Happy Healthy Slimmer New Year

Happy New Year Card with Family of Four

I hope you all had a safe, happy, fun, tasty & peaceful New Years. Did you write down anyΒ resolutions? I did not, however I do have day to day benchmarks I strive for. Mindfulness, health, happiness, accessibility, openness, adventure seeking, love & honesty are a few key words that govern my life. Daily. Not just because it is a new year.

Kids and mom hugging & kissing in park.

We had all of these family portraits taken quite a few months ago by a local photographer named Sadie Olive. I have been wanting to post these & so many opportunities have passed me by. The plan was for Christmas, but then I let my sister in law’s Red Velvet Cake & my kids in holly trimmed wagon sidetrack me. So here they are, just in time for new family portraits to be taken!

Healthy desserts for New Years resolutions

Cherry Earl Grey Applesauce
Skinny Citrus Fizz Soda
Maple Apple Pie Oat Bars
Skinny Chocolate Drop Cookies

If you have been visiting the pages of this blog for a while you would know that my focus is to inspire the home chef to create healthy, whole food meals from scratch. My mission is to inspire healthy living through eating REAL FOOD not FAST FOOD & never DEPRIVE. Life is joyful when we fill it with flavor, nutrition & the best ingredients we can comfortably afford to buy.

Whole food sweet dessert recipes for New Years resolutions

Mixed Berry Yogurt Parfaits
Gluten Free Coconut Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce
Skinny Frappuccino
Cocoa Dusted Hazelnuts

Here are a few of my families favorite slimming foods that taste great & maximize healthy weight goals. Throughout the year I will provide you with tasty recipes that will help you achieve a trimmer waistline. Don’t forget to add in exercise too. Even a 1/2 hour brisk walk each day will clear you head, make you feel brighter & burn a few calories. Light weight lifting will help maximize & hasten those results.

Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman island

My 2011 is being kicked off with a great adventure – Food Blogger CampΒ in Cancun, Mexico. There is an amazing agenda lined up. Some of my best buddies will be there & I can’t wait to meet new folks too. I am rooming with one the greatest gals I know, Deliciously Organicwho I met early 2010 atHelen DuJardin’s (Tartelette) photography workshop in LA. More great buddies that will soaking in the sun with me areWhat’s Gaby CookingFood WoolfThe Urban BakerLadles & JellySpoons. I am so excited to bulid new memories together in this brand new year.

Organic dates for healthy meal planning.

A quick thank you to my camp sponsor Bard Valley Medjool Dates. You will be hearing much more about caramely sweet dates in the upcoming weeks. I am so excited to work with these growers of one of my favorite, all natural sweet treats. A few of the recipes I have posted with dates include these & stay tuned for more!

Cheerios and Chocolate Tarts
Gluten Free Raw Chocolate Pecan Tarts

Family portrait in a tunnel

Such a wonderful year it has been. I have made amazing new friends from all over the globe. We reach out to each other 24/7. Let’s make a resolution to continue to work together, cheer each other on & support one another. You guys rock & I am so very grateful for your friendships, determination & drive.

~ Marla Meridith

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57 thoughts on “Happy Healthy Slimmer New Year

  1. Marla, loved the pictures. Be careful but have fun in
    Cancun. I will check in on the family while you are gone. Hurry

  2. Such a gorgeous family… and such noble resolutions! Hope you have a blast at the food blogging thing… I cant imagine anything could go wrong with such a fantastic event in such a beautiful location!!!


  3. What a beautiful family you have, and such lovely pictures! Wishing you all a very happy new year.
    *kisses* HH
    p.s. I looooooove dates, especially mejool dates. Can’t wait to see what you make with them.

  4. Sadie has always been one of my all time favorite
    photographers on Flickr! So jealous you had your pics taken by her.
    Gorgeous, by the way! Have fun in Mexico!!!

  5. Happy New Year! Your family photos are beautiful. Sorry I
    will miss you in Cancun, but the ankle isn’t cooperating. πŸ™ Have
    fun and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  6. Your family pictures are adorable, Marla! And you look really stunning — love your hair color! Wishing you and your family a very happy, healthy, and prosperous 2011!

    1. Faith: Thanks friend! Do you think we will have the chance to finally meet for real this year. It is about time!

      Carrie: I cannot believe we begin this amazing Mexico experience together in just 2 days!

      Gwen: I am so sorry to hear that your ankle is misbehaving. I was looking forward to getting to know you better on this trip. Perhaps BlogHer Food in Atlanta. I believe that is your stomping ground, yes??

      Kristin: I cannot believe you know Sadie Olive. She is amazing & I hope to work with her again sometime in the near future.

      Louise: Sounds like we have another fun event coming up at Blackmarket Bakery this month. It will be so fun!

    1. Sandy: It is all in the prepping. Having all of those healthy ingredients at the ready encourages us to make the right food choices. Loved meeting you at Dole & I look forward to fun times together this year.

      Dara: I count the days ’till we meet again! You are an amazing woman & an exceptionally gifted food blogger/recipe developer.

      Susan: Look out girl – I know there are lots of “unknowns” out there in our careers, but have patience my friend. I believe there are huge rewards at every turn. Can’t wait to spend 5 days with you in Cancun- learning, laughing & getting inspired!

      Valerie: Your positive attitude & wisdom are always a driving force. xo

  7. GORGEOUS pictures of you and your family! Your site is always packed with beautiful, healthy recipes and I will definitely be turning to you for some great “resolution” ideas.

  8. What a gorgeous family, they are so lucky to have someone that can cook like this at such a young age, your a professional in every way, and your blog is exceptional …congrats on a wonderful post and happy new year looking forward to your successes in 2011!

  9. Happy New Year Marla!!
    Your family and photos are BEAUTIFUL!!

    I hope 2011 is fabulous for you……and hopefully we can meet sometime this year!!

    1. Cheryl: I too hope our paths cross this year. I have a feeling they will πŸ™‚

      Liz: Sure, hop in my suitcase – I always pack a much larger one then I should!

      Pam: “Contagious??!!” I love that & you. When do you think we will connect for reals again?

  10. Thanks for sharing these delicious recipes and fitness
    tips, Marla. You have a beautiful family. I hope you had a very
    merry Christmas and a happy new year with them, too! I can’t wait
    to see what’s next from you in the year ahead!

    1. Marly: I would love the extra hands! I am packing (overpacking) right now & am wondering how one small girl could pack so much for just a 5 day trip!

      Georgia: You are always a total sweetheart! I hope to meet you sometime this year at an blogger event!

      Claudia: Thanks for popping by – I think I have fooled you with my age?? Perhaps it’s all the broccoli I eat? xo

  11. What a beautiful post, Marla, and what an amazing adventure to start the year off! Look forward to seeing you and hearing about all the fun times and hot tips you learn in Cancun at Blackmarket’s cake event. Happy New Year!

  12. These are stunning family photos! So adorable! You have a lovely family! And all these treats look so tempting! Would love to try that mixed berry yogurt parfaits!

  13. I always love coming here to see what you’ve cooked Marla and am never ever disappointed! I swear I bookmark everything you make. Here’s to another year of happiness and health!

  14. Awww…Marla…all there’s missing in this perfection shining from these photos is…a small pet…maybe? My little ‘Sushi’ would have loved being on one of your kid’s lap ;o)

    Your kitchen momemts look fun and scrumptious…yummy moments indeed. Anything leftover from those Maple apple pie oat bars?

    The united family package you hold seems delightfully cherished by you and your loved ones…just a great example of a family working at making great memories ;o)

    Happy newest year my dear.
    Flavourful wishes,

    1. Claudia: You are a doll! Always πŸ™‚ You and my daughter would agree, she would love a pet & I am not so keen on taking care of another little someone. The kiddos keep me so very busy. I grew up with pets & I know how wonderful they are to have around. Perhaps one day, but probably not in 2011.The Maple Pie Oat Bars were wonderful & I need to make those again.

      Brooke: Gotta see you again really super duper soon, K??

      Lorraine: That last silhouette has been the most well received. That was a fun moment I will never forget.

  15. Hi! The pictures are so extraordinary!!! So breathtakingly beautiful!! It makes me so happy to see that everybody looks so happy, connected and wonderful, but sad because it reminds me of how much I miss you all! Love and kisses to all, Andrea

  16. Just found your blog from YUM magazine. I love it, esp all
    the visuals and coloring, definitely keeps the reader interested.
    I’ve already book marked tons of recipes!