Grilled Brie with Tomatoes and Basil

Recently we crafted a campfire cookout menu and fed eight amazing guests at Camp V, a historic boutique camp located just 54 minutes from Telluride, Colorado. The response to this Grilled Brie with Tomatoes and Basil was an overwhelming WOW and it’s guaranteed to be on the menu forever.

There’s nothing like melted brie paired with a fresh tomato/basil topping. The topping is reminiscent of a fresh caprese or traditional bruschetta topping. Serve with sliced baguette, crostini, pita chips. This recipe is best on the grill but easy and just as delicious prepared in the oven.

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10 inch Cast Iron Griddle
My favorite cast iron griddle for this recipe!
Marla Meridith Campfire Cookout
Grilled BriGrilled Brie with Tomatoes and Basil recipee with Tomatoes and Basil recipe

~ Marla Meridith

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