Perfect Scrambled Eggs

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This was Sunday breakfast.

It quickly became a photo shoot for the blog. Perfect Scrambled Eggs are the kinda thing that I make all the time but never take a moment to take a picture of. They are completely unadorned, amazingly simple and phenomenally delicious.

Add fresh herbs, cracked black pepper and come cheese if you wish. You might also find you don’t need it…

Let’s scramble, shall we?

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Who needs commercial fast food when nature provides us with this complete meal ~ all tucked in a perfect egg-shell package?

Over here we love eggs and enjoy them often throughout the week. One of the simplest and tastiest ways to prepare them is in a Perfect Scramble.

In case you are wondering I have a Pinterest board dedicated to Eggs. Of course I do. I have a Pinterest board for everything. Eggs are also featured on my Breakfast board too. Just sayin’.

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Yesterday I posted these eggs on Instagram and named the photo Sunday.

Looks like lots of you could identify with a great egg breakfast on a slow moving Sunday morning.

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These eggs are styled a bit less and are slightly more rustic then you might be used to around here. We are in Telluride and things are a a smidge more laid back than usual.

When we are here I order my organic eggs from Black Canyon Foods. I love this service, I place my order before I leave California and my groceries are waiting in my kitchen when I arrive here. I also shop a lot at the Friday farmers market.

When we are here, I want to work less, fuss less and play more.

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That is why these delicious pancakes are not topped with stunning fresh berries….we had some frozen so frozen it was!

My daughter mixed and mixed and over mixed the batter, hence the greyish color. They were still soooooo tasty though. I love watching my kids have fun in the kitchen!

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Another thing I love about eggs, they have no single season and they are the perfect food all year long.

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These yolks practically glow they are so vibrant and fresh.

The flavors of these eggs speak volumes against their lesser tasting cousins found at the grocery store.

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When making Perfect Scrambled Eggs, it is best to have the freshest, organic eggs possible. You need to work steady and quickly to keep them creamy, light and fluffy.

Nothing to it though really.

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Do you love eggs too? What is your favorite way to prepare them?


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~ Marla Meridith

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39 thoughts on “Perfect Scrambled Eggs

  1. This is exactly how I make my eggs too! I was at a restaurant once where I had some pretty fluffy eggs and asked them what their secret was, and they told me that they whisked in a little water to the eggs before scrambling. I do that sometimes instead of milk. Looks like you are having a lovely summer in Telluride!

    1. Lori, i’ll try that with the water. Makes sense to me though I have never tried that before. Must be the way the water helps to steam them quickly. Summer is going great, love reading about your fun time too!

  2. Best scrambled eggs I’ve ever had were cooked by Chef Ludo Lefebvre – they contained uni and champagne! But the eggs themsleves were beautifully prepared over a low heat with lots of figure of eight mixing with a whisk. Rich and creamy. It looks like you have the key ingredient figured out – organic eggs with orange yolks!

    1. Katie, I bet that is why your skin and hair look FABULOUS!! Nothing like farm fresh eggs and good healthy fats. By the way, how lucky are you to have that farm close by!

  3. Love these pics, Marla – the realness of them. Keep this up; love them!

    Black Canyon – I think services like that should be mandatory. Oh what I would give to have food waiting for me in a fridge at my vacation destination. Worth its weight in gold!

    1. Averie, it is the best service I could ever, ever imagine too. I am so happy I found these guys and their prices are very fair as well!

  4. Eggs truly are a perfect food Marla – and Lori is right – adding water can give you really light and fluffy eggs! Slow cooking, a well greased pan and not much stirring … perfection!!!

  5. All your Telluride pictures just draw me in–again, one of my favorite places in the world. My husband and I are considering squeezing in a visit this summer and I’m really hoping it works out. I fall in love with the town over and over again upon arrival.

    There’s nothing like a big plate off scrambled eggs. Yours looks perfect.

    1. Jean, please do let me know if you end here in Telluride this summer (or any time) we are here for many weeks! I would love to see you. I am so in love with this place it’s crazy 🙂

  6. Actually eggs do kind of have a season. Right now, with the shorter days, we’re getting anywhere between 1 and 4 eggs total from 10 hens. I think it’s time to add a light to the coop. I’ve also heard that water makes fluffier eggs so that’s what I use.

  7. I am the richest girl in the world. I have eight hard working hens that give me eight eggs a day! Today I added 3 tsp. of cream cheese at the very end of my scramble. When you take a bite with the rich cream cheese you will think you are in heaven! I also use water when whisking. The best combination I have found is to top the cream cheese scramble with chives and bacon, so yummy.