Pine Cone Turkey Centerpieces

Pine Cone Turkey Centerpieces


How To: Pine Cone Turkey Centerpieces | Thanksgiving Craft | on
With Thanksgiving around the corner I wanted to share a really fun and simple holiday craft with you. These cute pine cone turkeys are perfect for table top, mantle or anywhere!

The awesome creative team over at Martha Stewart sent me this brand new Circle Edge Punch to give a test drive before the November 13th release date.

Lets’s talk turkey shall we?!

How To: Pine Cone Turkey Centerpieces ~ Thanksgiving Craft on
As soon as I accepted to do the review of this punch I pondered how I could create something super cute, creative & memorable.

I love whimsical designs that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. Must come from my background as a textile & graphic designer for Disney…

How To: Pine Cone Turkey Centerpieces ~ Thanksgiving Craft on

A few years ago my daughter brought home the cutest pine cone turkey that she had made at school. It had feathers and google eyes. It was very pretty on the Thanksgiving table.

It inspired me to come up with this!

By the way, if you are looking for healthy and delicious Thanksgiving recipes please visit my round-up post for those.

How To: Pine Cone Turkey Centerpieces ~ Thanksgiving Craft on

Using the awesome, simple to use Circle Edge Punch ~ it was fun to create all different shapes for my turkey.

What I love about this punch is that you can easily vary the diameters of your circles.

Punch circular borders in 7 sizes from paper up to 12 inches. I can’t wait to see Martha Stewart’s demo tomorrow on

How To: Pine Cone Turkey Centerpieces ~ Thanksgiving Craft on

What you need for this craft:

Martha, I hope you like the fun I had with your new fun craft punch!

  • You can all see Martha Stewart demonstrating the Circle Edge Punch on Tuesday, November 13th on
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*Note: there is no discount on the Circle Edge Punch, which is only available at This product is only available exclusively on while supplies last.  Once they’re gone, the Circle Edge Punch won’t be available again until after the holidays. It’s not going to be available in stores anywhere

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52 Responses to Pine Cone Turkey Centerpieces

  1. Wow! I love Martha’s tools. She never fails. This is the perfect craft for me since I am in charge of the Thanksgiving decor this year. The kids will love this. I will make these turkeys even if I don’t win. LOL

  2. I’m not able to make too many craft projects for the holidays.Although last year I made foam Christmas tress. This looks like a project that I could do with my daughter in no time. I think I’ll have to add it to my list!

  3. When we were kids we would make yarn braids with mini-wreaths, cinnamon sticks and scented with cinnamon oil. I hadn’t though about these in years.

  4. I love making crafts for fall. It’s my favorite time of the year. Especially since we moved to coastal Georgia and we don’t experience the New England falls I grew up with.

  5. I love to make Wreaths. My friend owns a tree farm and I get all the limbs and pines I need to make them. I love coming up with new ideas for making my fresh wreaths. This year I made some with pampas grass, oh they came out so nice. they can be use year round.

  6. hehe…I’m totally not a crafty person. But I kinda “have to” after having kids. Last year I made ginger bread house with them and we all had so much fun. I guess we’ll do that again this year.

  7. My favorite craft project to do every Christmas is to make all my family and friends personalized ornaments! I love coming up with different ways to make them new and exciting every year and it’s always a blast to do!

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