LA Food Bloggers Bake Sale {Share Our Strength Benefit}

Marla Meridith at Food Blogger Bake Sale

Judging by all the Pink in this post you would think it is the only color I like.  From my Pink banner, to my Pink business cards to my Pink clothes.  My whole world is not Pink, but it is kinda Rosey.  Especially after this weekend.  I was in LA for the first annual Food Blogger Bake Sale to help raise awareness and money for Share Our Strength. The mission of this charity is to end childhood hunger:

“The reality is that nearly 17 million children in America—that’s almost one in four—face hunger. And it’s likely that these children will endure lifelong consequences as a result of having limited access to nutritious foods.”

Graphic for national Food Bloggers Bake Sale

Share Our Strength hosts different events throughout the year and the Great American Bake Sale is one of them.  Gaby from the wonderful blog What’s Gaby Cooking was the nation wide organizer for the first annual Food Blogger’s Bake Sale. The event took place in various cities across the USA this weekend.  Gaby wrangled foodies from all across the nation to set up bake sales in their respective states.  The turnout for the food blogger bake sales was awesome, the event earned a total of $16,500 to help feed the hungry kids.  That is awesome.  From the sound of it this event will become annual.  Yeah!!

Four food bloggers in photo at Share Our Strength bake sale event

The bake sale buzz has been going on for quite a few weeks now.  The momentum was building from the moment Gaby pitched the idea.  I was the go-to drop off for the OC bloggers who could not attend the event.  It was so exciting collecting goodies from Cynthia Fury and the Feast and Claire from I Heart Cuppy Cakes. You bet it was hard to keep out of all those sugary treats…..but I knew better.

It was so fun to bake and join in on the fun.  The drive up to LA was a blast, Jenny from Picky Palate and I ventured up north from the OC together.  It is a good thing she drove because I probably would have gotten us really lost, remember my trip up to LA for the Food Blog Forum event?  It has been fun hanging out with so many blog buddies the past few months.  They seem like old friends now.  I can only imagine the fun we are gonna have this October at BlogHer Food.  Look out San Francisco!!

Wolfgang Puck pastry chef and baked goods

So what did I bake??   That’s gonna be posted in the next few days…..visualize Peanut Butter meets Maple.  Very yummy indeed.

Various desserts and packaged baked goods from charity event

~ Marla Meridith

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16 thoughts on “LA Food Bloggers Bake Sale {Share Our Strength Benefit}

  1. oh man San Francisco WATCH OUT!!! We are going to have so so so much fun! But we are planning a pot luck or something for May! I can’t go too many months without seeing you and all the other girls!! xoxoxo

  2. How do I not even know these ladies and their blogs??!! I am gonna be a So Cal girl again real soon (I hope!) and cant wait to connect with all you hotties in the flesh!

    The rude comment from yesterday. Deleted. A slam against my body and my parenting….that i am a horrible example for my child. Really. I thought that parents feed twinkies got that award. Really ticked me off but whatever. And why do they read if they dislike me so much. Ya know?!

    Anyway I saw some lime mint orbit today and almost bought it and thought of you but didnt.

    Surf. I can a little bit, not much, but can learn.
    Lift. Lovin it. Love the results and am havin so much fun.

    Btw you look even hotter and more “tight” and cute than you did before. I sound like a guy tryin to date you but you look awesome 🙂

    1. Averie, I can’t wait for you to be out here. You will love coming out to these events to meet fellow blogger friends. Your raw goodies would have been so fabulous at the bake sale. Better to be “tight” and talked up by a friend than hit on by some random goofball at the gym! xxoo

  3. I like your pink!
    I would have loved to be part of this crew. From the cute baggies to the bus. cards- it all looks like what I’d do. Maybe someday I can jump over to LA for an event. Great job by the way!

  4. I heard about this and am hoping to join in next year. What a wonderful cause! Also a great way to connect with some fellow bloggers. And baking…everything about this event speaks of fun!

  5. Great round up! Everything looks amazing! I wish I could of been at your sale too. How cool that Sherry Yard attended. Congrats on a successful sale!

  6. Everything looks so wonderful! And what a boat load of money raised! That is such a wonderful cause…hunger is a huge problem in our world, and how appropriate for food bloggers to do something to help!

  7. What a really fantastic idea. Great bonding. Hard work. Great cause. Fun all round. I love the packaging – and you got to meet Sherry Yard! I love her! She is so perky and sparkly – at least in print. I will be watching for the recipe…