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Raspberry Brownie Cookies | Paleo

Brownies & cookies. The ultimate combination.

A guilt-free Paleo brownie cookie combo ~ irresistible. Just so you know I have eaten about 20 of these cookies in the past week. That means 2 batches have been baked & I have only shared like 4 Raspberry Brownie Cookies.

My hubs & kids can vouch for that. Just ask them. They begged. I handed over four….


Raspberry Brownie Cookies - Gluten Free, Paleo Recipe |


These are so delish & I will give you full license to enjoy them any time of the day. Breakfast, snacks, tucked inside lunch boxes. All good.

Brownie cookies are just as I tell ya. Part cookie, part brownie. Well what does that mean, you might ask?


Raspberry Brownie Cookies - Gluten Free, Paleo Recipe |


It means slightly crispy on the edges and soft like a brownie in the center.

They are basically brownies shaped like cookies.


Raspberry Brownie Cookies - Gluten Free, Paleo Recipe |


Cookies bursting with chocolate & raspberry flavors ~ always a winning combo if you ask me.

Naturally sweetened with pure maple syrup. Almond flour keeps ’em grain free & gluten free too.


Raspberry Brownie Cookies - Gluten Free, Paleo Recipe |


Apparently I also added some coconut whipped cream & made a brownie cookie sandwich…

It’s all good…enjoy!


Raspberry Brownie Cookies - Gluten Free, Paleo Recipe |



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~ Marla Meridith

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49 thoughts on “Raspberry Brownie Cookies | Paleo

  1. This is SO creative! Do I remember reading in a recent post from like 2 weeks ago you had never shared a brownie recipe on your site? Well you’re making up for lost time. These are stunners! I made brownie cookies about 4-6 mos ago and they were a pain and I used conventional ingredients so I give you mad props for making this Paleo, GF, etc!

    1. Ha! Now that I have broken the seal brownies in all kinds of ways will probably show up round here pretty often. I did need to test them a few times…here at altitude it is a beast to bake!

  2. These are so cute! I love that you used coconut whipped cream and made sandwiches! I love anything with some coconut whipped cream! These are the perfect late summer cookie!

    1. Thanks Tieghan! Slapping that whipped cream on these makes ’em extra special. Then again whipped cream does that to everything 😉

  3. Marla, these look absolutely scrumptious. What a brilliant idea. I have always loved the raspberry/chocolate combo and in a brownie/cookie form and paleo…i’m sold! I have all these ingredients on hand. BTW, thanks for including the link to my cookie recipe at the bottom of the page…so flattered 🙂

  4. Hey everyone,
    So i don’t know if anyone had any issues with making those but I did.I couldn’t find almond flour so I used cocoanut flour. But I don’t think that should make to much of a difference. They didn’t end up being cookies they just feel apart and was a crumbled mess 🙁

    1. I’m thinking that would make a difference as I have tested these a handful of times ~ always with the same ingredients and the same results. Almond flour is way different than any other kind of flour. What did you use?

  5. Has anyone ever used almond meal instead of the almond flour? We are out of the flour and live 2 hours from the closest place that carries it, decided to make these for a party tonight.

  6. These are yummy! I only had almond meal, not almond flour and was concerned that it was not fine enough so I used half almond meal and half whole wheat flour (I am not concerned about gluten) and these turned out great. I also added some chocolate chips and used fresh raspberries. Since the cookies are dark having the raspberries break up and spread throughout the dough was not a big deal to me, it just spreads the awesome raspberry flavor through the cookies!

    1. Love your adaptations to these cookies! I’m not GF either ~ so I might just give that a whirl with the 2 flours. Thanks for letting us know about your yummy success!