Christmas Magic 2010

Red Velvet cake recipe from Cooks Illustrated magazine.

Hope everyone had a merry & bright Christmas. Ours was super fun. The kids had two visits from Santa. One was at home in the OC & the other was with our family in Dallas. The cake above was baked by my amazing sister in law & I had to share it with you. She got the recipe from Cooks Illustrated.

How cool are these Jonathan Adler vases in her home!

King & Queen decorative vases

The ornaments on the tree were delightful.

Santa, bird, sock monkey & snowflake Christmas tree ornaments.

This time of year is as magical as you want to make it. My kids both believe in the jolly man with the big belly & white beard – so the magic is full blown.

Little kids in Pajamas opening Christmas gifts

Even the most simple things get them all excited & giggly. For little kids most of the fun is being off from school & tearing open brightly wrapped presents. For us it is being together as a family.

Brother & sister playing with Christmas toys.

Through the years I will look through these snaps and smile. This is a sweet & gentle time. It is such a nice feeling having small children that are out of the wobbly phase and into full blown land of discovery & questions.

Brother & sister taking ride in red wagon wearing Pajamas.

They are small people with big opinions (kind of like their mama!) Seeing this holiday through the eyes of our children invites magic back to us all.

Brother & sister on Christmas day in red wagon having fun.

Seeing them happy & smiling makes me grateful for everything in our world today.

Brother & sister playing in a red wagon.

My sister in law has it down. She plans well ahead & makes our time at her home in Dallas so very memorable. Her house is so pretty!

Pretty brick house in Dallas Texas in the winter

She wraps tons of goodies, bakes & cooks up a storm & welcomes us with open arms each year. She even woke at 2am to open presents with my daughter! These are memories we will all share for a life time. I am so very grateful. XO

Brother & sister on Christmas morning

How was your Christmas? Was it magical for you? Your kids? Or perhaps your pets get into the holiday spirit too??!!

~ Marla Meridith

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59 thoughts on “Christmas Magic 2010

  1. Looks like you and your family shared a magical Christmas
    indeed, loved all the photos. That cake wow… it looks absolutely
    mouthwatering, your sister-in-law outdid herself! PS: Where is the
    “Magic in a Lens” shot? 😉

    1. Josie: Every moment has become a magical moment these days.
      As long as I have good light I can get the snaps. I am a disaster
      in low light situations. Gotta work on that 😉

      Naomi: I need to
      hunt in that post Christmas Jonathan Adler sale. Great props &
      eye candy for the home.

      Heather: Those little kiddos bring out the best in us & the holidays for sure! Glad to hear you had a great Christmas with your nephew.

  2. That cake is stunning, Marla! Your kids are so cute and it
    did indeed look like a magical Christmas. And OMG, loving the
    Jonathan Adler vases!!

  3. marla, this looks like you have wonderful family
    traditions. there is really nothing better than seeing ones
    children so incredibly happy and content. these are the moments we
    all need to embrace!

  4. Red velvet cake is a perfect way to get into the festive
    spirit. The color says “holiday” from the get-go. Looks like you
    had a fabulous Christmas. So glad! Wishing you an even more
    spectacular New Year. 😉

  5. How fun to see the magic through the eyes of your children. My only child is 16 in 2 weeks and that kind of magic is all gone. Thanks for sharing yours!
    The cake is glorious. I’ve never made a red velvet cake but my hubby would like me to 🙂

  6. What a beautiful tribute to your sister in law, Marla. She does have such a lovely home. I loved the thoughts you had floating through your photos: like snowflake messages!
    Do you do Christmas sometimes, too… or is it always here?
    PS: My children are adults and I have NEVER told them anything but IF YOU BELIEVE, HE WILL COME. And we ALL believe!

    1. Valerie: I believe too! We have a Christmas at home in the OC & then we head to my sister in laws home. Used to be in Kansas, now Dallas. My hubs mom is there too & lots of cousins. These days we usually see that side of the family once a year, it is extra special. When we see each other it is as if we were never apart. Amazing how much all the kids grow in a year. Love that you never told your kids anything but to believe 🙂 I am trying to get them all out to me in July to learn how to surf!

    1. Chris: It is Cooks Illustrated Red Velvet Cake. I bet Mammoth was a blast, you guys had loads of snow! Wondering if your twins went skiing?? This cake would be perfect for all of those calories burned after a day on the slopes:)

  7. Christmas is magical for children (especially when they still believe in Santa!). It appears that your family had a wonderful holiday. Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!

    1. Liz: Wouldn’t that be great if we could ship you some of that cake! We had a lot left over that unfortunately we did not keep-though we should have frozen it. I am sure if wrapped up tight in plastic wrap & a thick Ziploc that cake would have lasted forever! Thanks for all of your sweet comments, they always make me smile 🙂

  8. The cake is stunning and I adore those vases! Looks like you had a very magical Christmas!! Last year we were in Chicago with my hubby’s family but this year had to stay in California. My sister also lives in Dallas, and my mom and both brothers are close-by n Ft. Worth. One year, I hope to make it to Dallas to celebrate with my family. Nice that you had the time to spend with them. You’re little ones are adorable!! I miss mine being that age!

  9. Beautiful Marla….. the photos are awesome & really depict exactly what its like to believe in the magic & security of being loved. Amazing, loved it. The cake…. aahhh, beautiful.

    1. Anna: Your words are beautiful “the security of being loved” no money in the world could buy that. That is the most & the best we could dream of as parents. I pray for our children to always find peace through loving themselves, giving & accepting love. xo

      Lindsey: Took a few hours before I could convince them to get outdoors into that wagon & once they were there they did not want to leave!

  10. Oh, what a beautiful, truly heartwarming post, Marla! It’s so fun when the kiddos are little and you get to experience the magic of Christmas through their eyes. I’m in love with that little red wagon…you just know they’re going to get a ton of use and beautiful memories out of that! XO

  11. Marla…your whole family is screaming of magical talent!!!
    That cake looks wayyy too good for me to keep my eyes gawking at
    it. I’m gaining half a pound just by peeking! Your S-I-L did a
    wonderful creation of a cake i’ve had on my list to make for quite
    a while ;o) Your photography brought it to the next level 😉 Thanks
    for continuing your enthusiastic creativity and looking forward to
    the next year with your company. All the very best,

    1. Claudia: Better to gain a half pound gazing at the computer screen then for real 🙂 I look forward to your company too in 2011! xo

      Smith Bites: Oh we get “the magic” & I hope to always. I cherish the times I slow down enough to grab onto those little moments. I find it hard to slow down – my big old camera helps me to though.

  12. Hi MARLA ,
    These Sounds like Yummy..!!
    This Christmas Red Velvet Snow cake looks delicious and adorable.
    I love Red velvet cake most.You Share beautiful Christmas resource .
    Thanks For Sharing…