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Maple Bacon Hash Browns with Fried Egg recipe on
Sizzle. It’s what you hear when bacon hits a hot pan. Sizzle. It’s what you hear when a cold slab of pure butter hits a hot pan. You get it? You think you know where I am heading with this post. There was some great love shared over my last post Hasselback Potatoes.

I figured I would use up that bag of Yukon Gold’s with some more potato passion. This time we have a fragrant, heavenly combo of maple-bacon-butter bliss. Slap a fried egg on the top and you have a warm, comforting, high energy breakfast.

Maple Bacon Hash Browns with Fried Egg recipe on

A bit greasy spoon-but really quite a healthy meal. Add a side of freshly cut fruit or homemade applesauce and you are rocking out on a well rounded meal complete with complex carbs, healthy fat & protein. Eggs are a great form of quick & tasty protein.

We like to use organic ingredients in our Sizzle Potatoes. We enjoy pure Grade B Maple Syrup in the Family Fresh kitchen. It has a darker, more amber color than grade A and a richer, fuller flavor.

Maple Bacon Hash Browns with Fried Egg recipe on

I know we can all agree that bacon tastes great with everything. I like to use nitrate free organic bacon. I swap between turkey bacon and pork. The pork bacon is richer & heavier. You need less of it than if you go with the much leaner turkey version.

If you are vegetarian you can use Bac-un’s instead. In these photos I used pork bacon.

Maple Bacon Hash Browns with Fried Egg recipe on

Anytime of day this makes a great meal. Breakfast, lunch or brunch. We plated this up for dinner too. We are gonna love these hash brown potatoes more and more as the days keep getting cooler.

Come to think of it, they will be amazing before those active ski days we have on the horizon.

Maple Bacon Hash Browns with Fried Egg recipe on

What is your favorite Hash Brown recipe?


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~ Marla Meridith

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200 thoughts on “Maple Bacon Sizzle Potatoes

  1. I should never have looked at this recipe before breakfast-the pictures are to die for. Definitely my kind of food! Add to that the possibility of winning a smoker! Thank you!

  2. I have never thought to add sweet ingredients to potatoes, but it sounds tasty πŸ˜‰

    We love potatoes with our eggs and make ‘super eggs’ all the time – a mish mash of potatoes, eggs and random cheesy goodies.

    I think my husband would freak if I won a smoker!

  3. WOW!~ What a huge giveaway! You are taking over the world girl! I think this recipe looks wonderful, and I LOVE that “sizzle” section… totally made me giggle out loud!


  4. Your potato recipe sounds GREAT. Now I know what I’ll be making for breakfast on Sunday.

  5. I am new to this blog but I already love it! My boyfriend’s father used to have dreams of smoking his meat for sale but it never happened. Lately the bf has been talking about the possibility of making this dream happen for his dad so this smoker would be a lovely gift to give him!

  6. I LOVE bacon, especially when it’s crispy and the charred fat bits melt in my mouth! I’d love to smoke my own bacon, as well as things like fish and chicken. And I’m definitely going to try your potato recipe, looks delicious and perfect for a quick yummy dinner πŸ™‚

  7. We loved all foods smoked – and I had no idea you could buy a smoker for 300 – that is a great deal!
    Vanja’s dad has a smokehouse in Bosna and smokes his own meat. SO, Should I win, I imagine you cannot send to Canada, but my daughter lives in Palo Alto and would love a smoker…. so I will defer my winnings to her. Nothing like thinking positive, eh, Marla!
    Love the Twitter idea. Good for the two of you!

  8. My childhood friend’s grampa used to smoke meat and nothing tastes quite like it! I’d love to try doing it myself…

  9. Mid-afternoon and you’ve got my mouth watering for breakfast. : ) Great photos – they’re making me hungry! Also pleased with the chance to win the smoker!

  10. Wow, that looks delish, not just for breakfast. I think it would make a great dinner too. Yum!

    I know my Hubby would love to try smoking fish, meat, etc. We have a friend who has a smoker and what he makes is delish.

    Thanks for the chance!

  11. Yum!!! That sounds amazing! I hate to admit it but I love bacon. Everything in moderation. Love that smoker. I am dreaming about smoked salmon. Beautiful pictures, mouth watering.

  12. This is a gorgeous meal I could eat any time of the day, Marla! Your hash looks fantastic with the maple and warm spices…I bet it would also be amazing made with sweet potatoes! Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!

    1. Faith: The idea of sweet potatoes in this recipe would take it over the top! They are a natural with those spices and maple syrup.

      Heather: I know, the sweet smell of wood smoke reminds me of being in the mountains and that makes me oh so happy!

      Angie: That’s right girl, everything in moderation. Including bacon πŸ™‚

  13. I make a meal similar to this on football Sundays! As for smokers, I have yet to try one. I am the only female amongst the men who have rib, wing, steak, etc cook offs all the time! Nothing frazzles them more then when my ribs put theirs to shame! HA!

  14. Wow! This recipe looks awesome, and I know @FamilyFoodChat is going to be a HUGE success!! You and Alison are going to make a great team, and anyone looking for quick, easy, healthy and tasty food, would be making a HUGE mistake to miss out on this opportunity.


  15. I have wanted a smoker forever! I actually just purchased 1/4 of a whole locally raised grass fed steer and my freezer is full of roasts and ribs that would be great to use in a smoker.
    And this recipe is great!

  16. Love,love,love potatoes, bacon and eggs together. It looks awesome. Would love to win the smoker, so i can smoke my Thanksgiving turkey.

  17. Bacon, maple and potato. The recipe looks delicious!
    My husband would love to play with the smoker. He recently started making his own sausage and would love to start smoking things.

  18. My kind of meal!!! I love hash browns & eggs & have them for supper quite often. I’ll have to try this version.. it sounds really good!

  19. That recipe looks so good. I have wanted a smoker for years. I have been buying smoked fish at our local market, and it is really expensive. Every time I do it, I say to myself, I need to buy a smoker. I have always loved smoked foods. I really want this.

  20. I love this giveaway! I’ll blog about it on my blog today or tomorrow too, Angie

    P.S. The recipe and photos are also incredible, l love the morning light with more dramatic shadowing, very nice

  21. Just did them all!

    I appreciate this recipe as I’m always having trouble getting diner-quality potatoes made at home.

    Thanks again.

  22. There is absolutely nothing like some crispy bacon and hash brown potatoes; and the fried egg on top is like icing on the cake. (I wish I had a plate of this RIGHT NOW!)

    I’ve never had a smoker but I would LOVE to have one!

  23. I’m not eligible for the giveaway (us poor, poor Canadians) but I am about to make a very similar meal with our first four eggs from our new backyard chickens. So I’m feelin’ ya! You hash browns look delicious!

  24. Wow, this dish looks ah-mazing and your photography is beautiful! I now “Like” you on FB and am a Follower on Twitter! Would love to win the smoker! We are a big smoked meat family, but always prefer doing my own thing rather than buying someone else’s stuff. This smoker would be a great addition to our cook’s tools!

  25. I would love to have a smoker, but have not been able to afford one. This would be awesome for ribs, chicken, turkey, or whatever else I could think up.

  26. Wow! That photo and recipe looks amazing! I would really love to try the recipe out.
    Winning the smoker would be awesome. My husband loves smoking all kinds of food and he’d love this smoker. I’d love it too!

  27. Was going to go out to breakfast this weekend. Now I have reevaluated and decided I can make a breakfast like these sizzling bacon, potato and eggs at home! Yum

  28. Hate to say it but, I would love to use the Pork bacon simply for the smell, taste & texture (nothing like the real thing in this case, yummmm!) Would LOVE to win this Smoker, even more I’d like to join you in the Mountains!

  29. The recipe looks great- hubby LOVES bacon- I make a pound and he is all over it. Good thing he didnt see your webpage πŸ™‚ He would be drooling!

  30. Bacon, pulled pork, ribs… all those things that I can do in my oven or crockpot but they don’t get the same smoky taste….

  31. Marla…you are really making a great effort to use up that bag of potatoes…especially since I now know that they’re not on your favourites list. I love the presentation of it. About the bacon…I’ve been usuing turkey bacon which I enjoy very much. Your organic pork variety sounds also very tasty ;o)

    About the giveaway…once more, I’d like to wish every U.S. blogger great luck and also looking forward to your suppliers extending to Canada one day too…hint hint πŸ™‚

    Ciao for now and have a great weekend,

  32. This looks like a fantastic way to start the day or even end it apres skiing. Mmmm I’m just imagining eating this and sipping on a giant mug of hot chocolate after a long cold day of skiing. I gotta go make some reservations.

  33. My mouth is drooooling after reading that recipe.

    I would love to win this smoker to give to my brother for Christmas. He is so supportive of me and my son and he would love this smoker and I would love to be able to give it to him as a gift!

    Thanks for the chance.

  34. I just “liked” you on Facebook. This recipe sounds yummy, I made some fried potatoes with crumbled local sausage and eggs for breakfast yesterday. Bacon would have been yummy too. The smoker would be a really cool thing to win, I would sure be popular on Saturday afternoons around here if I had one!

  35. I could eat hashbrowns at every meal. I like the idea of smoking a turkey for Thanksgiving. I can’t even imagine how delicious that would taste!

  36. Sounds delicious. I love the idea of serving the HBs in a small bowl with the egg on top. Then it all mushes together when eating. Yum!

    I am a simple girl when it comes to hashbrowns, typically. Salt/pepper only. But, love the maple addition here. With the spices? Perfect for fall!

  37. I want this smoker big time! Every year, my hubs goes Salmon fishing and comes home with about 100 pounds of salmon, which I don’t like – unless it’s smoked! You’d save me a lot of choking down salmon dinners if I could smoke them with this bad boy first!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  38. Oh my gosh those pictures were pure food 3x! I so want to eat those eggs, bacon, and hasbrowns….excuse me while i clean up my drool mess over here. We love to have poached eggs, cheese, bacon, onions and peppers over our hasbrowns.

  39. I could live on breakfast for dinner, especially potatoes and eggs. I’ve never made potatoes with maple syrup, cinnamon, and ginger but I bet it is divine with the bacon. If I don’t win the smoker, I still walk away with a great recipe!

  40. 172 comments!!! Holy CRAP! That is a lot of traffic, Marla! Anyway, you wrote about only liking YOUR own cranberry sauce – would you be so kind to go back to the comments and write what it is? I am truly interested and want the conversation inside of the comments area to carry those great ideas. And, just below it – is the turkey stuffing post and I am asking my readers to do the same with that – and I am very curious about how you make yours the “healthy” way – or, if you just make it traditionally, as it is a holiday. Anyway, should you have the time… I would really appreciate it.

  41. The beautiful photos above (especially of the BACON) have made me VERY hungry! I’d love to win the smokerβ€”Thanksgiving is coming up and smoked turkey would be great!

  42. I’ve been eyeing this smoker for a good long while. I want it so I can make good, Texas-style smoked brisket like we make at home. And you know what? Your potatoes would be a great side for that, since I don’t like potato salad.

  43. My husband is a smoking fool. We currently are harboring a 5-pound brisket and about 5 racks of ribs, and that doesn’t even get into the meat he’s storing in the freezer for later. Ole has been crafting his own smokers out of drums (Ugly Drum Smoker), but, um, it’d be nice to have something a bit less…well, ugly.

  44. I’m a guy who can eat breakfast 24 hours a day!!! And getting an MES would really give me the tools necessary to improve my smoking!

  45. This smoker would be great for my family…my husband, teenage son and five yr old daughter are all carnivores!

  46. WOW Marla, this is one hot giveaway! (sizzlin hot!) the odds of winning are slim to none but if i can somehow set out to recreate, reinvent or rehash your sizzling hash with an AWESOME MasterBuilt Smoker, I am all over it!!!! good luck to me (and everyone else I suppose)

  47. Looks like I got in just in time. I think your recipe looks delicious, especially because you sprinkled bacon on top. What’s better?

  48. I tried to contact you via your contact form, not sure if it went through. Please let me know. I’m excited to start smoking some salmon!