesn’t adequately do the job.

  79. I would love to win this blender because for several years now I’ve tried to save up for one and something always comes up that requires my little blender fund money.
    As a twice previous (obese) diabetic I am always trying to find healthy recipes and non-grain ways to feed myself and my family. I have lost 50+ pounds and am trying so hard to keep it off. Many of the wonderful recipes I have found reqire a good blender or food processor. All the other blenders I have purchased in the last several years have all been “disposable”. I coulda’ almost bought a Blendtech by now with what I’ve spent on all the others. I spent over $60 dollars for the Cuisinart blender/processor I have now and after only 6 months, it too is showing signs it is on it’s last legs as well. I REALLY need this blender!! Thank you for the opportunity to win one!! LOVE your blog!!

  80. Ooh, I’ve been pang-ing for a blender for smoothies and green drinks but can’t afford one. Awesome giveaway!

  81. Three in our family of four are gluten free. This would be a fantastic tool in our kitchen to help my family stay healthy. My 14yr old son wants to be a chef so it would be great to have him helping and learning to cook this way as well.

  82. I’ve really been wanting a Blendtec for smoothies! And the twister jar looks great for the nut butters and hummus that I make.

  83. I would love to win this blender as a family of 6 and a husband who is a cook we are always in kitchen creative mode. This blender would be put to great use in our kitchen,

  84. I just really want this. I could give a million good reasons, but my best one is that I had a decent blender, and I lent it to my son’s school and it got broken. Now I drool over rock star blenders like these, dreaming of the day I will own one, and all the magic I could make with it!

  85. this looks fantastic! we make smoothies nearly daily and it would make my life so much easier. my blender is from my wedding, nearly 10 years ago.

  86. This is an awesome blender set! I presently have a cheap blender and cannot make the thick smoothies my husband likes. I don’t think this Blendtec would have any trouble making them!

  87. I would LOVE this!! We are trying to eat healthier and this would definitely help with that!! What an awesome giveaway! 🙂 Thanks for a chance!!

  88. I have heard awesome things about this blender and I really need a new one mine is about 20yrs old and the thing is on its last leg and the lid is all sideways and crooked.

  89. I don’t currently own a blender and I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this one so I would love to add this fantastic appliance to kitchen.

  90. Smoothies! Smoothies! Smoothies! I have been trying to be a more halthyofperson andto eat more rawof and organicI foods. I also love making my own hummus, the taste is just so much better than store-bought brands. I can always tweak recipes to my liking. I would very much like to attempt to make my own peanut and almond butter, other blenders I have had tried before just dont have the umph it takes to make the perfect butters

  91. I don’t have a working blender. I’m aware of the BlendTec quality and would love this blender to make whole food smoothies, dips, and nut butters that my previous blender was not strong enough to make.

  92. I wish my Magic Bullet would “magically” disappear and be replaced by this awesome Blendtec Blender. Here’s my shot at making my wish a reality. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity and your blog has some good recipes!

  93. I really need this blender! My current one is old and the plastic is brittle breaking a new piece on the lid with each use. I cover the top hole on the lid and pray stuff doesn’t come flying out.

  94. Hi;

    I bake and decorate cup-cakes, cookies, and cakes for any occasions. I do pies and I sometimes make my own salsa. This blender would really make my day. I think I can cut my prep time down for my fruit ilings.

    Please make me a winner;
    Thank you

    Sherry Crawford

  95. I want this blender in the worse way! I recently found out I am severely lactose intolerant and I have started to try alternatives such as coconut butter and cashew butter as dairy substitutes. Unfortunately, my blender now doesn’t get the smooth consistency I need. This blender looks like what I need to get the job done!

  96. I have two young daughters, and getting them to eat their vegetables can be a real battle. This blender would be perfect for making smoothies, sauces, and other tasty treats where I can sneak in a vegetable or two!

  97. This is such an amazing giveaway! I have been trying to save up for a really good blender for a while now… I would love to win this – would make the prep for a lot of my vegetarian dishes SO much easier!

  98. I am a yoga teacher and I want to teach my students about juicing and detoxing. This would be the perfect blender.

  99. I need a new blender! Just got a 30 year old one from my grandma! I would love to be able to make some kale smoothies!!!

  100. I’ve been wanting a real blender for a long time, but can’t afford it. All the cheap ones just don’t work well. Would love to be making smoothies, soups and other goodies with a Blendtec!

  101. This would be a great addition to the kitchen! I’m making all my own baby food – and this would be great for it! Plus smoothies, soups, and more!

  102. I would love to win this blender! My current blender doesn’t chop ice and if you put anything but smoothie ingredients in it, it jams. No homemade nut butters, homemade nut milks, or blended margaritas to be had.

  103. I have never owned a Blender. I mean ever. Seriously. That is why I want this awesome blender. I have heard that it is awesome!

  104. I have 4 children and I am trying to really change they way they eat. I make Kefir and blend it with fruit every morning. I have gone through SO MANY cheap blenders. I would put this to GREAT use!

  105. I have never owned a good blender and have heard so many good things about Blendtec. Thanks for the opportunity!

  106. Oh my goodness I would LOVE this Blender. I want this blender because I have heard so many good things about it. I’ve know people who have tested it side by side with another leading brand it and Blendtec excels. I constantly use my blender and could use one with more power and a larger container. .

  107. I have heard so much about this blender. How they have changed since the one I got when I was first married, 37 years ago

  108. I would love this blender so I can make spinach, carrot, and fruit smoothies for my toddler who refuses to eat vegetables! This would be a great way to ensure she gets that added nutrition daily!

  109. I want this blender because it would be used daily in my kitchen for smoothies, shakes, soups and so much more!

  110. I would love to win this blender so I could give it to my mom who is a Type 2 diabetic and has started to change her lifestyle to stop her medication. I currently own a 5 year old Blendtec and love it!

  111. Currently using the Nutribullet, but seriously need to upgrade! Love the Will It Blend feature on their website. Hilarious.

  112. What an amazing blender! It would definitely help me to get more fruits and veggies into my family’s diet!

  113. I have always wanted a blender like this but could never afford it…I have a disease called Lupus and healthy eating is a matter of life and death for me…this blender would literally make a difference in the quality of my life! Thank you for the opportunity to enter. 🙂

  114. I love my garage sale blender…however….it doesn’t give me the smooth and creamy texture i need with so many recipes….winning this snazzy blendtec would help out a lot!!

  115. OH I NEED this. I dread buying new blenders because I can never find a good one that I can afford. and my family has somehow lost the lid to my current, cheap blender. Winning this would be an answer to my prayers!!! 🙂

  116. We have been without a blender since July. Bought a Ninja and took it back so still in the market for one…wish this one would jump in a box and arrive at my GA doorstep!

  117. As a college student i would LOVE to have this blender! After reading about it on Blendtec’s website it seems absolutely amazing & I would love to use it every morning for homemade smoothies (& lunch dinner and snack for hummus, soups & anything else!!)

  118. I want this blender because currently, I do not have a blender. I have never owned my own personal blender, and always have to use other people’s. I am addicted to smoothies and frapuccinos, but don’t always enjoy (or have the money) to spend $5 for just one drink! This would revitalize my life and be so great not only for drinks, but for soups, making my own baby food, and so much more!

  119. I would love to replace my basic blender with something as high tech as this. It looks like a great tool to have in the kitchen.

  120. Oooh I would so love this blender to make a lot of whole good goodies! Pick me please xo…. Homemade soups, smoothies, Natural juices.

  121. I’m desperately in need of a new blender and would love a good one like this!! I love all the different things it can make! Thanks!

  122. what perfect timing!!
    i love(d) my blendtec until i broke it last week and would be beyond thrilled to win a new one….i used it ALL the time!!!!!!!
    as a single momma of 3 girls i can’t really afford one on my own right now.
    thanks for the chance!

  123. I JUST told my Mom yesterday that the blender I have is GARBAGE! I would love one of these because, like you, I use mine everyday (obviously the results aren’t great with the blender I have!) This would be GREAT!

  124. I have been wanting one of these forever! The screw-on blades for our blender leak and I have to shove paper towels under it before I start blending. It’s ridiculous! Oh, I hope I win!

  125. I don’t currently own a blender. None ever seems to work well and I haven’t wanted to splurge. Would LOVE this one.

  126. I LOOOOOVVVVVEEEE this Blender. I’m dying to try green smoothies and get more healthy!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  127. I want this blender because I have a $20 blender that has an overused motor and doesn’t really blend as well as it used to.

  128. I would love to win this , because , I have gone through four blenders trying to make my morning smoothies. They have all burnt out with smoothing in the jars.

  129. Nice! I have an older blender that is on its last leg. It is always nice to hear reviews and suggestions about new products. This is definitely worth looking into!

  130. I have been following a Vegan diet for almost 2 year now. So many vegans praise this blender. I would love to win it and put it to use for veggie soups and juices.

  131. I have been researching another famous blender vs Blendtec and realize they have the original technology and would LOVE to win this! Trying to get my family to eat clean and I know this would help!

  132. My husband and I have been looking for a new blender to replace our old barely getting the job done blender. This blender looks like it would do everything I need it do and more!

  133. We do not have a high-powered blender, so we would use it for everything! It looks like the best of the best! There are so many recipes I can’t make with a blender, so this would be a blessing!

  134. I have been wanting this blender for years! I would make smoothies, soups, ice cream, juice, dips… on and on! I’d probably use it every day.

  135. I would love to win this! I have 4 kids ages 1 month-8 years. This system would help me make healthy snacks/meals for them!

  136. I love Blendtec! I’m a big fan of the product, a big fun of blending, and a big fan of cooking… and thanks to this contest, I can follow your blog now. 🙂

  137. I use my blenders so often that they all break down within a year of using! I have heard so many amazing things about these blendtec blenders and would be in HEAVEN to finally have a blender that is top quality!… Yep, I would definitely be in heaven!

  138. Your blog rocks and owning this blender would make our gluten, casein, soy, and corn free diet a lot fresher, simpler, and easier! { ^ v ^ }

  139. I have been dying for one of these. I am trying to get my entire family (grandparents included) into juicing, detoxing and going gluten free!

  140. I want this blender because it is awesome! My crappy KA blender is on it’s death bed, I’d love to boot it out and replace it with this fabulous machine! 😀

  141. I am starting on my way to a healthier lifestyle which includes natural butters, and smoothies. This giveaway is wonderful.

  142. I would love this for almond butter. My cuisinart blender does not seem to enjoy making it!
    Thanks for the chance!

  143. Oh, I’m just now going vegetarian/vegan and have been making lots of hummus and mixing veggies for veggie burgers, and I’m using my hubs, avocado rocking it blender from *shudder* 30 years ago (must have made a mean dacquari in the day…). Blender slowly dieing!

    Love this beast of a machine!

    gaileee at yahoo dottigh com

  144. I have been swooning over these blenders for quite some time. I recently started trying green smoothies but there’s only so much you can do with a regular cheap-o blender. Winning one would be amazing!!

  145. I want this blender so that I can add kale to my smoothies without having the little un-blended bits that my current blender leaves behind!

  146. There are countless things I would use this for! Making baby food, healthy foods and snack for my kids, smoothies for me!

  147. My business partner and I are food bloggers and social media managers. We need the finest equipment to test and test and eat and tweet. Well, you get the idea. The Blendtec would be put to good use and talked about… a lot!

  148. I want this blender SOOO bad. I found out about a year ago that I have a gluten allergy, and have done a LOT of reading about it. Checking gluten free recipes, going ‘green’, I make a lot of green smoothies, have one almost every day, but my blender leaves the fruits and veggies a little on the ‘chunky’ side, so I kinda chew them! I can’t afford to buy it, because my husband hasn’t worked for 4 years, is now on disability, and now I am laid off, and bills seem to be more than we are making a month right now. If we had the money, I would have bought this blender a year ago, from recommendations from the healthy lifestyle websites I follow.

  149. I’ve been dreaming about one for three years!

    My dream is going to come true soon I hope. and then I’m having a margarita party!!

  150. I want to win this blender because I’m in need of a high tech blender since starting to transition my family to real, whole foods!

  151. I am a broke college student who loves to make smoothies, shakes, and so much more in a blender. Currently, all I have is a single serve Hamilton (yes, the $12 one at WalMart). An upgrade would be so great for this girl who can’t afford to splurge.

  152. Oh gosh, so many reasons I would love to have this blender – from smoothies to soups and everything in between! The possibilities are endless with this powerful blender.

  153. I definitely need this blender. My husband and I both have smoothies for breakfast every morning and we have already gone through several blenders! I also make yummy and nutritious smoothies for my 2 and 3 year olds.

  154. I would use this everyday for a variety of things! Nut butters, smoothies, salsa, pesto, applesauce.. on and on!!

  155. I would love this blender because I make at least one or two smoothies everyday! I add my Juice Plus mix with lots of frozen fruit. I’d like to use a blender to prepare meals too. I burned out my other blender trying to blend up oats for a muffin recipe I found. Had to get a quick replacement at the grocery store. I have heard Blendtec will grind up even rasberry and blackberry seeds and also different grains, such as flaxseed meal, so you can’t even tell it’s there.

  156. My food processor just broke, and I use it all the time. I have been wanting to replace it with a high-powered blender, but my husband doesn’t get why they are so great!

  157. I’ve wanted one of these because I make smoothies for my kids and hide In Vegetables. I freeze them and then they take them to school!

  158. Because I want to be able to make green monster smoothies with lots of frozen fruit and have no fears about the blender’s ability to handle the frozen items – and Blendtecs and blend anything!

  159. Blendtec is an amazing company with an amazing product. I would very much love to win….we drink green smoothies everyday, and with a dozen children, that is a lot of blending! I know the Blendtec could handle it!

  160. I could fill a page up as to why I want to win this blender! First: I have a chronic coffee addiction which forces me to deny myself going to the coffee cart each day due to the expense! Having this blender would allow me to feed my addiction at home without large chunks of ice that can create dental issues which can create a separate problem altogether! Second: I create a lot of recipes you share on your website and this blender would be an asset and much easier than dealing with the existing blender I now own which is not much more than what a wire whisk could accomplish! And third and finally: I would never be able to afford one of these. My blender allowance is so small that I am unable to afford anything other than the “wannabeablender” I have.

  161. My bullet type blender doesn’t do a good job at all! I always have chunks left! Really trying to make healthier and more real foods for my family!

  162. I have been dying for this blender! I tried talking my hubby in to letting me buy it, but it was a no go. Instead I bought a Ninja. The Ninja is alright….. but definitely does NOT compare to the Blendtec. I was staring in AWE at a demo they had a Costco a few months back. I want this blender something fierce!!! lol!

  163. I would LOVE this blender! I’ve been trying to eat healthier by incorporating fresh fruits & veggies into my diet. This blender would make whipping up smoothies super easy AND super healthy!

  164. Blendtec blenders are awesome…I would love to win one, and would especially love to have the new twister jar to make nut butters and a bunch of other good stuff!

  165. I would love to win this Designer series pack, because I am itching for a Blendtec upgrade. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my Blendtec! We use it every day, at least once a day for so many things. But I have had my eye on this gorgeous Designer Series model, plus have wanted to get the Wild Side Jar and Twister for some time. I’d love to make nut butters with ease in the Twister, and make bigger batches of batters, soups, and more in the Wild Side Jar. I’ve talked so much about my Blendtec since I bought it, that I would probably have a line of people wanting to give me baby a new home, if I did win. 🙂

  166. Would love love love this blender to make gene smoothies, soups, hummus, etc. mine is a piece of work! I need an upgrade badly!

  167. Who wouldn’t want a blender that saves you time and gives you the same results every time? Love the Blendtec!

  168. My current blender leaks a lot, so I could use a new one. That and I’m trying to eat healthier (and cheaper) and would love to have a piece of quality machine in my kitchen to help with the task since my leaky blender sort of stinks at blending!

  169. Would love to win a blender that actually works. Haven’t been able to find a blender that works well when making smoothies and iced drinks.

  170. I would love to be able to make nut butters, smoothies and dressings at home, because they will invariably be much healthier and cheaper than what we can buy in the market !

  171. Would love this Blendtec, as I’m trying to eat healthy these days as part of a diet, and need it to make awesome smoothies!

  172. I want the Blendtec so I can make thick frozen concoctions without stopping every 5 seconds to pop the air bubble, and have the result be smooth instead of having little chunks in it.

  173. I don’t have a good blender at home right now and I’m dying to make some smoothies before the summer produce is gone!

  174. I’m trying to introduce more fruits and vegetables into mine and my boyfriend’s diet. We need to make changes in our lives and our diet in order to be healthy as we push forward on towards middle age. Juicing and smoothies is the the key. I need this blender!

  175. My daughter has been begging me for a new blender! This is awesome! We use ours several times in a day and it would be fantastic to have a blender capable of so much. It would eliminate the need for several of my other appliances leaving more space in my kitchen, and goodness knows I could use a little more space in there. Having a blender like this would make for a happy mom and daughter. 🙂

  176. I would love to have this as I have started making healthy green smoothies and fruit smoothies for my teens and I but our cheap blender is not holding up to it and about to burn out. Can’t afford a nicer one like this!

  177. Oh, how we would love a blendtec blender ! My family loves to make smoothies, and I can only dream of all the other possible uses!

  178. I have been drooling over a blendtec for months. I make green smoothies for my toddler, but struggle to get a good consistency with my blender. We are on a student budget right now, so winning one would be MORE than ideal!!!!

  179. I would use this blender daily for my smoothies. I would also love to make nut butters and milks. What a great giveaway!

  180. I could really use this blender! The one I have is a cheapie I bought while in college nearly 15 years ago and I really want to try making healthy smoothies, which is pretty much out of the question with my old blender.

  181. I’ve heard so many great things about this blender! It would be an amazing addition to my kitchen. I would make green monster smoothies and try loads of variations with it!

  182. This would be perfect for my morning “coffee” (AKA smoothies)! My current blender struggles with ice cubes!!

  183. My blender recently decided to go on the fritz and start leaking. I could definitely use a new one!

  184. We have killed SO MANY blenders. We do so much of our cooking at home because of our dietary restrictions. This looks like it would be an awesome tool in the kitchen!

  185. I would love this blender because I have just recently starting eating clean and making smoothies. Which has killed my blender. Very depressed because I don’t want to stop yet I am a mnister’s wife and can’t afford a good blender. So I would love to win this blender set.

  186. my whole family loves shakes & smoothies but our current blender has a hard time with even something simple like that- let alone anything I want to make that’s ‘heavy duty’. I’d love to win this to be able to make healthy drinks for my family on a regular basis

  187. Oh my! I have wanted one for a long time…can’t afford one right now. I’d love to have this baby in my kitchen!

  188. Having this blender would be be an amazing addition to my kitchen.
    I am a Vegan & I LOVE to make smoothies for breakfast!
    Here is my current favorite – Mango & Banana –
    1 cup chopped mango (fresh or frozen – better with fresh)
    1 cup chopped ripe bananas
    2 tablespoons Silk Very Vanilla Soy Milk
    2 teaspoons lime juice
    1 cup crushed ice
    1/2 teaspoon sugar
    1/4 cup water (optional – better without)
    – blend well
    – great topped with nuts and raisins
    – enjoy 🙂

  189. I would love to win the Blendtec so i can finally make my own healthy vegan “ice cream”! Mocha Coconut with no sugar added!

  190. I would love this blender! We drink a ton of healthy suppliment drinks a day, always trying new ones and I think this would make the process of finding new recipes and making new, even healtier ones AweSom!

  191. I SO NEED this budget is TIGHT and my blender has a crack that I hold together when I use it. I make at least 5 smoothies a day my is not going to last much longer

  192. I have been wanting a Blendtec for some time, just waiting to make a purchase, but seems so much. My green smoothies just aren’t quite smooth without hte high powered blender!

  193. We’ve been saving up for a Blendtec because they’re awesome! We’re not where near where we should be so I’d love to win one. I want one because they can do so much more than just smoothies – flours, nut butters, soups, and more!

  194. I would love a blender! I’m currently using my roomate’s single serve Bella Cusina, but a monster like Blendtec would allow me to work on larger recipes 🙂

  195. Since moving to the States, it’s been a long (and slow) process to stock a functioning kitchen – a blender is still needed! I miss smoothies!

  196. I would love love love to win this! I have wanted a blendtec for years but have never been able to afford getting one. Thanks for the chance to win :)))

  197. I would love to win this blender to help me in my efforts to eat healthy foods that will give me long, lasting health benefits

  198. I’m thinking this would look perfect on my counter to replace my current blender. I would love to be abel to make perfectly smooth smoothies and be able to add more fruits & veggies without fear.

  199. What an awesome giveaway! I’ve always wanted to get a blend tec, we are a big smoothie family around here!

  200. I would like to have this supercool blender because I don’t have a blender, cool or otherwise. Many thanks!

  201. Timing would be serendipitous for me if I win since my crappy blender just pooped out on me last week. Miss making smoothies and baby food for toddler and baby.

  202. I discovered the joy of juicing over the holidays and now I am ready to discover everything that is possible with a great blender! Green Smoothies, Soups, dips, juicing, and more!

  203. This should make great smoothies and seams to be really good to make creams and creamy dipping sauces 🙂

  204. We use our current blender everyday to make baby food. I would love to hasn’t a new one with better features.

  205. My daughter has just recently boycotted the “grass” in her smoothies and dips. Our current blender does not puree the kale and spinach to a smooth texture.The BlendTec would do that and be amazing for my vegan/raw diet!

  206. I would love to win one of these! I love watching the demos they have at Costco. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

  207. My blender is 12 years old and never even comes out of the cabinet because it doesn’t have the power to do anything!

  208. My family of teens and tweens love to make all kinds of smoothies and protein drinks, while I love green smoothies; we would love to win this blender, it would be constantly in use!

  209. I would love this blender to finish off recipes like homemade apple sauce or ice cream to make it perfectly silky smooth, and to make homemade toasted hazelnut butter, which I cannot find anywhere! This would be the perfect tool.

  210. I have always been awed when I see demos of the Blendtec blender. Would love to have this in my kitchen to make deliscious dishes. This has been on my wish list for years and keep hoping it would find its way into my home but so far no luck. Thanks for the giveaway.

  211. oh my this is a wonderful giveaway. i have been dying to own one of these babies!
    seems that as i change the way i eat that a blender like this is one of the must own essentials. i would love to make a green smoothie that when i drink it doesn’t leave chunks of spinach on my teeth! LOL

  212. I’ve always wanted one, I have a really old cheap one that I use for my morning smoothies and it’s jut not cutting it anymore! It’s taken the “smooth” out of my smoothie, lol. I hear Blendtec is the best!

  213. I’d love to win this blender because I’ve never owned a quality blender. My son and I both use our current blender almost every day for drinks, ice crushing, soups, etc. and I know it won’t last much longer. Having a Blendtec, we wouldn’t have to worry about replacing it for years because it’s made well. Thanks for the chance!

  214. Oh man, does my family so needs this blender. Our old blender died a slow death, and now we have a little one to make baby foods and other tasty treats for!
    Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  215. I have recently discovered the health benefits of green smoothies and would love a quality blender to continue making green smoothies.

  216. The last blender I owned was back in the sixties and it has long been put to rest. This one looks awesome and I have a perfect spot for it on my counter.

  217. I love making my kids healthy nutritious smoothies every morning to start theory day, & my blender just isn’t cutting it anymore.

  218. I love blending Frozen Watermelon, Strawberries and Lemonade. I’m not going to say if a little Vodka is included. 🙂

  219. I would love to win this blender so I can make smoothies for my kids, and try some new coffee drinks for myself.

  220. This looks like an awesome piece of kitchen equipment. Not often I can afford something of this caliber. Thank you for the give away and the opportunity to participate!

  221. This would be an awesome addition in my kitchen. I moved a year agoo but lived in a hotel for 7 months and have been repurchasing items I want for my home. This would be a wonderful thing.

  222. I’ve been dreaming of one of these for about a year now. I would love to make healthier snacks and juices. And the soup I tried during the demo was amazing!

  223. I have been dreaming about owning a Blendtec for years! My youngest son is an athlete and has our blender out every day making all kinds of smoothies and milkshakes. They seem to crave the calcium when they are working so hard and growing so fast you can almost see it happening. Our poor blender just can’t keep up with the demand. Blendtec is the be all, end all of all blenders!

  224. I love your pins! I’ve been following you on Pinterest for awhile now. The glass pitcher on my blender chipped recently – and I used it all the time:/
    I would so love to win one of these!!!!

  225. I don’t even use my ages-old blender anymore b/c it’s not effective or fun to use. I’ve read great things about the Blendtec. Thanks for your blog!:)

  226. I would LOVE this blender for daily healthy smoothies! I’ve heard it is the best, but I certainly can’t afford to buy one! 🙂

  227. Oh what a great addition to my kitchen. All my green smoothies finally getting SMOOTH and not almost smooth. Weight loss here I come :))

  228. I would love a blender like this for those times that my handblender’s not strong enough but the food processor is just too heavy/bulky to be worth the hassle for the task at hand.

  229. I was just telling my husband last night how much I’d love a Blendtec! I have 3 little boys that I have been trying to cook healthier for & a powerful blender would be ideal!

  230. I live in New Orleans and Hurricane Isaac just passed through and left us with lots of damage.

    The ceiling in our kitchen fell in during the storm Tuesday morning. I have to start all over again. I would love to have this blender to replace mine as well as help save some money on the cost of replacing everything.

  231. I need this blender because mine was a $30 purchase at Target that takes 15 minutes to blend a smoothie 🙁 And it’s going to be soup season soon!

  232. I have recently become an “empty-nester” with both children away at the Air Force as of May 15 this year. In the last 2 years I have had surgery for breast cancer, complete hysterectomy and phlebectomy. I’m trying to improve my life by eating more healthy foods and this blender would enable me to do so. Awesome giveaway!

  233. I would love this blender. There are so many recipes that call for the use of a blender but I currently don’t have one and $$ is tight right now so I can’t afford to buy a good one at this moment.

  234. I’ve been looking for a good quality blender to try to eat healthier. Thanks for the information. BTW, new reader here. Looking forward to going through your site. Thanks!

  235. I would love to be able to make my own smoothies but just can’t find a blender that crushes ice that I can afford. This one looks great!

  236. I want the blender because I want to do the “WILL IT BLEND?!” experiments at home! Haha, just kidding. I’d like it because it sounds like a good blender and I need one.

  237. This blender would allow me to make foods that my whole family can eat, that actually taste good as there are lots of food restrictions. It would be truly amazing to have!

  238. I would love this! I’ve been researching for the best blender and I love the Blendtec but I also really wanted the twister jar! This is a fantastic give-away. 😉

  239. I have been looking at Blendtec for awhile. I would really love to have one to make healthy smoothies for my family in the morning. Also, it would be great to have one appliance do the job of so many other appliances. What a wonderful giveaway!

  240. This would come in handy for so many reasons! I love to host get togethers as well as make new recipes with my little one.

  241. We have a sweet little ol Oster that is strugging to make our daily smoothies. We would so enjoy a hightec blender that will get us out the door on time and energized.

  242. I blend a lot of my tomato sauces and smoothies. My current blender leaves everything chunky and not very well blended. It would be nice to have the best blender in the world. 🙂

  243. My current blender’s glass has cracked so now liquids leak right through! 🙁 This blender would be a great fix.

  244. OMG! I have wanted one of these forever! Our blender died, and my husband hasn’t replaced it yet. This would be awesome!!

  245. I am starting to juice and eat more raw, healthy foods. I would love to have this blender to help me on this journey and transition.

  246. I’d love to win this blender.I can think of so many things to prepare and freeze ahead, smoothies,ice cream,etc…

  247. I would love a great blender to make smoothies easier everyday. Would love one that I can make salsa, etc.. in, I couldn’t believe how many recipes they have online…very exciting blender, thanks for introducing it to me!

  248. I have been drinking Green Smoothies from the Farmer’s Market this summer as I don’t have the right blender to make them smooth. I have read many great things about this blender! Would be a huge blessing to win!

  249. I REALLY want this blender for the coffeeshop I manage at my church. We already make delicious hot and iced drinks, but need a blender to make blended drinks! 🙂 Super hope we win this one!

  250. I cannot even begin to tell you how badly I need a new blender. Our blender has never worked, but we are too cheap to get a new one (especially since we can only afford inexpensive ones). I would love to use the blendtec to make smoothies for me and the hubby, and baby food for our little munchkin.

  251. My 9 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Crohn’s and my father is battling cancer. This blender would benefit my family in so many ways. I have been making my dad some smoothies to help him & he is loving them. I’m learning a lot on eating healthy & this blender would be a awesome tool to help me continue help my family grow.

  252. I have been obsessed with the blendtec for ever and cannot wait to get one and try making my own nut butters and using it to grind small amounts of grain.