Chic Shearling to Keep You Cozy this Winter!

I am completely obsessed with shearling everything these days. It keeps you so warm on the absolute coldest of days and it’s super stylish!  Wearing a long shearling coat feels like a giant bear hug. It’s something that’s always luxurious and fashionable here in the mountains.


From mittens to coats, to boots and hats, bet you can find a piece that suits your winter lifestyle too! Often shearling is referred to as Sheepskin, so be sure to search for that too when shopping.


  • 1. Overland So many sheepskin/shearling styles for men & women!
  • 2. Booties with a heel make bring shearling from day to night. Gorsuch
  • 3. Prada mittens in robins egg blue are a true statement piece!
  • 4. Moncler always does warm, chic winter right!
  • 5. Playful and fun denim skirt by Clash
  • 6. Earmuffs by UGG are super smart for frigid days.
  • 7. Cozy Mou handcrafted Eskimo boots come in many playful colors and styles.
  • 8. Chloe Camille wedge mules kick things up a notch for Aprés
  • 9. Keep your iPhone toasty with a shearling cell phone case by UGG.
  • 10. This Crown Craft aviator hat keeps all the heat on your head!
  • 11. Ever since I shopped Paris Sandro has been a favorite. Love this red & black coat!
  • 12. This vintage Fendi suede hobo handbag ties it all together, the perfect accessory!
  • 13. It’s not too hard to find shearling mittens, but again, UGG does ’em right!


~ Marla Meridith

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One thought on “Chic Shearling to Keep You Cozy this Winter!

  1. I had two shearling winter coats when I lived in Canada, those were the best investments I have ever made when it comes to warm, fashionable and comfortable coats! A live in the south now and I part of me misses being able to wear my winter coat…