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Nira Alpina, Switzerland


Upon my arrival to the Engadin/St. Moritz region of Switzerland the first hotel I stayed at was the super chic Nira Alpina. This is a swanky new property recently taken over by some of the best hoteliers. I know this is a place I will return to often in my life. The hotel is surrounded by the Swiss Alps. It is next to the famous Corvatsch Mountain and nearby glistening Lake Silvaplana. For months now I have been gawking over the online gallery of photos for this ski in/ski our resort. The Nira Alpina seamlessly blends luxury with hip, cool, quirky fun! Please join me for a virtual tour of my experiences there….


Nira Alpina Hotel and Spa | Switzerland |


Summer and Winter Fun

As a hard core skier it was tricky to decide if I wanted my first visit to this region to be in the winter or the summer. Cows with bells had me sold on summer…


Happy Swiss Cows | Switzerland Travel on


For my first trip to Switzerland I chose the freedom and flexibility to explore the St. Moritz region easily on foot and mountain bike. I am passionate about active luxury travel. I live for my adventure sports, but at the end of the day I want the unique refinements that this hotel delivers.


Nira Alpina Hotel and Spa | Switzerland |


I woke every morning to these grand views at the Nira Alpina ~ I loved my huge balcony!


Corvatsch Mountain

Corvatsch Ski Mountain | Switzerland |


Just so you know, I WILL be back in the winter.


Corvatsch Ski Mountain | Switzerland |


It thrills me that they are very kid & family friendly at the Nira Alpina. Their unique location right on Corvatsch mountain makes it simple to whisk the kids to and from ski school. It is difficult to manage ski gear and to walk in clunky ski boots with little ones. There is easy access with a covered bridge from the hotel that leads to the gondola.

The mountain is challenging with plenty of room for beginners and experts to get their ski thrills!

Corvatsch also has the highest mountain restaurant in the Eastern Alps perched at 10,826 feet (3300 meters.)


Corvatsch Ski Mountain | Switzerland |


The Engadin region is one of the most spectacular places I have ever been too. The Nira Alpina is perfectly situated for fun in any season.


Lake Silvaplana

Swiss Travel | St. Moritz, Switzerland |


Lake Silvaplana is a 10 minute walk downhill from the hotel. I love the contrast of winter and summer!

What I love about this resort is it getaway from it all vibe. Everything you could possibly need is located in the hotel. Should you wish to explore, there is the option of heading into St. Moritz which is only a few kilometers away. In the summer it is a lovely walk. In all seasons there are also regular buses and shuttles.

The weather in this region is dry and sunny most of the year. This makes it easy to be outside all the time!


Lake Silvaplana | Switzerland | Kite Surfing |


I loved these views each afternoon as the famous Maloja winds blow in.

Lake Silvaplana is used heavily for sports, such as kitesurfing and windsurfing in the summertime. In the winter, once it freezes, the lake is used for cross country skiing, walking trails & kitesurfing on snow. The famous Engadin Skimarathon crossing the lake annually.


Art, Design + Spaces

Nira Alpina Hotel and Spa | Switzerland |


Trendy art and design makes this property unique and fabulous. Fashion photography by Amedo M.Turello decorates all of the walls. I think I need to intern with him. He is SO talented!


Nira Alpina Hotel and Spa | Switzerland |


My room was well appointed, very spacious and would be perfect for people traveling with children. I stayed in a Alpine Juior Suite.

This is a huge room that is prefect for families or couples wanting extra space. It is also great for just me! My kids would seriously love this place. I showed them my room on Skype and they were freaking out! The amazing wifi connection in the resort made it very easy for me to work and stay in touch with my family.

There are many community spots (with great views!) in the hotel that invite conversation and socializing…


Nira Alpina Hotel and Spa | Switzerland |


Families & Kids

The Nira also has just started their Kids Club so the littles are well entertained while you can enjoy adult time in their fine restaurants or the wonderful Nira Spa.

When we travel with our kids we like things very easy and accessible, kids programs are great for the adults and the kids. That way everyone can keep good and busy. Time together and apart is always a great thing.

In the winter the Nira Alpina will provide ski lift tickets, per night of stay for each paid guest. That is an awesome deal! In the summer there are inclusive transport cards that allow access onto 13 cable cars, funiculars and chairlifts in the Engadin St. Moritz area. No excuse not to explore! You can take a look at their packages here.

Another reason to bring the kids – they would love the swiss cows too. Moo.


Happy Swiss Cows | Switzerland Travel on


My obsession lingers with the cows with bells. I woke before them each morning and I was delighted to hear their bells upon sunrise…


Nira Spa

The Nira Spa invites ultimate relaxation. Just so you know Nira means pure. The Nira Spa experience is all that and more. Isn’t that so pretty? Just the color alone settles the mind.


Nira Alpina Hotel and Spa | Switzerland |


I indulged in a deep tissue massage that was one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had. I was rubbed down with elegant, organic aromatherapy creams. I asked for a deep tissue massage. The pressure was perfect and my lovely masseuse used a wooden rolling pin kinda thing to make it all the more perfect!


Nira Alpina Hotel and Spa | Switzerland |


There is also a wet area open to all guests of the hotel. It has a sauna, whirl pool, steam room, aromatherapy room, enchanting relaxation lounge and a super cool red fridge with herbal teas and cooling towels.


Couples and Romance

There are plenty of cozy spots to get away from it all and be alone on a romantic getaway.

Nira Alpina Hotel and Spa | Switzerland |


The Nira Alpina is the perfect place to enjoy as a couple too. It would be the ultimate romantic spot to celebrate an anniversary, honeymoon or special getaway.


Nira Alpina Hotel and Spa | Switzerland |


Culinary Experience

Bakery at Nira Alpina Hotel | Switzerland |


There are a few dining options to choose from at the Nira.

Each morning I treated myself to breakfast at the Bakery (traditional Swiss Bircher Muesli) and a few steamy cups of the perfect espresso from my in room best friend.

For a quick bite the Bakery (above) is perfect. The sandwiches with pretzel bread are a great option to fuel skiing and high altitude hikes! All of the baked goods are homemade in the bakery each day.

In the evening I enjoyed the restaurant Stars. The premise of this restaurant is to bring the art of inspirational small plates to a region typically not used to this kind of dining. Ethnic and traditional flavors combine to delight the senses. Sharing is encouraged to promote thought, creativity and the art of socializing. Guest chefs are brought in from around the world to insure the authenticity of worldly flavors.


Nira Alpina Hotel and Spa | Switzerland |


Chef  Wildenhain is the executive chef and he believes in using the highest quality of seasonal ingredients. The flavors shine in each and every bite! The meal begins with this simple presentation of vine ripe tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil and exotic sea salts…


Fresh Tomatoes | Switzerland |


We then moved on to a delightful courses of fresh flavors inspired by regions around the globe…


Salad with Almonds & Mango |


I was able to enjoy the protein rich, veggie filled meals that I love best!


Healthy Bites at Nira Alpina Hotel | Switzerland |


When asked if we wanted dessert I requested something very light. Perfectly ripened strawberries were to do be dipped in the finest little cup of white chocolate.


Strawberries with White Chocolate Dip |


The Nira Alpina is in the prestigious Design Hotels group. This group prides themselves on carefully hand selected “Originals.” “All “Originals” stand for the individual, aesthetic and service-driven experiences that their hotels provide.” This hotel is certainly an original! Whether you have the opportunity to visit in winter or summer there is adventure and nature for everyone to enjoy.


Nira Alpina Hotel and Spa | Switzerland |


If you would like to learn more about the Nira Alpina, their super friendly and knowledgable staff can help you plan your vacation no matter what time of year. Nira has two other hotels that I must to check out some day too. There is Nira Maurice (situated on the Indian Ocean) and Nira Caledonia in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Switzerland |


By the way, the Nira Alpina is on the 2012 Hot List at Condé Nast Traveler as one of the Best New Hotels in the World ~ now that is HOT!


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~ Marla Meridith

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    1. Hi Rosa, my Swiss pal… glad you enjoyed this post. I know Geneva is a bit far by rail from the Engadin region.
      Hopefully you can make your way back to Graubüden some day in the near future. xo

  1. Wow, those are some wonderful pictures. The hotel looks amazing, I’ll tell my parents about it. They do an annual extended spa-weekend in November and mostly choose a hotel in Tyrol because it’s just a 2 hour drive away from home but I know they would really enjoy this hotel as well. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip! Your pictures really make me want to go too!

    1. Antonia, that is awesome that your folks get a Swiss spa retreat one time per year. I do hope you and them get to try the Nira Alpina some day. I believe you will be very pleased! I am glad my photos could entice you more 🙂

  2. I honestly think Switzerland might be the most beautiful place in the world. Your gorgeous photography has really captered the essence and the feel of the land…amazing, Marla!

    1. Faith, I know you have been all around the globe. That is so cool that you find Switzerland so extra fabulous! Hopefully one day I can learn more about your experiences there 🙂

  3. Marla!
    My COOL~hip SWISS loving friend!
    Where do I begin!
    You know how I feel about Switzerland!
    Loved getting to experience this region of Switzerland through these stunning pictures.
    How fabulous are those gigantic COW BELLS!
    Love hiking the swiss alps and hearing the clanging cow bells in the distance.
    How cool is that espresso coffee maker in your suite! LOVE it!
    The spa would be fabulous after a long day of hiking or skiing!
    Can’t wait for you to return and experience the SNOW!
    There’s just nothing in this world like Switzerland!
    Thank you for sharing your trip with such a love for this beautiful country.
    So happy to find someone who loves Switzerland like I do!
    Hugs and LOVE Marla!
    We’ve got to go together one day!

    1. Teresa, thanks so much for your colorful comment 🙂
      I know you are a SWISS MISS too!!
      Those sweet cows with bells are captivating in every way. There is nothing like that sound.
      Beautiful + soothing.
      Could you imagine doing yoga on a Swiss mountain top with the bells clanging
      in the distance?
      I had a feeling you would love that little firecracker red espresso maker.
      I tried to find it online but cannot ~ might need to contact the Nira.
      Yes, one day you and I shall visit together. I would love to have you show me around.

  4. Marla,

    What a fun trip, and I love love the pictures! Wow, how pretty. I a so jealous of your adventures right now 😛 I’ve never been out of the country before, but am planning on taking a trip to Italy within the next few years. Fingers crossed it happens!

    1. Alex, I hope that Italy happens soon for you too. Prior to this Swiss trip I had not been to Europe in quite a few years. It is always a grand adventure 🙂

  5. So glad you enjoyed your time there! I actually haven’t seen Corvatsch Mountain! I REALLY wanted to go, but even though Switzerland is small I never made it in my two years there. I think I’ll visit next summer! GREAT photos!

  6. How lovely! I think I’ve heard of Nira Alpina–have spent a number of happy summers over the years at my great uncle’s chalet in Ftan, the village right next door. I’ve even have been to the Schaukäserei of your earlier post–how fun to see your lovely pictures and be reminded of those happy memories! Isn’t it unreal getting to gaze across the valley every day and see the castle?!

  7. What a great tour! Though I traveled throughout Europe, including Switzerland when I was in college, I have never been to the Engadin/St. Moritz region. I think you made a great choice in visiting in the summer. It looks like the perfect vacation destination.

    Wishing you more extraordinary travels!

  8. Beautiful!!
    I have grown up with the belief that Switzerland is the most stunning place on the planet and I still believe that!! And your pictures just made my belief stronger!!!
    Beautiful hotel, delicious food… I have to show this to my hubby.. I need a vacation…lOL

  9. I’m sold! This looks so gorgeous! I’ve been to Switzerland once ages ago but that was in winter. Gorgeous too but I think I would prefer summer season especially looking at your beautiful pics!

  10. Oh Honey, You and I share the same adventure/luxury travel/good food passions! The last time I said that on my blog I got an anonymous comment that said, that my blog and I made them sick and I was just trying to make everyone else feel bad! Personally I LOVE getting to go to all these fabulous places via my computer screen 🙂 You must have been in heaven on this trip! This looks absolutely amazing, thanks for taking me to Switzerland for just a few minutes. xo

    1. Marina, I was so sorry to hear that person left a rude comment on your post. I LOVE to hear about the HAPPY + FUN things that people get to do. Learning about fabulous travel experiences is fascinating to me. I love the photos and take away information people like you provide. Sadly some people like to terrorize others and cannot appreciate the joys and passions we share. They will always have their negativity and joyless attitude. The best we can do is hit the delete key. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive and energetic comments on my posts. Hopefully one day we can meet up and enjoy adventure/luxury travel/good food together!

  11. Wow Marla! The views are incredible. I’m speechless! I’ve never seen such gorgeous mountains, I bet it’s even more breathtaking in person.

    1. Rikki, you would never put your camera down. Whenever I tried to it was back in my face!! The Swiss Alps are truly breathtaking!

    1. Jean, I bet you have beautiful images from the Winter ~ yes, I do hope your travels take you back to Switzerland in the warmer months too. Bring lots of camera gear 😉

  12. Absolutely stunning, Marla!! I loved all of your pictures…so gorgeous, felt like being there with you…almost. 🙂 I hope to go one day! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Oh my goodness that view from your room is breathtaking! If I woke up to that every day, I wouldn’t want to leave! This looks like it was such an amazing trip, I know we are all jealous 😉 So hoping I can get to that part of the world to explore one day 🙂 I am curious, I don’t know if you mentioned in a previous post, but was this a sponsored trip or was this just somewhere you’d been wanting to visit and decided to go for it? (Sorry if that is a rude question, I am just wondering!)

  14. These are AMAZING pictures! I am so happy you had a great time. That deep tissue massage sounds incredible and your photography is stunning.
    Miss you and hope you had a great weekend!

  15. What a stunning spot, Marla! It sounds like a resort with something for everyone…adults, kids, food-lovers, etc. I have a feeling I’ll see some photos of you on those Swiss slopes someday. 🙂