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Extra Crumbly Plum Crisp

Are you getting ready for the official kick-off to summer? I cannot believe Memorial Day is around the bend. As the weather heats up we enjoy all kinds of fruity desserts, breakfasts and snacks. Sometimes I love crumbles and crisps with lots of ooey gooey fruits. Other times I want a more crumbly crisp. It all depends on the mood for the day.

Here friends I came up with an Extra Crumbly Crisp. For those days when more topping is top priority.

Don’t be shy. This crisp is just as good n’ healthy for breakfast as it is for a guilt free dessert.


Fresh plums on blog


I always love seeing new seasonal produce come into the markets. Plums, apricots, melons and strawberries are everywhere!

Please don’t fret if you don’t have fresh plums on hand. Strawberries, blueberries, apples, apricots would be tasty too.


Gluten free Extra Crumble Plum Crisp on blog


Use what you love and will make you *smile*


Gluten free Extra Crumble Plum Crisp on blog


Enjoy with Thick Greek Yogurt for breakfast.

Or with milk…if you are vegan then you know what to do.

This crisp is all ready gluten free and vegan.


Gluten free Extra Crumble Plum Crisp on blog


Or with ice cream for dessert…


Gluten free Extra Crumble Plum Crisp on blog


The point is to have extra crumbly crumbs with your fruit. I added dried apricots for good measure. Raisins or dried cranberries would be great too.

What is your favorite fruit crisp or crumble recipe? Feel free to add some links in your comments.


For Recipe Details Click Here


Crisp and Crumble Recipe Links



~ Marla Meridith

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39 thoughts on “Extra Crumbly Plum Crisp

  1. Oh gosh, this looks delightful! I love plums and I realized that I’ve never had them in a crisp before, but it’s such a perfect idea. I’ve been missing out. Gorgeous photos, I have to go grab a plum now [:

  2. It’s all about the crumble crisp topping!!! What a great summer dessert for a memorial day BBQ! Fresh and tastes like summer.
    Love your beautiful photos. You’ve done it again.

  3. Plums are far under-used in the blog world, and I love to see them in beautiful desserts like this. Especially in a crisp, you can really taste their natural sweetness! Thanks for sharing and reminding me of one of my favorite fruits, Marla. Also, I’m having a ChicWrap giveaway today that you should enter!

    1. Thanks Georgia, I will pop over to check out your giveaway now. Plums should never be underrated. You are right though, I don’t see many folks using them in recipes. I will hopefully post a lot with them this season! I bet you have some great plumy recipe ideas too!

    1. Jen, I love ’em all. A great apple crisp is the ultimate comfort food and I could go for some of that peach/raspberry right about now!

    1. Allison, have fun with it. You can try ground oats, wheat flakes, Uncle Sam’s cereal. This really can be so versatile. Let me know if you try something new….

    1. Kristina, a lot of folks have been saying that. We need to make the plum more popular…it is so wonderful and versatile 🙂

  4. I don’t have coconut oil and I have never used it. What can I put in it’s place? Vegetable oil?