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How do you like to unwind & let go? Do you favor a sweet treat, a piping hot cup of coffee, a roaring fire, a great book? That’s certainly my idea of the perfect chill time… Milano Moments | How do you unwind? | $100.00 Visa Gift Card Giveaway on There are times to go, go, go & there are moments to unwind. I’ve teamed up with Pepperidge Farm® Milano® Cookies to talk about just that. Are your days super busy? Mine sure are. I take a few minutes each day to relax, regroup & discover… re-energize. Milano Moments | How do you unwind? | $100.00 Visa Gift Card Giveaway on How busy are your days? Do you make yourself busier than you need to? I can be guilty of that. We all have so many things to do each day. Here’s an idea of what my weekdays look like (and I’m super curious to hear about yours too!)

  • 4:30am: Wakeup
  • 4:45am: Enjoy a healthy breakfast, coffee and read a bit.
  • 5:00am: Get started with my work day. This is my time to write, edit photos & get material ready to publish the weekday blog posts. It’s also a great tome of the day to schedule Facebook posts.
  • 6:00am: Wake my kiddos. They are always charming & all smiles (ha! not)
  • 6:30am: Hit the “publish” button on my blog & share posts on my social media channels.
  • 6:45-8:15am: Help my kids get ready for school & drive them to their respective schools though the beautiful Telluride mountains.
  • 9:00am: Hit the local grocery stores to pick up the morning paper & some groceries for work & my family.
  • 9:30am: Prep & cook a few recipes for the blog (and for our dinner)
  • 11:00am: Hit the ski slopes for a few hours, hike, or ride my fat tire bike.
Milano Moments | How do you unwind? | $100.00 Visa Gift Card Giveaway on
  • 2:00pm: Style & shoot food. I love the lighting this time of the day!
  • 2:45pm: Back on the road to pick up my kids
  • 3:30pm: Drop my kids off at their after school activities. (gymnastics, tutors, ski school, singing lessons & friends houses)
  • 4:00pm: ahhhhhhhhh, some time to chillax, have a small treat & my afternoon cup of coffee or tea. This is the perfect time for a few Milano cookies!
  • 5:00pm: Pick my kids up & bring them home.
  • 5:30: Help my kids with their homework.
  • 6:30pm: Dinner time! We love to sit down as a family & eat dinner together.
  • 7:00pm: Back to work on my computer. Answering emails, posting on social media, etc.
  • 8:00: Read to my kids & tuck them into bed.
  • 9:00pm: I tuck into bed! Goodnight.
So as you can see, my days are crazy busy… but super fun! Not too many relaxation gaps, but I do set aside that time at 4pm to unwind. Milano Moments | How do you unwind? | $100.00 Visa Gift Card Giveaway on I have something super special for you… Sweepstakes All you need to do to enter to win a $100.00 Visa Gift Card is answer this question in the comment field below: What are your favorite things to do to unwind? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! You can follow Milano on social media too: Facebook, Instagram: milanocookiesbrand & Twitter: milanocookies Entry Instructions: No duplicate comments. You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:
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This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older (or nineteen (19) years of age or older in Alabama and Nebraska). Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. The notification email will come directly from BlogHer via the sweeps@blogher email address. You will have 2 business days to respond; otherwise a new winner will be selected. The Official Rules are available here. This sweepstakes runs from 3/2/15 – 4/30/15. Be sure to visit the Pepperidge Farm® Milano® Cookie brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ posts!

~ Marla Meridith

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310 thoughts on “Milano Moments | $100.00 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

  1. I could use a Milano to get me through my Monday afternoon! 😉 To unwind, I love to take a 30 minute break after lunch and read in the sun – great chance to soak up some Vitamin D!

  2. I Like to unwind by going to the local coffee shop and enjoying some fresh coffee and do some writing.

  3. Working out after work is huge for me, and then walking my dog. I always feel tired and ready to just unplug!

  4. My favorite things to do to unwind is to do yoga! It really helps me relax, and I meditate and this really gives me a lot of peace!

  5. One of the things I do to unwind is read a book on the train in the morning on my way to work, and on my way home I listen to a podcast or whatever music is on my iPhone. BUT my favorite thing to do is go to a local coffee shop with my best friend on Saturday mornings to vent and gossip 😀

  6. One of my favorite things to unwind, love relaxing in my favorite chair by the window, enjoying a cup of tea, listening to music 🙂

  7. A glass of wine, a book and a bubble bath
    (sorry, typed the wrong email address on my other submission)

  8. OMGoodness—Milanos! I know this lady…a friend, you understand…not me, of course…who can eat a whole bag of Milanos by myself…herself. An afternoon cup of coffee is a great way to unwind a little and get ready for the evening.

  9. I like to put my face in the sun. Vitamin D is restorative and healing. I love to soak it up and warm my soul!
    Thank you for the giveaway. 🙂

  10. Milanos are great while going through blogs and Pinterest. A great way to unwind and decide on dinner and dessert!

  11. I unwind by having a hot tea and a treat like a milano cookie (love the dark chocolate)…. i might have 2-3 cookies 🙂 and read a book.

  12. When I want to unwind, I either take a walk, practice some yoga, or read a magazine/book. I make sure there are no electronic distractions either like my laptop, phone or TV.

  13. I’m a busy stay at home mother of three, ages 8, 7, and 4. I always plan a little me time at night once my kid’s are in bed, and that usually consist’s of sitting propped up in bed, reading a nice long book…..for awhile I had stopped reading, and it’s so nice to get back into it! In the morning, I love brewing the perfect cup of coffee in my french press and if the weather is nice, sitting on the back patio just listening to the world… relaxing!

  14. Reading. I don’t seem to find the time to do it as often as I would like, but there is nothing better than sitting down with a good book and a large glass of water.

  15. To relax I love word games…..Boggle, Words with Friends, Scrabble, Crossword Puzzles…they all help me relax. I’m sure that this activity would only be enhanced by a few Milano Cookies…the Orange Milanos are my favorite!

  16. I love climbing in my cal. king bed with my adult daughter and binge watching one of our favorite shows with snacks and hot tea!

  17. When I need to unwind I like to loose myself in a book. We also like to play games as a family. Our newest favorite is Dr. Who Yahtzee with our grandkids. Our 11-year old grandson is a huge Dr. Who fan.

  18. I am such a Milano fan..I love the Milk Chocolate ones. My favorite way to unwind is to put on an episode of survivor and enjoy a few Milanos to relax!!

  19. For me relaxing and unwinding depends on how busy the day was and what all is going on in my work schedule … I always mindfully shower … what in the world does that mean ????? I used to be the type of person that would shower in the morning and focus on what I had to do that day and then at night when I shower I would focus on all that I didn’t get done … now I just focus on the hot water and that is relaxing to me. I also love to cuddle up and read a book with a hot cup of tea. Another “different” way for me to unwind and relax is to go for a walk or hike and just enjoy the beauty of nature!
    Good Luck Everyone on the contest and thanks Marla for all the great ideas!

  20. I LOVE to spend an hour wandering around Pinterest. I either find drool-worthy recipes to try, or activities to do with my grandkids or just travel vicariously.

  21. I like to sit in my backyard and watch the birds or read a book. A nice cup of tea and some milanos would go great with that!

  22. I love to unwind by laying down close my eyes and imagine I’m on a private island with a sweet drink in one hand and Milano cookies in the other and enjoying every bite!

  23. I love to listen to audio books while walking. I even do it indoors when the weather is awful like it was all winter.

  24. My favorite things to do to unwind are afternoon coffee and tea time with good reads.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  25. Some of my favorite things are enjoying a cup of coffee, shopping without the kids or taking a warm bath!

  26. I like to go for a run with a good podcast or audiobook that I have been saving. Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. I like to take time and look at pictures of what we have done the last week or month. Really makes me appreciate all the fun and love we have as a family. truckredford(at)Gmail(Dot)com

  28. I enjoy waking early in the morning, before the rest of my family and I enjoy relaxing with a cup of tea or two looking at the sunrise outside. Thanks so much.

  29. Spending time in a Finnish style sauna helps me unwind. That and a couple of glasses of Merlot after a good dinner.
    Hope to win!

  30. I say no to anything that is not important to me. I give myself permission to focus on what’s important. Getting the unessential responsibilities off my schedule will creates some extra time and space

  31. One of my favorite ways to focus on myself is to get in touch with nature by going for a walk alongside the riverfront or take a walk on one of my favorite trails.

  32. My favorite ways to unwind are having a cup of tea, taking a hot bath, reading a book or exercising.

  33. Eating a milk chocolate Milano cookies with a vanilla latte with whip cream!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  34. I like to lay by the pool and let the sun warm my body while my mind wanders. Thankfully it always comes back.

  35. In the middle of the day, I just have to stop and say “Hey, it’s time for ME.” I take about 10 min to do what I want to do and then can get back to the day at hand. Read a blog, check Facebook, just something for me.

  36. My favorite things to do to unwind are to take a relaxing bubble bath and taking a long walk with just me and my dog.

  37. When I take some time to myself, I love to grab some chocolate or yummy cookies and watch a good sci fi movie 🙂 That’s that height of indulgence for me 🙂

  38. I make time for myself by making sure the kids are in bed at a regular time each night so I can just sit and relax and watch a movie or read a book!

  39. I love to go for a little run outside. It helps me to center myself and reminds me of how beautiful this life is.

  40. I actually like going for a run, it’s kind of a restart for me. I’m able to clear my mind, it’s a great way to start the day!

  41. I get up early every morning so I have time to relax with my cup of coffee and get ready to start my day.

  42. My favorite way to slow down and take time for me is to read a good book while drinking wine on my deck

  43. I like to take a long hot bath and read a cozy mystery. It’s my favorite way to unwind and take a moment to relax and rejuvenate myself.

  44. My favorite way to unwind is to find a little time for myself to have a glass of wine and catch up on. an episode or two of my favorite shows

  45. If I can make myself get up early I enjoy sitting outside with my coffee while everything is still quiet. But since I work late at night those early mornings are rare. More likely is a nice long bath with a good book just before bed.

  46. I’m a long distance backpacker, but I can’t always go out for weeks at a time. So, when I need to recharge/refresh, I take a little hike in the woods and that’ll do the trick.

  47. I like to go and read for a while to unwind. It takes my mind off everything that’s going on. Thank you!!

  48. I like to get up right before sunrise, sit on my front porch and watch the sun come up! It’s my quiet time!

  49. There is a lot of different things I like to do: read, sit in the sunshine on my deck, enjoy a coffee, take a walk, snuggle with my partner, and snuggle with my cats…just to name a few! 😀

  50. I love to read, eat something sweet and enjoy it with a glass of sweet tea
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  51. I have a few, like reading or sitting outside and enjoying the breeze, but sometimes, it’s a snuggly nap.

  52. Relaxing to me is so many different things, but I sure to love garage sales, it is truly relaxing time for me.