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Sweet Strawberry Snack Cakes – Gluten Free

Sweet Strawberry Snack Cakes - Gluten Free recipe on

Sweet strawberries thrill me. Whether eaten out of hand, sliced up into creamy yogurt parfaits, stuffed into hot & melty french toast or in baked goods. Their flavor amplifies and the natural sweetness is enhanced with the addition of heat. Pure pleasure if you ask me. These snack cakes are part of the gluten free ratio rally going on with a group of food bloggers. The theme this week is quick bread.

Sweet Strawberry Snack Cakes - Gluten Free recipe on

I first learned about the idea of ratios while reading Shauna’s (Gluten Free Girl) post why we don’t use cups in our recipes. I found the idea interesting and wanted to learn more.

Sweet Strawberry Snack Cakes - Gluten Free recipe on

What are ratios? They are a neat way to figure out quantities of ingredients to be used in baking. Sort of like a puzzle, there are basic weighted measurements that combine together to form magical baked goods. Bread has flour and water so does fresh pasta. In very different ratios. Michael Ruhlman says “Ratios are the launching point for infinite variations.” Simply stated, well put.

Sweet Strawberry Snack Cakes - Gluten Free recipe on

Once you have a good understanding of ratios – baking can be a more intuitive process. You can wing it more, make your own adaptations according to what you have on hand. This is freeing and perfect for artist types like me who don’t want to get too caught up in calculated details.

Sweet Strawberry Snack Cakes - Gluten Free recipe on

The ratio for quick bread or muffins is: 2 parts flour, 2 parts liquid, 1 part egg, 1 part fat. I choose light sour cream as my fat for these cakes. Ricotta cheese or butter would probably be great too. For liquids I did half fat free milk and half light coconut milk.You could also use all of one or the other. Adjust your ingredients to what you have on hand or for flavor or dietary preference. Using ratios also makes it easy to increase your batch size too.

Sweet Strawberry Snack Cakes - Gluten Free recipe on

We love these mini strawberry loaf cakes. Stay tuned, each week there will be another theme. Participants have come up with excellent combinations and they all look wonderful. Please visit Silvana Nardone’s blog Silvana’s Kitchen for the complete list of recipes by all the rally bloggers. If you want, you can join in on the fun too.

Sweet Strawberry Snack Cakes - Gluten Free recipe on

What is your favorite quick bread recipe?

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~ Marla Meridith

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104 thoughts on “Sweet Strawberry Snack Cakes – Gluten Free

  1. Gluten-free baked goods fascinate me. I am not gluten intolerant but I really love learning about all the different flours used to substitute wheat flour. All new flavours and textures are appearing and I can’t wait to have a decent try at them.

    1. Heather: I nearly jumped for joy when I stumbled on those small loaf pans at Target. Found them around Valentine’s Day. I am so happy that they are oven safe too.

    2. Heather: I nearly jumped for joy when I stumbled on those small loaf pans at Target. Found them around Valentine’s Day. I am so happy that they are oven safe too.

  2. Marla these look wonderful! So moist, and just tasty! And they’re gluten free, bonus! My grandma and mom used to add sour cream to baked goods…I used to think they were crazy but now I realize it keeps things moist and not dry. Dry baked goods are not worth my chew 🙂

    The pictures, of course, are just beautiful, too!

    1. Averie: I used to question sour cream, yogurt, buttermilk and ricotta cheese in baked goods. These days I use them virtually interchangeably. They add rich flavor, I don’t need as much fat and they keep cakes & muffins very moist. Before you know it I will have you baking again – with dairy. Maybe??

    1. Maryea: Banana bread is always a winner over here too. Love it straight up or with all kinds of additions. Nuts and chocolate chips are always a favorite! This strawberry bread was a nice diversion.

  3. I read that book and it is really fascinating. Also helpful to create your own recipes based on basics. I was really intrigued by it and think about it often. It definitely helped me feel more secure and independent from relying on recipes. However, I still haven’t bought a food scale!

    1. Marci: The food scale is well worth the small investment. Not only do I use it for baking, but I also use it to keep a watchful eye on portion control. I highly recommend having one around if you can get it 🙂 I need to get the Ratios book, I am sure I would love it.

  4. Just stumbled upon your lovely blog. Love all your great recipes and photos! These strawberry snack cakes are very tempting… 🙂

  5. I think I’ve got to get on this ratio thing – it sounds so much easier!

    I can’t wait to try these. Strawberries are about to start popping up at farmer’s markets here, so they will happen soon 🙂

  6. The colors going on in your pretty snack bread are making me so happy this morning! As always, loving your photos!! xoxo talk soon!

  7. Thank you for linking to my site for Strawberry-Rhubarb Basil Jam! So kind. This quick bread looks absolutely delish! I think I’ll try it sometime this weekend, perhaps using some Greek yogurt instead of the sour cream? What do you think?

    1. Kelsey: An absolute Yes! to the greek yogurt. I can only assume they would be interchangeable. Perhaps a low fat greek yogurt would be best as the sour cream added a little fat. Your rhubarb/strawberry jam really does look great! Would like it on this cake.

  8. Wow! These are beautiful- can’t wait to try this recipe when I have some homegrown strawberries 😉 ps all of your photos are incredible, but the one with your son eating the bread? that’s my favorite.

  9. I’ve been a little strawberry crazy with all the great strawberries I’ve been seeing in our grocery store. This looks like a great way to use them. We don’t have a problem with gluten so I’d probably use regular flour.

    My favorite quick bread is zucchini bread. I can’t wait for the summer to make some.

    1. Nicole: I love fruits & fruit purees in our baked goodies. Love that they add flavor, nutrition, natural sweetness and pretty color too.

  10. Marla – what beautiful photos (including that adorable
    kid!). I bet the oat flour and coconut milk give the cakes a great
    background flavor. Looking forward to trying this as soon as we get
    some good strawberries at the Farmer’s Market (soon!!).

  11. I love that you call these snack cakes – what delightful
    little loaves, and oh those strawberries look AMAZING!! I want one
    for a snack, yes please 🙂

    1. Jenn: I am with you – there is something about the words “snack” and “cake” together that make them light & whimsical. It also encourages me to keep my portion size in check as snacks are supposed to be small-ish, right??!

  12. Loving the morsels of strawberries, great moisture for the
    bread I bet. I can’t wait to hear more about the ratio rally (I
    already emailed the host) – I cook by MR’s RATIO all the time when
    traveling and gluten free ratio cooking is something I’ve been
    experimenting with for a gluten-intolerant friend this year. Love
    your pics, as usual. Thanks for the wonderful post 😀

    1. Cathy: It will be awesome to see you in the group. I tell you, I enjoy those sweet little morsels of strawberries as much as chocolate chips. Actually come to think of it they would both be amazing in a quick bread. Time to bake more!

  13. I have had this post up on my computer all day because I
    keep reading and re-reading it. Lots of great info here girl… and
    those fresh strawberries… delish!!!

    1. Amanda: Are you sure this post wasn’t up all day because you have a newborn & are juggling 4 little kids? Either way I am flattered that you kept re-reading it. If we were closer I would bake you a bunch to have around-just not sure they would ship too well.

  14. Reading blogs keeps inspiring me to try more gluten free. I gotta get on it! I’m going to check out the Gluten Free Ratio Rally.

    I really love this bread too. I’m a big fan of strawberries in my baked goods. I love the little touch of sweetness it brings…yum!

    1. Brandy: Do it, do it! Join us in the rally. I am learning so much from it. It is a great way to learn about the world of gluten free, and of course baking with ratios. xo

  15. YUM! I’m addicted to strawberry recipes at the moment : ) I also know my Mom would like this to. She is trying to go ‘Gluten-free’ to see how she feels. Thanks for sharing : )

    1. Holly: It is certainly worth trying the gluten free lifestyle, so many folks have found they are slightly or even more intolerant of it. Thankfully we do not have to eat gluten free over here, but I sure like to incorporate it for balance. I feel a lightness when I keep gluten content lower. Good luck with your mom & I hope she enjoys this cake.

  16. I love these! I am a closet quick bread enthusiast, and I just made a strawberry one myself, but mine had the strawberries pureed in. Love that you have gorgeous chunks in yours.

    1. Shaina: I am a fan of the fruit purees too. In my Very Blueberry Cake that I posted last month I went with the puree and the whole berries. Blissful indeed!

    1. Betty: Amazing how simple it is to reach for that scale, eh? They are also probably one of the least expensive most used kitchen gadgets to have around.

    1. Kristin: Same here, when there is no ricotta around I have no hesitation reaching for that thick greek yogurt. Works every time!

  17. Marla, these are just too gorgeous! I recently picked up a
    Yum food and fun mag for kids and saw that you were a contributor!
    I can’t wait to browse through it. I haven’t had a chance

  18. I love the idea of cooking by ratios. I feel like it gives a much better scientific understanding of exactly what you are cooking that just mindlessly throwing cups and tbsps of things into the batter. And, really…I’m all about the science behind baking.

    These snack cakes look absolutely delicious! I love being able to smell fresh sweet strawberries from a mile away. And I also love eating them mixed in with cake!

  19. Marla,
    this couldn’t have been a better timed post. Ratios and baking are EXACTLY what I should be reading about. Maybe if I learn the basic ratios, I can start to feel a little less afraid of baking. Thanks for the nudge! xoxox, Brooke

  20. I’ve never really thought about ratios! Actually you know there has only been one recipe that I’ve used that has had ratios but it makes sense and allows you to experiment. Thanks for the tip Marla and beautiful snack cakes!! 😀

  21. Why have I never thought to put ricotta in quick breads???
    Fabulous idea, Marla! And those snack cakes look wonderful. Makes
    me a bit sad that strawberry season here in Maine is still a long
    2+ months away.

  22. Love this post and love your pictures; they’re getting me so excited for strawberry season and the spring-like weather. Love it! Happy to be a part of this Rally with you! Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Healthy Apple: This rally is so fun! Love your blog name, apples are a favorite over here too. Come to think of it, I must do this snack cake with apples.

  23. I haven’t had any strawberries yet this season – but your post makes my mouth water for strawberries. What sweet little cake pans! I’ve been looking for mini-pans – but haven’t found any yet. Beautiful pictures, nice to find your site in the ratio rally.

    1. Melanie: I know those mini loaf pans are so fun. I was so excited when I saw them in different colors. Found ’em in Target around the time of Valentine’s Day. Lucky find.

  24. What an interesting post – and what a delicious looking bread. I love strawberries too – they are such a wonderful summer fruit! Thank you for sharing this with Let’s Do Brunch. The linky is up again for this week so do hope you will come along and join in!

    1. Hi Carol: I am actually thinking next time I am gonna do a combo of banana & strawberry quick bread. All or either fruit is always a great thing:)

  25. Hi Marla,

    I just made 3 mini loafs of your strawberry bread! There so cute and look so good! I can’t wait to try them! They’ll go great with my homemade strawberry jam!! Thank you for the recipe!!

  26. This little strawberry cake looks wonderful. I really enjoyed your post and will look forward to reading your blog. Now I have a cake to make for my friend who must eat gluten free. Thanks so much.

  27. I have a vat of strawberries in my fridge right now and this looks delicious! I’ve never used corn flour before so I’d like to try that.

  28. This looks like something my great-grandchildren would enjoy when they come to visit. Your food photos look scrumptious.

    I do want to make one suggestion, since you’re into healthy cooking. Fresh strawberries, unless they’re organic (which, in many areas, are difficult to find) are laced with so much toxic pesticide residue they should have each have a sticker with a skull and crossbones. Frozen organic strawberries, when thawed, are just as good and just as pretty as the fresh ones, but much, much safer for consumption. This is true of nearly every fruit.

    Here’s a link to my article on about the dangers of pesticide residue:

    I’m bookmarking your “Recipes” page because you have more recipes using healthy stevia than any other site I’ve found. THANKS!


  29. Hi Marla. I have tried this 3 times and failed miserably. I follow the recipe exactly and it always smells great, but the loaf always ends up flat and uncooked/too moist in the middle,even after I did the toothpick check. Please help. What am I doing wrong?

      1. I used one packet of Agave instead of stevia and used butter instead of sour cream. I tried it twice with gluten free oat flour and once with organic oat floar. Both came out the same; too moist on the inside. Is is because I don’t have a food weighing scale perhaps? I did read the ratio article, however, currently I haven’t had the chance to purchase an affordable food weighing scale.

  30. I used one packet of Agave instead of stevia and used butter instead of sour cream. I tried it twice with gluten free oat flour and once with organic oat floar. Both came out the same; too moist on the inside. Is is because I don’t have a food weighing scale perhaps? I did read the ratio article, however, currently I haven’t had the chance to purchase an affordable food weighing scale.