The Halloween Costume Conundrum

Halloween. Ready, set, BOO! roll!

The Halloween Costume Conundrum! ( @marlameridith ) #halloween

Happy (almost) Halloween! Are you & your little ghouls all set with your costumes, candy, tricks & treats? If you need some treat ideas I just posted 50 Spooktacular Halloween Treat Recipes, head there after this. Lots of great recipes by your favorite bloggers. There’s so much talent out there!

OK. Soooooooo Halloween. Seems easy enough to round up all this fun ghoulish stuff. Right? Was it easy or hard to pick out your kids costumes? Bigger question….Are YOU wearing a costume? What are you gonna be? Each year I think we all have it nailed. My 12 year old daughter comes up with a plan in oh say…July. She goes through an expensive catalog like Chasing Fireflies. She picks out like 5 costumes, all in very different genres & they each cost about $5,000.00. Each costume piece is a la carte & looks really cool until you tally up the price. Since it’s July when she places her requests, I ignore her. It’s too early to think about Halloween when it’s time to hike the sunny hills! Besides, by the time October rolls around she will want 5 more costumes. Thankfully in the summer, she forgets about Halloween too, until it’s almost too late to order anything! So we scramble & panic a few days before the big day.

A simple item on Amazon (like her rainbow second skin body suit thing) can go from $39.95 with free shipping (if you order ahead of time) to $60.50 for last minute 2-day shipping. So who loses?? Me!! The whining is constant and choices have to be made. So they are…quickly, at some odd hour of the morning before school. If I don’t place the order before school, then there is a big stand off. That’s not a great way to start the day. Every minute thereafter I’m asked when the costume will arrive.

Little did I know that this order would be placed 2X because Leela clicked buy now while I was getting breakfast ready. And then I placed the same one a day later. Can you say communication gap? Yep. So that means our order for this silly rainbow suit came to $121.00. As it turns out, she is going to wear the rainbow camouflage PJ’s (seen in photo) OVER her luxury rainbow suit because we are expecting a GIANT snow storm here in Telluride on Halloween! All good. She is happy now. Great thing our kids get to wear their costumes 2X here. We have a big town Halloween Parade on Friday too.

Maybe I should wear the 2nd rainbow suit? Thing is the kids will be trick or treating while the adults cuddle up with warming cocktails…indoors! If I go outside I want to be as warm as possible! The rainbow suit won’t cut it. A turtleneck with big puffy Moncler ski jacket, that’s how I roll. The aforementioned cocktail in hand.

Have you ever noticed that our daughters always suggest the sluttiest costumes for US to wear?! The 3 inch skirt with fishnets & full on push-up tiny tube tops are a no-go in my book. Though it’s nice to think that she thinks I can get away with this zany idea! No-go.

Lucas…my 8 year old….He claimed until this morning that he did not want a costume. He’s being all macho & saying Halloween isn’t cool. Then he’s realized 28 hours before the Parade that he needs something! And it’s too late to order anything. Let me also mentioned that we have to order EVERTHING living here in the high country. We have one main street with expensive ski stores & Target is 1 1/2 hours away. So Lucas has put his father on a mission today. To craft him a homemade DoGGi head piece. I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes!

Now what will my hound dogs wear….hmmmmmm

I would LOVE to hear your Costume Conundrum stories….please share them in your comments. I’ll have your back with a new cocktail recipe tomorrow….lord knows we will all need one or two on Hallows Eve!


~ Marla Meridith

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