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Happy Halloween from Telluride

Happy Halloween from Telluride, CO. & Orange County, CA!

Well the big day is finally here! Can you believe it?! As a lifestyle writers bloggers have been celebrating Halloween for about 60 days…

This is a magical time of year. With crisp fall leaves that crunch under your toes, to all kinds of rustic home cooking (love all that pumpkin!)

Kids have settled into school routines & parents frantically try to get everything done in the precious hours the kids are away from home.

Today let’s celebrate this whimsical holiday of Tricks, Treats and Jack ‘O Lanterns…

Fall Aspen Trees in Telluride, CO | ©

It has been a whirlwind of crazy Hurricane Sandy for folks back east. My family is on Long Island and we also have family in NYC. Our prayers go out to everyone suffering destruction from this natural disaster…

Trick or Treating is the last thing on their minds.

Staying warm, safe and dry is most important.

So much fun at the Pumpkin Patch! ©

I have been traveling a whole lot so I am sharing scenes today from Telluride, Colorado and Orange County, CA.

Halloween in Telluride, Colorado on ©

The people in Telluride really embrace the season. Silly them, I just adore their holiday spirit.

Actually I LOVE their spirit all year long.

Happy Halloween from Telluride, Colorado! ©

Creepy, spooky and fun holiday decorations are everywhere…

Happy Halloween from Telluride, Colorado! ©

Don’t worry, the mountains are there to protect you from any frightful things…

Glorious Fall in Telluride, Colorado! ©

Here in California we take a few yearly trips to the Irvine Regional Park.

Happy Halloween from Telluride, CO. & Orange County, CA!

It is a pretty & happy place.

Irvine Regional Park Railroad for Halloween! on ©

We LOVE Halloween there. You can also see our experience there last year.

Irvine Regional Park Railroad for Halloween! on ©

My kids love to ride on the train.

Irvine Regional Park Railroad for Halloween! on ©

Hugh the conductor likes to entertain people who ride the train…

Irvine Regional Park Railroad for Halloween! on ©

They share many giggles on the mini John Deere tractors.

Having fun on mini John Deere tractors! ©

They also enjoy trying to find each other in the straw maze…

Happy Halloween from Telluride, CO. & Orange County, CA!


Last weekend we hosted a Halloween Pumpkin Carving birthday party for my daughter.

She LOVES adding holiday whimsy to all of her birthday parties!

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Birthday Party on ©

I was crazy in a rush before the party ~

Jack 'o Lantern Halloween Birthday Cake on ©

Thankfully I found this adorable Jack ‘o Lantern cake at Whole Foods!

Jack 'o Lantern Halloween Birthday Cake on ©

What are you going to be for Halloween? How about your kids & pets?

Pop on over for a visit!

I might just wear a purple wig…

Purple Wig JOY! on

Be safe and happy out there everyone!

If you all ready have your mind on Thanksgiving (remember I have to think ahead, it’s my job) then have a look at my top recipe picks for Thanksgiving.

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~ Marla Meridith

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28 thoughts on “Happy Halloween from Telluride

  1. I’d love to be there now! Telluride is such a beautiful place with mindblowing landscapes.

    Happy Halloween (that wig fits you well ;-p)!



    1. Thanks Heather! I cannot believe how quickly they grow up… we have been having a blast celebrating Halloween constantly. A fun perk to our jobs 🙂

  2. OMG love the look – you in the purple wig is a must for the next time I see you – when I venture south to the OC – let’s make it happen. Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter.

  3. Love the picture of the three of you on the hay at the end! I want that in a frame on my desk. All of the photographs are amazing. So crisp, playful, colorful, & well composed. Happy Birthday sweet, beautiful, little lady! Wish we were there for it!

  4. Love the purple-haired you! so fun!!

    Your kids, especially your daughter, she’s growing up so fast, Marla! WOW! She looks so much older all of a sudden. Time just flies.

    Hope you and the kids have a great Halloween and glad to hear your family is safe!

    1. Averie, time is going by way too quickly. Gotta admit I love the age the kiddos are at now more than ever. So much fun to be had. Hope you guys have a super fun night too 🙂