Chocolate Lovers Skinny Milkshake

SKINNY Chocolate Lovers Milkshake |

Can I tell you a little secret? It was virtually dark outside when I took these photos. I was determined to satisfy a BIG chocolate craving and shoot some quick photos for this post. Both needs were met. Thankfully the pictures look sunny, bright and happy with the last glimmer of natural light. No artificial help at all.

We love our chocolate. Whether it is in cookies, cakes, parfaits, crepes, smoothies or shakes. We love it in bar form too. Hot cocoa is grand. Any which way, we fit it into our day. This shake will razzle dazzle you with a creamy blend of coconut milk, almond milk, Medjool dates and of course lots and lots of chocolate.

Let’s shake things up!

SKINNY Chocolate Lovers Milkshake |

Take a look at these awesome pure chocolate sprinkles…These are not fakers.

SKINNY Chocolate Lovers Milkshake |

They are the real deal, 100% chocolate and not waxy like the typical ones you find at the market. I learned about these when I took baking classes at my favorite OC bakery: Blackmarket Bakery.

SKINNY Chocolate Lovers Milkshake |

I love blending a few dried Medjool dates into my shake too. As shared in my Creamy Roasted Carrot Coconut Shake recipe I prefer a little chew factor in my milkshakes.

The dates offer up sweet chewy bursts.

SKINNY Chocolate Lovers Milkshake |

As do the little sprinkles and the spattering of slivered toasted almonds. Use any nuts and toppings you wish. My Skinny Chocolate Sauce would be yummy in this too. So would shaved chocolate curls. My biggest advice: don’t be shy with your chocolate. If you are Paleo and watching your sugars and carbs simply omit the sprinkles. If you are vegan you will want to find dairy free sprinkles.

Your taste buds will still be tickled by your awesome milk shake no matter what.

SKINNY Chocolate Lovers Milkshake |

Embrace it and enjoy!

SKINNY Chocolate Lovers Milkshake |

Do you have a favorite shake recipe? What ingredients do you like to put in your shakes?


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~ Marla Meridith

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63 thoughts on “Chocolate Lovers Skinny Milkshake

  1. These pictures look amazing. I can’t believe you took them while it was dark. I have yet to learn and improve my photography skills for “not natural light” shoots. The milkshake looks delicious as well. Love that it contains coconut milk, good that a just bought a carton yesterday!

    1. Antonia, no artificial light in these photos. Still something I need to master ~ in love with natural light! Glad to hear you have that coconut milk handy ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Gorgeous photos! Can I ask what kind of lights you use? I currently have one light and I’m looking to upgrade and get a few more – but I’m not 100% sure what I want.

    I’ve never seen those sprinkles before – brilliant! I need to get a box – my husband is a chocolate fiend but he doesn’t like the waxiness of traditional chocolate “jimmies”.

        1. Jessica, I actually updated that first paragraph to make it clear that there was no artificial light source. All ready lots of questions on that ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for your sweet compliments!

  3. A 3 minute chococlate recipe?!? This is going to solve all my late-night dessert issues! I’m really intrigued with the dates in the shake, too. Like you said, they add “chewy sweet bursts”, and that sounds just wonderful.

  4. Oh..yes chocolate any time..and if it is in this form than no stopping…Love your pictures, Marla…each picture brings so much of cheers and happiness with the sunshine you capture in them! Hugs.

    1. Erin, you don’t need to worry about your carb free diet with this shake. Simply omit the sprinkles to take out all refined sugars. If needed you can also take out the dates and just sweeten with stevia ๐Ÿ™‚ The unsweetened coconut milk and almond milk have much fewer carbs then dairy does. You are in great hands girl!

  5. I am cleansing right now…however, if I could eat/drink just one thing, it would be this luscious shake! From one chocolate lover to another, this looks fab!

  6. Love chocolate shakes. I still feel like a kid when I hit up a diner or place with a real shake machine and order it. Like the first time. Love the light in the pictures, M! And the sprinkles are extra amazing.

    1. Mike, me too. Nothing like a great milkshake to bring back those childhood memories. Love it watching my kids sip away too ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Wow, as made, 320 cal? And that’s with no toppings. Not skinny. If you omitted the dates you would save 198 cal (66 cal. each). Maybe substitute with fresh raspberries? Or blueberries? A banana would only add 70 for one small whole banana.

    1. Teri, for most folks this is super skinny. There is no ice cream or frozen yogurt in it and no refined sugar if you omit the sprinkles. Love your idea to use the berries and banana. Also the yield is for TWO nine ounce servings which would halve the caloric number you mention ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. The photos are beautiful!!! can’t tell any gloom here. And the shake is even more beautiful and healthy! dates, almond milk and chocolate.. you cannot go wrong. Thanks much for mentioning mine. xo

  9. making this recipe was my first time incorporating dates into something, and i am pleased with the results. thanks

  10. Yummy! I love that there are Medjool Dates in this – I just realized how amazing these are and can’t get enough of them.