Homemade Peanut Butter

Homemade Peanut Butter |
Peanut Butter…

One of my all time favorite foods ever. Ever.

When my great pal Averie (Averie Cooks) published her first book Peanut Butter Comfort I knew I was one step closer to heaven. All the recipes rock…I am sharing with you the mother ship Homemade Peanut Butter. The foundation for all things fabulous!

Peanut Butter Comfort Cookbook featured on

Peanut butter for me is an ingredient workhorse. I LOVE to eat it by the spoonful. It’s a protein packed spread that can be used in loads of sweet & savory recipes.

In Peanut Butter Comfort you will find Brownies & Bars, Cookies, Ice Cream, Pastries, Truffles, Cakes, Savory Bites and lots of great snacks (perfect for the lunchbox!)

Homemade Peanut Butter |

Also, you will find not only basic homemade peanut butter but 27 Peanut Butter Varieties!

Homemade Peanut Butter with White Chocolate Chips |

You can do loads of mix-ins. Or go a little wild and toss on a bunch of sweet little toppings.

White chocolate chips were chosen by my son.

Homemade Peanut Butter with White Chocolate Chips |

There is something about crusty bread & peanut butter. Always beckons…the ultimate comfort food!

Homemade Peanut Butter |

No matter how you love to eat peanut butter this book is sure to become you PB bible!

Homemade Peanut Butter |


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Disclosure: I was sent a review copy of this cookbook. I am pleased to share it with you. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

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~ Marla Meridith

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217 thoughts on “Homemade Peanut Butter

  1. Marla thank you so much for this post, for hosting a giveaway, and for the super sweet, kind words. You are a true friend and I am so appreciative of you doing this!

    Your peanut butter is glorious. And your son has very good taste to want to put white choc chips on top of that slice of bread! Such a smart kid 🙂

  2. Peanut butter is a condiment, baking accessory and life fundamental in our house…spread a little on fresh corn on the cob and savor the wonderful flavor!

  3. Peanut Butter is a staple in our house, and I’m always trying to find different ways to include variety for my children.

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  4. My favorite way to eat peanut butter is right out of the jar! Sometimes with some chocolate chips on the spoon as well 🙂

  5. I have been making homemade peanut butter for ages and my favorite way to eat it is straight from the jar with a spoon!

  6. I love peanut butter but have never made it. Thank you for sharing the recipe! I like to make chocolate covered peanut butter balls for the holidays, and peanut butter cookies with my husbands grandmothers recipe.

  7. My first favorite way of using it is spread on a toasted english muffin and dolloped with a spoonful of berry jam. I like using the creamy peanut butter for baking cookies. And last but not least, I like taking a spoonful from the jar. Yum.

  8. Love eating a spoonful of peanut butter with a handful of chocolate chips. Now my mouth is watering! LOL!

  9. The Marla Meridith Lifestyle Facebook Page link is broken. I follow both pages linked in the sidebar, however.

  10. My favorite way to use peanut butter is to spread it on bread, sometimes it’s toasted, then add banana. Heaven!

  11. Love the idea of adding white chocolate chips – YUM!!!! My favorite way to use PB is on cookies with chocolate of course!

  12. I love, love, love peanut butter. My preferred way is just to grab a spoonful and eat it straight out of the jar. I’m going to try the white chocolate chips next time! Sounds delicious!

  13. I love putting peanut butter in just about anything, but I gotta say my chocolate cake with peanut butter cream cheese frosting is definitely my favorite way.

  14. Peanut butter cookies are pretty high up on my list, but I also love toasted English muffins with pb and honey. Yum!

  15. The two best: peanut butter & jelly sandwiches on fresh baked bread and peanut butter cookies (reminds me of home eco class.)

  16. I make a healthy homemade banana nut bread and for lunch everyday I have a slice with smear of peanut butter, chopped bananas and a drizzle of honey!

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