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Mango Muffins – Gluten Free Cupcakes book review

Mango Muffin recipe with Almond Flour

Mango is a sweet and tangy fruit that we love to eat on it’s own, in baked goodies and sweet-savory sauces. This tender, moist muffin I came up with is decadent, satisfying and fueled with high-energy ingredients. I finally got my hands on a jumbo five pound bag of blanched almond flour, a gluten free ingredient I learned about from my friend Elana of Elana’s Pantry. She said it was great, her readers agree and it was time for me to try it too.

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With my lower carb lifestyle and the constant need for energy sustainable foods, almond flour is a great choice. It is a protein and healthy fat power house. As much as I like a handful of almonds as a snack I would much rather have a muffin. All the benefits of the almonds are in the flour. They are simply ground up.

Mango Muffin recipe with Almond Flour

The tagline over at Elana’s blog says “Healthy Gluten Free Recipes.” Without a doubt her recipes are healthy, but also jam packed with delicious flavors. She combines whole foods with great attention to detail, also with amazing simplicity. She stays true the integrity of each and every ingredient. Her recipes are easy to follow and you don’t need a gazillion hard to find foods.

Mango Muffin recipe with Almond Flour

Elana and I met briefly last year in Boulder at the Food and Light Photography workshop. We were both very focused on learning new photography skills so did not get to talk much. Lately we have been chatting a lot. We could go on for hours talking about food, life, kids, business, everything. She has a wealth of knowledge about gluten free and the Paleo Diet, two things I want to learn more about.

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Elana has written two cookbooks The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook was her first. The new one is Gluten Free Cupcakes 50 Irresisitible Recipes. Both books are awesome. The cupcake book uses both almond flour and coconut flour. She keeps the ingredient lists short, healthy and simple. Whether or not you are gluten free these recipes can convince you how delicious a GF lifestyle can be. Elana and I share similar philosophies on sweets. No deprivation, whole foods, low carb and everything in moderation is the key to happiness & great fitness too.

Mango Muffin recipe with Almond Flour

Some of the muffins in this book are more indulgent then others, but there is a recipe to suit any occasion, whim or wish. There is no refined sugar and there are some vegan options. Elana has created “special occasion cupcakes” and what she calls “savory cupcakes” aka “muffins.” A neat thing is that she includes a sweetness rating for each recipe. This muffins I came up with would probably fit into her lightly sweetened category. They are not too sweet, but perfect with a glass of milk or a steamy latte.


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Elana's Pantry cupcake cookbook

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~ Marla Meridith

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158 thoughts on “Mango Muffins – Gluten Free Cupcakes book review

  1. Omg the muffins look amazing. Your photography is stunning! And I was spending lots of time looking over Helene/Tartlette’s photography in old posts (amazing what time on my hands in Aruba will do) and now that you mention she took you under her wing at F & L last year (you told me that over coffee recently)..I can totally see some resemblance and I hope you know your photography skills are just…stunning! Omg, Marla. Works of art!

    And congrats to Elana for such a wonderful book she wrote being published which will help so many ppl!

    1. Thanks Averie. Everyday offers unique challenges….I am working hard at getting better and better at my photog & styling skills. Cannot get enough practice, as you know! Just ordered a new camera and am hoping for much better performance. My old 10D needs a break and some rest. lol Regarding Elana, she has helped countless people bring amazing foods, nourishment and flavor back into their world. A true pioneer gal.

  2. My favorite cupcake is coconut…or just a simple chocolate!

    I just wanted to say that I stumbled onto your site just a few weeks ago and I am SO excited! It was only about 6 months ago that I thought “healthy” was as simple as swapping whole wheat flour for white. I am learning a lot and am excited to have a new resource for delicious recipes! Thanks for your efforts!

  3. Marla – I love the idea of Mango in muffins! I’m a savory gal, so my favorite muffins are corn muffins or granola muffins, toasted and with butter! Yum-o. I’d love love love to win this fancy book and open up my horizons and learn how to cook with coconut and almond flours. Pick me!

    1. Betsy, do you have a recipe for those granola muffins? They sound awesome! Toasted with butter even better. I love corn muffins too….especially jalapeno cheddar.

  4. I adore mango, and I adore muffins, so I will most definitely be giving these sweet little gems a try! I don’t have much experience baking gluten-free, but I would like to give it a shot. Thanks for sharing a great recipe!

    1. Maris, chocolate is always a win. The darker the better over here. Thanks for your kind words about my clicks….working hard at the photo stuff!

  5. Pumpkin cupcakes would have to be my favorite so far, but I’d love to try some new flavors to change my mind! 🙂

  6. Nothing like a super moist muffin, they look so good. I can’t stand when they are dry.

    My favorite cupcake would have to be yellow cake and chocolate frosting! Although I don’t see too many of those around and I wish it was more popular.

  7. I love cup cakes! i have been looking for delicious low carb healthy ones too! How exciting this book is 🙂 I sure hope I win …

  8. I definitely think these look magnificent and wonderful for me, coming from a family with gluten and dairy intolerances, but OMG OMG. Toffee stevia?! Who on earth makes that? I have to see if I can track it down online!!

  9. I think my favorite kind of cupcake (to date) has been a cinnamon-chocolate cupcake with pumpkin spice buttercream frosting, however, these could be a contender! Yum!

    1. Shana, you will LOVE Elana’s books. I am so proud to have both of them in my cookbook collection. They will be reached for constantly 🙂

    1. Toasted. Coconut. Banana. Cupcakes. I can see how nothing could really top those. Back in the day when I ate sugar those would have been topped with gobs of homemade caramel sauce. Sugar rush indeed!

  10. I would say that chocolate mocha espresso cupcakes have to be my favorite. The perfect mix of coffee and chocolate!

  11. What an incredible idea. I’ve GOT to try these, as mango in my all-time favorite fruit! Normally, chocolate goat cheese cupcakes are my favorite, but I think this recipe might be a strong competitor!

  12. These mango muffins look delicious! I love mango. My favorite cupcake though is probably carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, or red velvet.

  13. Elana’s recipes are really tasty and most are pretty easy. Unfortunately, while using almond flour, I discovered/developed an allergy to tree nuts. I am totally bummed as the almond flour muffins and crackers were very popular around my house. C’est la vie.

  14. You had me at the word of muffin; and these are adoringly lovely:) You are the expert with muffins, I can see there are just so many recipes on muffins here on your site!!:D

  15. I am a chocolate girl at heart; it always comes back to chocolate…including chocolate cupcakes!

    I can’t wait to try almond flour in baked goods. Ashley @ edibleperspective recently commented on how good it was too!

  16. Love using almond flour in baking…it gives such a nice texture and subtly nutty flavor! These muffins look fantatic, Marla!

    Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway, Marla! My favorite cupcakes are red velvet!

  17. I already have the book, but if I win, I have a couple friends and family members who would love a copy. Now, that book – isn’t it fabulous! So far I’ve made the chocolate cupcakes and cookie surprise cupcakes, but, similar to your recipe, I sweetened them with stevia instead of agave and made up the liquid volume with non-dairy milk. Great minds think alike! (ps – here are the chocolate cupcakes I made, if you’re interested! )

  18. These muffins look so lovely and delicious, Marla! Great job on them. I’ve got to try gluten free baking one of these days… I’m too curious about this yummy looking trend! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me with this wonderful mango muffin recipe. 🙂

    1. Georgia, not only has gluten free baking come a long way for those who need it for health reasons, but it has opened new doors for all if us. I love the GF flours for flavor, texture & how light they make me feel. I am in love with almond flour & will be using it all the time! I can’t wait for you to try 🙂

    1. Christine, I love Chocolate Hazelnut too. What are Morning Glory Muffins? I have never heard of them. Pretty name though.

  19. I adore mangoes, but most especially the Alphonso mango, it is heaven. Someone needs to write a post about how to eat a mango without totally getting the juice all over LOL. I guess eating them in a muffin is one way :D, they look lovely
    *kisses* HH

    1. Miss Heavenly Housewife….what on earth is an Alphonso Mango? I trust it is wonderful with your great taste. Intriguing…
      You are correct, mangoes in muffin form mean no drippy juices, a few crumbs instead 😉

  20. These look wonderful. I have the feeling they might just become my fav cupcake. I tend to like anything with almond and my boys are mango junkies. This cookbook would be a great addition.
    Thanks, Jeanne

  21. I am exploring a new world of gluten free living. Before experimenting with the GF lifestyle, cupcakes were my forte. I thought I’d have to leave them in the past, but apparently not. 🙂 Thanks for the great recommendation!

  22. These look so good! I am always looking for more and more gfdf recipes to try for my family who can’t have it and I love mango, thanks! My favorite cupcake is a simple lemon cupcake with lemon frosting (all gfdf).

  23. Mango in cupcakes- thats GOT to be good! Mango is my favorit fruit, I just cant enough of it! Love your photos, as always 🙂
    Oh, I love Elanas recipes. After I started reading her blog, I have made so many delicious things with almond flour! I love to bake scones and cookies with it! Although I can eat gluten, I feel so much better when I eat less of it, and almond flour is great for baking 🙂

  24. Oh how all your gf muffins are killing me. Calling my name. Can you save a few for me after the photo shoot, pretty please? Maybe If I win a cookbook I’ll get off my lazy butt and make some stuff I can eat! I everything follow you friend!

  25. My favorite muffin is my gluten-free version of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Cream Muffin. My friends raved over it so much and I was dieing for one so created my own version. They said they couldn’t tell the diff in mine and Starbucks’!!

  26. i’ve only attempted one gluten-free cake recipe, and it was a roaring failure. perhaps i’ll give it another go, using a more tried-and-true recipe, how about it? 🙂

    1. Grace, you must try GF baking again. I am thrilled with the results. Try something simple, like from my recipe list perhaps?? Mango Muffins are calling out to you girl 😉

  27. These sound wonderful Marla! I love Elana’s site. Now that I have been trying to bake gluten-free whenever possible she is one of my favorite stops for inspiration. I have been eyeing her cookbook too. Thanks for a chance to win one!
    Let’s see my favorite cupcake….hmmmm….that’s a hard one! I would have to say right now a Carrot Cake Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting sounds great.
    Hope your doing well! How was Atlanta?

  28. This is fantastic! My nephews have Celiacs and I am always looking for new recipes to share with them! Thanks for sharing!

  29. I’ve made mango quick bread before, but these look even more lovely. Plus, I can eat “more” of them. Love the idea of whipped cream cheese, too. 🙂

    I love corny cupcakes; I had a semolina cupcake once and it was out of the world.

  30. I just read your gluten free mango muffin and it looks delish!
    I often bake with almond flour to cut down on carbs, maybe gluten free is the way I need to go!

  31. Great recipe…can’t wait to try those!!! love that you make so many tasty sweets that are not carb overloads!!!!

  32. I just finished eating a mango for breakfast. Now I wish I’d saved them. Guess I’ll have to pick up more today. These look fabulous.