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Today I am gonna share with you the simplest recipe ever….a precursor to my larger post tomorrow. I figured a good homemade mayonnaise Β is worthy of it’s own recipe page. This spread will be great for summer entertaining, egg salad, pasta salad, BLT’s, juicy burgers, sandwiches and anywhere else you might like a dab of creamy goodness. Mayonnaise is more of a method than actual recipe. You are simply emulsifying ingredients until a creamy spread is formed.

There is no need for me to go into too much more detail other than the fact that you can season you homemade mayonnaise with any spices you wish. We love to use smoked paprika. You can also sprinkle in other dried spices including curry powder, Chinese 5 spice blend, tumeric, garlic salt, black pepper, chipotle, etc. How about a clove of fresh garlic and some basil leaves? Anything goes. Really.

Do you ever make homemade mayo? If so do you have any special add-ins or techniques?


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  1. I am in love with Vegenaise. Not just b/c it’s vegan, nice touch and all, but b/c I LOVE Mayo! I also really like Miracle Whip. Well wait, really, I love all condiments πŸ™‚ Ketchup, relish, mustard, mayo, you name it, I am into them! The issue with most is that they are bathed in sodium which I loathe…so making my own, right up my alley! I make tons of condiments/dips using Vegenaise as the base…now I may need to make mayo from scratch.

    Can’t wait to see what recipes you have in store w/ your yummy mayo!

    1. Averie, we like Veganaise too. Just depends upon the mood were in. I am with you regarding the sodium, can’t stand too much either. What I dislike more is super sweet condiments.

    1. Hi Shana, I actually used my Cuisinart mini prep for this mayo because I was making so little. For bigger batches of food I use my large Cuisinart “Pro Classic 10 series” & it always does the job well. Hope that helps πŸ™‚

    2. I Make home made mayo all the time……..it is especially good in potato salad or for making homemade thousand island dressing………..I use a Braun stick blender……….I use a whole egg instead of just the egg yolk……….just put the egg in the included blender cup and blend while drizzling in the oil of choice……..only takes about 20 seconds………

  2. Thank you for visiting me the other day…and leaving such a sweet comment…your blog is lovely..and yummmmy. Love your recipes. Off to take a peek around. xoxo Happy new week to you.

  3. I have always loved mayo – I actually used to eat sandwiches with just lettuce and mayo as a kid! I can only imagine how much fun it’d be to make it from scratch – the ability to really make it your own by controlling the ingredients, and adding unique spices and herbs… sounds so fun! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store, with your homemade mayo ready to go…

    1. Liz, my kids like lettuce & mayo too. Better than fries and mayo, right?! I am so excited for my post tomorrow, this one will tie it all together perfectly!

  4. I am so happy you guest posted on OSG last week! Your blog is just so fantastic πŸ™‚ I’ve made my own mayonnaise before because I hate how store bought mayo has sugar. But when I made mine, I used avocados instead of egg yolks. You make this version look SO simple. I could totally do this!

    1. Leanne, I am so glad you found me via Angela πŸ™‚ I must try swapping out the egg yolk with avocado. Sounds awesome & I love avocados!

  5. Okay, now you have me curious to try making my own! I also desperately want to learn how to make a homemade ketchup that would make you fall in love.

  6. I must really adore you because the word “mayo” makes me gag. Although I am fully aware of what it is made of, it is much more about the consistency, the creaminess. With that said, yours looks more like a dip rather than a spread. I just might be able to handle this!

  7. Hey Marla!

    It was great seeing you at Camp – wish we had more time to catch up!

    We always make our own mayonnaise, and if I had to confess…. I’d say I’ve never done it in a food processor. I learned by whisking it by hand, and I can’t bring myself to do it any other way.

    If we’re making an aioli, instead of using olive oil, we use a “garlic oil,” which is a head of garlic boiled in oil for an hour. It helps gives the aioli an incredible, deep flavor. πŸ™‚


  8. Hi Marla, I am such a mayo lover. But definitely the homemade kind πŸ™‚ I make a seriously simple mayo in 30 seconds flat using the whole egg and my stick blender. No slow drizzling of the oil. Literally everything in the blender jug in one go, pop in the stick blender, whizz on high while moving the blender slowly up and then down and voila! Thick fluffy white mayo! I love to use a clove of confit garlic in mine for when I need that yum garlicky mayo flavour, I add basil sometimes or parsley etc.to make a delicious herby green mayo. And like you I adore smoked paprika with it but I usually just sprinkle a dab onto my serving as some others around here (no names mentioned hehe) prefer it without πŸ™‚ xx

  9. wow awesome post. I’ve conquered homemade Caesar dressing (which is a similar process) but not mayo. So the question I have is how do you make low-fat mayo?? Simply decrease the amount of oil?

  10. You are so right, Marla, a good mayo definitely deserves it’s own recipe page! We like to add a small clove of fresh garlic to ours…gives it a little kick that we love! Oooh, or sometimes fresh minced herbs like chives, dill, parsley, or thyme. I love the idea of adding paprika, what a gorgeous color!

  11. That does look easy! And I’m with previous commenter, the color’s great. I always see those chefs on the competition shows making their own mayo. I didn’t realize it was so easy. Do you know how long it’s ok to keep it?

    1. Kathy, in all of your amazing sandwiches I can only imagine how great homemade mayo would be!! You MUST try and let me know πŸ˜‰

  12. Your mayo looks great! I made my own as well as while back and have no idea why I didn’t do it again…well partly because we use it so slowly. Now I wish I could make my own light version at home, but I don’t think it’d be easy without the emulsifiers in the store ones.

    1. Xiaolu, I hope to keep the homemade stuff in the fridge at all times – but perhaps a bit unlikely. I am gonna play around with making some lighter/vegan versions too. I believe they might have some avocado…

    1. Winnie, I love the way the fruity flavor of a good olive oil presents itself in a homemade mayo. That would sooooo not happen in a store bought one.

  13. It looks so pretty and fresh! And easy to make too. I’ve been wanting to make mayonnaise for a while, but when I see how much oil goes into it I get scared :-). It’s easier to eat the store bought mayo, when you don’t know how much fat it has – ignorance is a bliss πŸ™‚

    1. Suzanne, I would say no longer than one week. I make small batches at a time because we use so little. Ours usually lasts abut 4-5 days in the fridge. People say that it lasts a lot longer if you use pasteurized eggs, but I have never tried those. Good luck! It is very tasty.

  14. Marla- I tried to make it in my blender but it turned out very runny. I have been running the blender for about five minutes after I finished drizzling the olive oil in. Any thoughts?

  15. I just got a food processor & was gonna try & make mayo etc. for kids & was wondering if anyone knew where i can get some small cheap jars online.

    1. Hi Linda! I generally purchase all of my jars & containers at stores like Target.
      Congrats on the food processor & enjoy the homemade mayo πŸ™‚

  16. It looked like this would be a good recipe until I seen it has egg yolk in it..I was really hoping for a nice vegan recipe…

  17. Hey Marla! I made some kohlrabi & carrot slaw tonight and really wanted to make some homemade mayo to use instead of the Miracle Whip my mom has in the fridge, so I made this recipe and it didn’t thicken up. I followed the recipe, do you know of anything I could have done wrong?

  18. As a cook in the Army National Guard, I do 99% of the cooking in my home, Going to try this with my smokehouse maple seasoning. Thanks for the basic recipe.

    1. Scott, that sounds amazing! Maybe try a neutral oil like canola so it does not compete with he maple seasoning πŸ™‚ The olive oil taste will take over and probably not pair well with the maple….

  19. I tried your recipe and followed it exactly, however my mixture came out runny and with a terrible taste. Any suggestions as to what may have went wrong?

  20. I was really excited about this recipe but mine came out very runny as well I keep trying to try blending it longer just to see if that would help but it’s not. I see two other posts with the same issue without responses.

  21. I love this recipe. I’ve also tried it with Sunflower Oil instead of Olive Oil for a milder flavor and I’ve tried it using 1/2 sunflower and 1/2 olive oil. All 3 possibilities work beautifully. I make it in my Vitamix. Thank you for such a simple and reliable recipe. Now I have fresh, healthy mayo whenever I need it.

  22. I did not find this edible. Perhaps my brand new jar of olive oil was bad. I couldnt stomach more than a lick off the spoon. Anything to change the taste of olive oil?

  23. it will keep longer if you use white vinegar instead of lemon juice. i’ve tried it with both. lemon juice has a very limited life unlike vinegar. love making my own mayo, it’s so much cheaper.

  24. Hey, great recipe. Would this work the same with an electric hand beater instead of the food processor?

  25. I tried the first recipe and came out with this watery thing that didn’t resemble mayo in the least be. I added the whole egg instead and came out with a delicious light mayo! fun recipe!