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Oh She Glows – Guest Post with Angela Liddon

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I am thrilled to announce the very first guest post to appear on the pages of I met Angela Liddon via her amazing blog Oh She Glows earlier this year. Love this girl. Angela’s vegan blog is a huge success and it is obvious why. Her recipes are amazing, her wit, candor and enthusiasm shine in each and every post and her photos rock. All of the delectable photos in this post are hers. Can we also talk about how cute she is?  Take it away Angela….

*We are double trouble today, swing over to her blog for a guest post by moi!*

Guest blogger on

Hi everyone, my name is Angela and I am excited to meet you on today!

When I first came across, I was blown away by Marla’s down to earth nature, gorgeous photography, healthy recipes, and family stories. After a couple months of enjoying Marla’s blog from afar, I finally got the courage to leave her a comment. Shortly thereafter, we started communicating over email and really hit it off.

Avocado-Lime Whip Fruit Medley Pizza in a Sugar Cinnamon Crust

I’ve been blogging at Oh She Glows since 2008 and my adventures with vegan cooking and baking began in 2009. When I first started eating a vegan diet, I was clueless as to what I could eat. I bought tons of packaged vegan products like fake meats, tofu, and soy cheese and I based my meals around these foods. Instead of bursting with energy, I felt tired and weighed down by my new vegan diet. Not surprisingly, I soon tired of the processed vegan products and I realized that in order to sustain a vegan lifestyle long-term, I had to learn how to cook with real, plant-based foods. It was really that simple.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve learned a great deal about cooking without animal products through trial and error. And yes, I’ve had a lot of recipe failures…too many to name! What I’ve learned is that vegan food can be both healthy and delicious at the same time; I don’t have to sacrifice or feel deprived in the slightest. Today, I thought I would share with you some popular vegan recipes that will please even the toughest critic!

How about dessert, first?

I thought you’d agree…

These Berry Bliss Oat Squares are bursting at the seams with strawberries, blueberries, and banana sandwiched between a soft cinnamon maple oat crust and crumbly topping. They make a wonderful afternoon pick me up or breakfast on the go.

Vegan berry bliss oat bars recipe

This Chilled Double Chocolate Torte is one of the most popular recipes on my blog and for a good reason! It is decadent, luxurious, and a real crowd pleaser. There is a secret healthy ingredient hiding in this cake that no one can ever guess…what do you think it is? Nope, it’s not tofu!

Healthy vegan chocolate torte, cake by Oh She Glows

Up next, 5 Ingredient No Bake Date Squares – Simply dates, oats, almonds, coconut oil, and a touch of salt.  If you are a date square fan you will love these. They make a fun chilled summer treat that doesn’t require an oven. Just be sure to keep the squares chilled or they do lose a bit of their firmness.

Healthy vegan date squares. 5 ingredient dessert & snack

I can’t think of a better summer treat than a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ‘Blizzard’ made from healthy cookie dough balls and processed frozen banana. This tastes so much like the real thing, you will never go back!

Angela Liddon's vegan Blizzard shake recipe

Aside from my sweet tooth, I’m also a big salad fan. I like my salads to have staying power though, so I focus on high-protein grains and beans, a bit of healthy fat, and a hefty dose of vegetables to add bulk and nutrients.

Angela Liddon's healthy vegan recipes on

Refreshing, light, and flavourful while filling at the same time, this Back on Track Wheatberry and Bean Salad is one of the most popular salad recipes to date. I first made this salad as a way to get my healthy eating back on track after the holidays and it had me feeling great in no time!

Healthy vegan salad with wheat berries, tomatoes and chickpeas.

The Energizing Protein Power Salad is another go-to salad recipe when I want to pack in a lot of protein into my day. This recipe is also easily adapted based on the grains and beans that you have lurking in your cupboards. Other salads I enjoy are the Protein Power Goddess Bowl and the Carrot Raisin Spelt Berry Salad.

Vegan creamy pasta dish with avocado sauce

My 15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta is our favourite quick and easy dinner when we are pressed for time. A blend of ingredients like avocado, olive oil, garlic, lemon, and basil create the ‘cream’ in this delectable pasta sauce and no one will believe you that it’s vegan when they try it!

This post would not be complete without mentioning my go-to breakfast. I started making green smoothies at the beginning of 2009 during a very rough time in my life. I used these smoothies as a way to start my day off on the right foot no matter what was to come. I named them ‘Green Monsters” because my first few attempts were pretty scary!

Since then, I have made all kinds of delicious concoctions and I rarely go a couple days without one. They are creamy, refreshing, and give me a ton of energy whenever I need a pick me up. My current favourite blend consists of 1 cup of spinach or kale, 1 & 1/4 cup non-dairy milk, 1 banana, 1/2 cup frozen mango, 1 tablespoon chia seeds, and some wheatgrass and protein powder. For more recipes, you can check out the Green Monster Movement.

Healthy green smoothie recipe from Oh She Glows blog

I promise…they don’t taste as scary as they look! Try one and you will be hooked. 🙂

A big thank you to Marla for inviting me to guest post today! I hope you enjoyed this post and please feel free to stop by and say hello over at my blog, Oh She Glows. You can also find me on TwitterTastespotting and Foodgawker.

Thank you so much Angela! xo

~ Marla Meridith

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51 thoughts on “Oh She Glows – Guest Post with Angela Liddon

  1. Two of my favorite ladies, in one place.

    Angela, all your recipes you linked back to are a trip down memory lane for me as I remember most all of them from their original posting date. Wow…life, blogging, memories, all rolled into one seeing some of those.

    You are ORDERED to join Marla and I at our next coffee clutch (this week!) Would you be able to fly in for that? 🙂

    Marla, hope you had a very happy Mother’s Day and can’t wait to see you!

    1. Averie, I think WE need to fly her in. How much fun would the three of us have together?! Angela, have you ever visited California? Any chance of you coming out this way? Perhaps we all meet at a conference sometime this year or next……Food Blogger Camp perhaps 😉 I am grateful to both of you gals for introducing me to this fun world of vegan foods, and for being such cool friends.
      Love you both! xo

      1. I’m up (down?) for that! I’ve never been to California, but it’s on our must see list. And quite possibly must ‘move-to’ list some day. 😉 Thanks so much for having me on your blog Marla!

  2. Who knew vegan cooking could be so alluring! I am excited to try some of these recipes…especially the green drink. I kick off the morning with something similar and look forward to trying your version.

    1. Kristina, isn’t it awesome how much is out there in the vegan world? Angela is a genius when it comes to developing vegan recipes. I like how she shares it was not always that easy. Experimentation is key and understanding how ingredients work together – through lots of practice!

  3. Hi Angela!!

    So fun to see your creative, vegan recipes! As a non- vegan, I had a question for you. How do you supplement b12 into your diet? Supplements or nutritional yeast? I am always looking for ideas from vegans on how they deal with this issue and would love your feedback on this!!

  4. Such a beautiful and tempting post! Pics are just colourful and vibrant, just like spring season. 🙂 Difficult to choose from here but I loved most chocolate tort and date squares.

  5. Angela, YOU are responsible for helping me change the way I eat!! I’m not veg. or vegan, but I enjoy those kinds of dishes more than the normal dishes! Also, they help me with my digestion and whatnot 😀 enjoyed reading these!

  6. Great guest post! I love Angela’s blog…she is a creative genius in the kitchen! I’m definitely going to be trying her Blizzard recipe this summer when I want to cool off!

  7. great, so when are you two going to make a cookbook? I seriously suggest it!

    1. Morgan, I know for a second there you wonder who’s blog you opened up. Love having Angela here. Each time I open my blog to those Strawberry Bars I get hungry 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Beautiful photos and recipes, Angela. The wheatberry salad is definitely one I will try as we’re always looking for new ways to work whole grains in our diet.

  9. I like your blog, Marla! I have added it to my “Favorites” list 🙂

    As much as I like Angela’s blog, I am sure I will like your’s as well. Both you and Angela seem like genuine people, and it shines through in your postings.

    Those bars looks awesome in the first picture! I wish I could pull one out of the computer screen 🙂

    1. Hey there Angel, you are such a sweetheart! Thanks for your kind words. I look forward to meeting Angela someday in person ’cause I agree she is genuine and amazing! Her posts are sincere, well thought out and they make me smile. I too wish I could reach into my screen for those strawberry bars 🙂

  10. wow She does glow like a star. :-))
    Salad, pasta, energy bars and sweets…Angela, what a feast you have brought to us!
    Thanks, Angela, and Marla! You two are awesome!

  11. Both posts are fab!! Already a fan of Angela’s blog and now I have been introduced to yours! 🙂 Will defo be back soon to have a look around and try some of your yummy looking recipes!!

  12. Yeahhhh, this is double trouble indeeed!!! SO many colorful photos with gorgeous recipes and the wonderful two bloggers, how could one resist the temptation not to be carried away by the flavors and your contagious enthusiasm??? 😀

  13. This has definitely helped to encourage me to trying some vegan “sweets” recipes. Those oat bars look amazing and make me feel more comfortable with a vegan recipe. This post is just what I needed. Going over to Angela’s blog now, to follow 🙂 Thank you to both of you beautiful ladies! This post was perfect!

  14. You two girls put delicious in the word healthy. I’ll have to try the oat squares and that chocolate torte. They look irresistible.

  15. Oh! Thank you for introducing me to Angela’s site…lovely lady and so many yummie recipes…the oat squares look so inviting. Hope you both are having a wonderful week 🙂

  16. i am so excited to try that chocolate torte! i have a horrible allergy to anything dairy since my last baby (so strange!) and i’m really missing the yummy deserts i use to indulge in. thank you!

    1. Kristin, I hear so many women become allergic to certain foods after having kids. It is odd and I wonder why that is. I remember I had a number of months where I became lactose intolerant after having my son. Thankfully that has reverted back…..good luck with that chocolate torte. It does look amazing!

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog Marla, and thanks for the sweet comment! I love that you and Angela featured each other. I LOVE both of your blogs because you inspire me to nourish my body with good and wholesome foods and have fun doing it! 🙂 Angela’s overnight oat parfaits changed my life. literally. ha!!!