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Essential Sun Care Products for Sensitive Skin

By Marla Meridith / July 10th

The warm summer sun is a very beautiful thing. That said, the sun for me and for lots of other folks is something more to avoid than bask in. I seek shade when I can and sun protective clothing and creams are a must! My skin is very sensitive to the suns rays, so keeping it as protected as I ...Read More

Neutrogena Anti-Aging Beauty Regimen with GIVEAWAY!

By Marla Meridith / August 20th

Anti-aging beauty regimens are very important to me. This post is sponsored by Neutrogena, beauty products I believe in & have used for years!   As you likely know by now I live high up in the Rocky mountains, in Telluride Colorado. We live almost 2 miles closer to the sun at 9,500 feet. Preserving my skin & keeping it healthy & ...Read More

12 Summer Beauty Essentials

By Marla Meridith / June 14th

  How nice is it to sink into the lazy sun-kissed days of summer?! The kids are finally done with school, hooray! That means a bit more time to sleep in, less rushing around and plenty of time to spend in the sunshine! Beauty this time of the year tends to be a little less fussy than it is in the ...Read More

Best Beauty Products for Winter Babes

By Marla Meridith / January 21st

Around here winter is our favorite season! We love the snow, chill in the air and winter sports. What often comes along with the season is dry skin, brittle nails and unruly hair. All of that can all be relieved with these Best Beauty Products for Winter Babes. We have tested all kinds of products and have found these to be the ...Read More

The Inside Scoop: How to Pack Like a Travel Pro

By Marla Meridith / November 4th

I travel all the time. Sometimes every other week. Sometimes every week. In the past few months I've packed bags for the Italian Dolomites, Santa Barbara, California & I'm currently in Alberta, Canada. You get the drift. I'm a travel expert & I want to make you one too! Let's get started. (more…) ...Read More

DIY Avocado, Lemon & Honey Face Mask

By Marla Meridith / August 21st

Today I'm sharing something a little different than usual. Instead of eating your food ~ let's play with our food! Who says avocados are only for eating? Not I....Did you know they are as wonderful for your skin as they are on your plate? Avocados From Peru sent me a package & this is one of the many ways I enjoyed ...Read More