Candy Cane Donuts

Guess I’m pretty into candy canes this year! Last week it was cookies…this week donuts! Just a wild thang I am… Candy Cane Donuts | I’m crazy into Jamie Oliver & I saw some beautiful donuts in his latest Yearbook magazine, so I thought I would give them a whirl. With my own twist… Candy Cane Donuts | Have you ever made homemade donuts? It’s super fun, though pretty tricky here in Telluride at 9,500 feet. Baking & anything involving yeast can be unpredictable. Your donuts will likely be puffier than mine… Candy Cane Donuts | Not to worry though, ours tasted awesome! It’s just hard to get the puff factor here. Candy Cane Donuts | I’m wondering….do you spell yours donuts or doughnuts? I’m not sure why they have two spellings. Candy Cane Donuts | So how do ya make these donuts? (I’ll take the lazier spelling, thank you very much) I’m so glad you asked…. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:470] Amazing Donut Recipe Links…

Candy Cane Donuts |]]>

~ Marla Meridith

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17 thoughts on “Candy Cane Donuts

  1. You continue to impress me so much with all these baking recipes you’re turning out with yeast and these look just perfect for the holidays! There really is nothing like a fried donut 🙂 pinned of course!

    1. I know you are!!!! Reading your London post had me swooning. Such a dream that you were invited to his test kitchen & all the other events!! xx

  2. Marla, love these donuts!!! haha, it’s funny you mentioned and asked that .. it depends, sometimes I use “doughnuts” .. but hey, as long as we are consuming round shaped things with holes. . it’s all good!!! happy holidays!!