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Chopped Greek Salad


Since I was a kid I’ve always been a huge fan of a hearty Chopped Greek Salad. My passion for this salad started at a very young age at a restaurant called Shish Kebab in Port Washington, Long Island. I’ll never forget the excitement as they brought the wooden bowls to the table, filled as high as they could be. Each bite was blissful and I was always a bit sad when my bowl was empty. At least now I can get my fix whenever I need it right here at home.


Feel free to add or subtract veggies as you wish. You can also add protein for a heartier meal. Grilled chicken, salmon or lamb are great options. This salad has my favorite combo of ingredients. For me, the key to any amazing Greek salad starts with the feta cheese you use. I prefer stronger flavored sheep or goat milk cheeses & lots of it! It’s always best to buy a block of cheese and crumble it yourself. The dressing is essential too. I prefer a really tangy flavor that pairs well with the briny Kalamata olives and veggies. Chopping all the ingredients into tiny sizes makes each bite filled with flavor.


Chopped Greek Salad recipe. The BEST salad you will ever eat. ( @marlameridith )


This Greek Dressing is a lively blend of red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice and oregano. It would be also a wonderful marinade for chicken, meat and seafood.


Chopped Greek Salad recipe. The BEST salad you will ever eat. ( @marlameridith )


Click HERE for the recipe.


Chopped Greek Salad recipe. The BEST salad you will ever eat. ( @marlameridith )

~ Marla Meridith

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11 thoughts on “Chopped Greek Salad

  1. Have you ever made this a day in advance? Is it recommended and how does it hold up? Want to make sure it doesn’t get soggy!

  2. Hi There! Yesterday I tried this salad and I just have to say how incredibly delicious it is. I’m not much of a fan of salads, but this one won me over at the very first taste. Thank you!