Grilled Corn 'n Dogs Grilled Cheese

wow. WOW. This came to me in a dream. Or something like that. I was at the grill ~ having a grand time with corn on the cob & hot dogs. That’s all fine & dandy. But what was on my mind? Grilled cheese. Sooooo Grilled Corn ‘n Dogs Grilled Cheese had to happen. Let’s take a look… Grilled Corn & Hot Dog Grilled Cheese | What makes this  grilled cheese a little different is layering on the extras..beyond the cheese. Grilled Corn & Hot Dog Grilled Cheese | I love to cook on our outdoor grill in the summer. To make this: brown up & char those ears of corn & dogs. Pull ’em off the grill. Slice the kernels off the corn. Slice the hot dogs into pretty pieces. Put those aside for a few minutes while you heat up that cast iron skillet on your stove top (or the grill) Grilled Corn & Hot Dog Grilled Cheese | Remember my Cast Iron Skillet Grilled Cheese? Well this is that with a few additions. Cast Iron Skillet Grilled Cheese | Add this Baby Spinach Grilled Cheese to your to-do list as well. Grilled Cheese with Baby Spinach | Top two slices of bread with some mayo & Colby Jack cheese (or your favorite cheese.) Layer on the corn & hot dogs. Be sure to butter up your skillet & heat it all up until things are melted & crispy. Grilled Corn & Hot Dog Grilled Cheese | Enjoy your grilled cheese! [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:411] Grilled Cheese Recipe Links


~ Marla Meridith

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19 thoughts on “Grilled Corn 'n Dogs Grilled Cheese

  1. Love your idea of adding grilled corn and dogs in your sublime melty cheese sandwich. Your delicious photos make me want to grab a sandwich right off you plate. Thanks so much for the mention. Have a super week. Take Care, BAM