Introducing My New Facebook Fan Page!

Become a fan of the NEW @ Facebook fan page!

Become a fan of the Facebook fan page!

Happy Sunday! Happy everyday! Why have one Facebook Fan Page when you can have two?! As if I am not all ready busy enough I feel the need to start dividing posts & info in a few places. I LOVE my community over at Facebook so I decided to make it bigger and better.

I reach out to YOU with this question…how would you like to see the content divided?

I present theseย two options (and I would LOVE if you followed me over at both places)…. Fan Page: This page will have a focus on recipes, fabulous Pinterest finds, other bloggers recipes and more. It will maintain a stylish edge and will provide lots of colorful and tasty inspiration. Fan Page: This page will hit home with folks who love the outdoors and all kinds active pursuits. I will also share food over there….who can get enough of that?! Active travel, hunting, fishing, and mountain life will be a breath of fresh air! This page embraces a vibrant, happy & FUN lifestyle.

Stay tuned for to be within the new blog This transition is in the concept phase. Our goal is to make content really easy for you to find, no matter what the topic.

Please share the fun with your family and friends!

~ Marla Meridith

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