Perfectly Baked Bacon

Most of you know by now that I am crazy obsessed with bacon. My Instagram posts follow this kinda pattern…photos of Telluride, cocktails and my true love…smoky bacon.

I cook it many times per week, only problem is all the splatters ALL over my stove top. Not to mention I am freaked that I am gonna get a bacon grease splatter burn.

Not any more. Now I am obsessed with BAKED Bacon. A foolproof way to get your bacon on…


How to: Perfectly Baked Bacon |


This post is BACON PORN. You need to just indulge. If you are smitten by smoked piggy then you are in the right place.

I am so smitten I even wear tee shirts with pigs on em…


Marla Meridith |


I also have a Bacon Pinterest Board …you can follow that. It’s updated regularly.

If you are not into pig then please come back on Wednesday when I will share a cool ‘n creamy treat.

But for now it’s bacon.


How to: Perfectly Baked Bacon |


All you need to do:

  • Pre-Heat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit with the rack in the middle.
  • Lay bacon flat on a foil or parchment covered baking sheet. (This will make clean up so much easier!)
  • Bake for about 15-18 minutes depending on how thickly cut your bacon or to desired doneness.
  • Bacon will begin to curl & crisp up but be sure it does not burn.
  • Turn the pan once during baking so your strips brown evenly.
  • Remove from the oven and transfer bacon to paper towel lined plates to drain.

How to: Perfectly Baked Bacon |


What are a few of my bacon brands? Well I try to go as natural as possible…Niman Ranch & Applegate Farms are two favorites.

Living here in the mountains there is always a reason to bake bacon (or at least I say so.) The mornings are crisp and very bacon friendly…so are the afternoons and evenings.

Bacon is on virtually all my salads, and it is awesome on this orzo pasta too…


Creamy Orzo Pasta with Bacon & Fava beans on


Don’t forget to add some to your grilled cheese


Mmmmm....Grilled Cheese with Bacon |


Bacon is crazy good on Irish Nachos too…


Irish Nachos | a delicious gluten-free Recipe on


Let it be known that bacon often does not get to the recipe it’s meant for.

Fingers reach, grab and munch very quickly…


How to: Perfectly Baked Bacon |


For Recipe Details Click Here


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~ Marla Meridith

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58 thoughts on “Perfectly Baked Bacon

  1. Does the bacon ever splatter while in your oven? We’ve had that happen with other things, and then it ends up baked on the oven walls! Still, if you have to clean something either way, the oven alternative is definitely safer for the hands.

  2. I tried baking my bacon once and it was a miserable failure. I ended up with bacon bits because it stuck to everything.

  3. Wonderful tutorial post, Marla! And, I just adore that selfie shot with your facial expression and pig t-shirt on. You are my kind of woman. The Big Lug and I bake bacon at least once a week. It’s a big part of the paleo lifestyle…which I ‘try’ to adhere to at least 80 percent of the time. Thanks for sharing, girl! And, thanks so very much for the blog and Pinterest love for my Baked Beans – Cowboy Style. You ROCK! xo

  4. I make bacon a lot, maybe too much, but this is by far the best method. It frees you up to do other things and comes out perfect, with no mess.

    Live a little and sprinkle brown sugar and/or maple syrup on the bacon.

  5. I also make my bacon like this except I used my convection toaster oven. I place it on a rack so the grease drips into the pan underneath. That way I get crispy bacon! I use the broil button which lasts about 15 minutes. Then I flip the bacon over and broil for 15 more minutes. Perfectly done everytime!

    I make my bacon at home in the toaster oven now while prepping for our camping trips. Then all we have to do at the campsite is heat it up on the electric skillet….quick, easy and much less mess!! Most of the grease has already cooked out of it. 🙂

  6. We bake bacon too; in fact it was the very first thing we baked in our new ovens in our new house. Had to break in them with something good!! We also just bought a share of a pastured pig and I am going to learn how to cure my own bacon! So excited!

  7. I always bake bacon but you do it a little differently. I’m gonna try your way!

    By the way, THANK YOU for using a large easy to see font for printing. Those of us with a little sight deficit need that.

  8. I put foil (upside down) on cookie sheet! Then take a cookie cooling rack (sprayed with Pam on both sides, easier clean up). Place bacon on it bake @ 350 till desired doneness!!! Not much splatter & the bacon isn’t sitting in the grease as it cooks!!

  9. I use a Hamilton Beach grill put it under the exhaust fan of the counter top
    Fold it out it out use both sides it will hold a package of Bacon when it is half cooked turn the bacon over when that side is half cooked place all the bacon on the side that does not fold drain the grease with the spatula provided on the side
    that folds close the folding side on the side that does not fold and continue to cook the bacon until desired crispness .
    Spattering is minimum I have never timed it

  10. Ok, so I pretty much bake my bacon the same way, except I put my metal wire cookie cooling racks in pan then put bacon on them. Less grease and nice and crispy! 🙂

  11. I also bake my bacon but I lay a cookie sheet with foil on the bottom of it on top of the bacon also. Helps with the splatter and keeps it flat and crispy….

  12. When you say “turn the pan once…” Do you mean flip the bacon pieces over or just turn the pan around??

  13. So, before you bake it I heard you can run the bacon under cold water and it cuts down the shrinkish by 50%, is that true?

  14. To prevent bacon grease splatter, I just covered the top of my bacon with another sheet of parchment paper. It works great!

  15. Whatever you do, do NOT discard the bacon grease. If you are using good quality bacon (like Cracker Barrel) the grease will be flavoring for other recipes, like stews, soups and of course popcorn.

  16. Thanks for sharing. I love the photos, too. P.S. I pinned this to my Pinterest bacon board! lol! Yay bacon!!!

  17. I am a big bacon lover but i’ve never tried to bake it. Next time I will try it.That sandwich looks amazing btw.

  18. I bake mine on a rack I bought at William Sonoma that fits inside a the half-sheet baking pan. That way the grease drains off the bacon. And then I blot with a paper towel after it’s done baking. I feel it’s healthier this way. Ha!

    See the Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch® Nonstick 6-Piece Essentials Bakeware Set which includes the rack and baking pan.

  19. The problem with baking bacon is that it changes the texture. Best way to cook bacon is in an iron skillet on the stove top.