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Our New Pup! Help Us Choose a Name….

After much debate we ended up naming our sweet boy Moose. Thanks so much for all of your creative ideas! It was seriously so hard to choose. Come check out Moose’s 1st Birthday.

Our New Pup! Help Us Choose a Name.... |

Howdy pals! We have a new pup & we are looking for a name! I’m enlisting all of you to leave comments to help us find the perfect one.

We have a few that we are testing out, but we’re not quite there yet. This guy appears to be part Beagle, Hound Dog and about 8 months to a year old.

He is very playful & super dashing…

Our New Pup! Help Us Choose a Name.... | #Telluride #Colorado

Our New Pup! Help Us Choose a Name.... | #Telluride #Colorado

Our New Pup! Help Us Choose a Name.... |

Pup came home with us yesterday. We met him over the week at the Second Chance Humane Center in Ridgeway, CO (about 50 minutes from Telluride)

It was love at first sight….

Our New Pup! Help Us Choose a Name.... |

My kiddos & I were smitten by this guy & I called yesterday to see if he was still available for adoption…they told me he’s being shown at the Telluride Farmer’s Market today.

Our New Pup! Help Us Choose a Name.... |

Our New Pup! Help Us Choose a Name.... |

The rest? Well you can tell we went through with the adoption process and we are more than thrilled!

Our New Pup! Help Us Choose a Name.... |

The little guy slept with me in the guest room last night & he seems really well trained & housebroken. Phew!

Our New Pup! Help Us Choose a Name.... |

We got him a swanky new collar & leash at Alpen Schatz our local Swiss store.

Our New Pup! Help Us Choose a Name.... |

So pleeeeease help us with a name. Can’t wait to hear what you come up with…

Our New Pup! Help Us Choose a Name.... |

Have a great day!


~ Marla Meridith

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46 thoughts on “Our New Pup! Help Us Choose a Name….

  1. CONGRATS!!! He looks like the type of dog that you and your family would just love. He’s perfect for you guys! I can’t wait to see what you name him! My suggestions are only for names like Tinkerbell and Cupcake so that won’t exactly work 🙂

  2. He is adorable, Marla! When we got our dogs, they just made our family even more complete. Congratulations on the adoption! As for a name, you will get to know his personality, so it will come! Hawaii has a special place in our heart so we went with Hawaiian names and somehow, they fit their personalities perfectly!

  3. He looks like a “Chance”, “Levi” or “Buck” to me (but truly he looks like an angel! Precious Pup, congratulations!

  4. Congrats on your new fur baby and thanks for getting a shelter dog. If his voice is very deep call him Thunder, if not then Lightening.

  5. How about Tucker or Boomer. Hunter would be another nice name. Two syllabic names are good for calling. Someone I knew always wanted to name a dog Taxi so she could holler “Taxi, Taxi!!” out her back door! Ha!

  6. Congratulations on adopting! He looks precious!! He’s gorgeous and there’s a certain depth about him that’s very nice. I agree on letting the personality speak for itself about the name. Good luck 😀

  7. So happy you got him from Second Chance Humane Society. And, he is indeed a handsome young man! I say his name should be “Freckles” or Freck for short because he has a lot of cute freckles. But go with whatever your family likes. You will end up with a lot of nicknames anyway.☺️At least we have with our rescue girl.

  8. He looks absolutely adorable! When I looked at him I saw “Riley”, but surely your family has a favorite. Good luck, you’re in for a great adventure!

  9. I grew up with my grandmother teaching dog obedience classes and would help. She always said a two syllable name is best. I love the freckled front legs! Have fun!

  10. We had a dog like that! Her name was Freckles I second Cora’s suggestion! freckles was a sweetheart and lived to be 104 doggie years. Good luck

  11. Marla,
    Congratulations!! What a handsome boy!!! I am so excited for all of you.
    I vote for… “Albert” Einstein, because he looks so intelligent or
    “Isaac” Newton… for the same reason or
    “Bam” since it is a chef’s term
    “Bond” because that is what you did at first site or James Bond
    “Gunner” because he is your hunting boy
    He is the luckiest dog I know and I know and we can’t wait to meet him.


  12. Since he is “super dashing”, I think that Dash would be a great name for him:). I know I wrote out this comment before, but I don’t remember if I submitted it (Yikes!), so if I did, please disregard this repeat. 🙂

  13. I agree with the other commenters, Dash is a good name, he IS a dashing fellow! 🙂 Another name I like would be Daniel.

  14. Hi Marla!, nice idea of sharing with us how to call this wonderful pet!,

    What if you call it Bailey, Cooper, Donovan, or Evan, Chester, Fleetwood, Huckleberry………enfin……….I really hope you like any of them!!!.

    By the way!, I love your website. It is very interesting and recipes are always great and easy!!

    Quito – Ecuador
    South America

  15. I love this post. . we are also looking for a new pup for our home so will be checking out rescue shelters etc. so happy to see that he has found a great new home! As for a name??? Bentley? or Dasher? 😛 can’t wait to see what you guys choose!

  16. What a handsome guy! And also very lucky one, too, to have been adopted by you and your family. Upon seeing his picture, the 1st name that came to mind was Rhett (as in Gone with the Wind)…don’t know why. I like other people’s suggestion for Dash, and I also like Reggie. Good luck choosing a name and Congratulations on your new family member!

  17. I’ve sent three suggestions so far but thought of one more, Dalton. That way when you get 2 or 3 more (or 5 or 6) more dogs, they can be “Dalton’s Gang”.
    No matter the name, he is absolutely adorable and fortunate to have been chosen by your family. Good luck and enjoy that pup.

    1. Jo, I’ve LOVED these names. You are right….now I need 5 or 6 pets for all the great ones you guys have shared. Dalton is so very cute!

  18. I agree you’ll need to wait and see what suits his nature.
    Names that aren’t long, or too cutesy work well,considering you’re going to be calling him many times.
    A few to think about are “Scout” “Cooper” “Tucker” “Sammy” “Hank” “Ace”