Bakerella JOY! {giveaway}

BIG Bakerella *Cake Pops* Giveaway on blog #cakepops

Raise your hand if you know who the fabulously talented Bakerella is?!

OK, I know all of you are waving your hands in the air. I am so excited to share a GIANT holiday collection of her amazing products with you today.

You too can make your own cake pops…

BIG Bakerella *Cake Pops* Giveaway on #cakepops

With the Ultimate Cake Pops Set!

BIG Bakerella *Cake Pops* Giveaway on #cakepops

Back in July Bakerella hosted Christmas, so I figured I could host it now…

One lucky winner gets~

Signed copies of the fab Cake Pops cookbooks ~ Original + Holidays

BIG Bakerella *Cake Pops* Giveaway on #cakepops

Cake Pops Kit…this has a great full color handbook and cake pop essentials.

BIG Bakerella *Cake Pops* Giveaway on #cakepops

Look at these darling Cake Pop themed note cards! Send them to your friends and family.

BIG Bakerella *Cake Pops* Giveaway on #cakepops

You might even get subtle notes telling you to get off of Pinterest & into the kitchen

…yes, I have a Cake Pops board over there too.

BIG Bakerella *Cake Pops* Giveaway on #cakepops

Did you know ~ not only can Angie work amazing magic with cake, candy & sticks…

She is also a fly fishing afinchinado (or at least she was for 30 minutes.)


Bakerella Fly Fishing ~ Girl Hunter Weekend on

Thank you Bakerella for making our world a happier + brighter place.

Your charm & passion for FUN makes us all so HAPPY!

BIG Bakerella *Cake Pops* Giveaway on #cakepops

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Here is where to find Cake Pops books and more:

Also available here:

~ Marla Meridith

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252 thoughts on “Bakerella JOY! {giveaway}

  1. How do you pick just one favorite?! They get better every time she makes them. I LOVE the new Sparky ones. They crack me up!

  2. Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I love cakepops and making them for all sorts of occasions 🙂

  3. I am a chocolate girl! Chocolate on chocolate! My youngest sister and I like to cook and bake together. This would be so fun for the two of us!

  4. My favorite cake pop is… oreo cake pops… or red velvet… or cookies and cream cake pops… its too hard to choose!

  5. Not sure, I’ve never had a cake pop before! But I would be more than willing to try one! Or two! This looks awesome!

  6. I love these..have been doing them for about 10 years without the stick! I love chocolate mint ones shapes like owls!

  7. I love any cake pops my daughter makes for our family! I do have to say the Red Velvet ones with the cream cheese frosting have a tendency to fall into my mouth the fastest!

  8. Love the snowman cake pops. My favorite flavor has to be chocolate. This is a wonderful giveaway and thanks for offering.

  9. Favorite flavor, chocolate. Cant wait to make those adorable Christmas cake pops. Bakerella does an amazing job!

  10. i love halloween ones- ghosts and pumpkins, they’re so easy to make! and i love chocolate cake/chocolate icing- yum!

  11. I love to make cake pops and would love to own a signed copy of her book! I love all the holiday themed ones!

  12. I love the baby chick designs. I like to keep it simple with the flavors – yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

  13. I’ve been eyeing those books for such a long time now! All cake pops are the best! I love them all! 😀

  14. My favourite cake pop would have to be the Red Velvet ones…delicious!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such an awesome prize!!

  15. Love Bakerella stuff…and now she introduced me to your blog! My granddaughters and I enjoy working together to make cake pops!

  16. I love Bakerella! My favorite ones she has made are Mater, but the only ones I have tried to make are just some plain ones, even then, I had to cover them with sprinkles because they were a bit cracked and broken looking. 🙂

  17. I must be totally honest here… my absolute favorite Bakerella cake pops are the Kidney Cake Pops! I’m so wowed by those adorable kidneys. LOL

  18. My favorite cake pop would have to be the smiley face ones beacause they are really easy to make & everyone could use a smile 🙂

  19. I am rather partial to Caramel Apple cake pops – a friend of mine made them for my birthday and i’ve been addicted to them ever since!

  20. My favorite kind is one that actually looks like what I’m trying to make. There are always the ones that you just have to enjoy with your eyes closed since they really didn’t quite turn out “just right”. 🙂

  21. Bakerella is a genius. My favorite cake pops decor-wise were her Muppets cake pops – they were SO perfect and just adorable! Flavor-wise, I like spice cake. There is a cake pop made like a little bowl aquarium dipped in blue cake melts with a little goldfish in it – so cute! Would SO love to win this!

  22. I love making cake pops, although I have yet to be brave enough to make anything as complicated as Bakerella’s. I have eyeballed her books in the bookstore many times, knowing that purchasing would be committing to attempting. So many cute little ideas … Maybe it’s time to get off my duff, suck it up, and just do it!

  23. I have to say I am torn over which could be my favourite … I love the Boston Terriers, because I had the best BT for 15 years and miss her dearly. My granddaughter is over the moon for Hello Kitty and would be all over me if I could replicate those for her. But Oscar the Grouch is my favourite Sesame Street character. Of course, there are the little aliens from Pizza Planet (Ewww … the Claw!), Frosty the Snowman, the Nutcrackers …. How am I supposed to pick just one?????

  24. My favourite cake pop is Boston Terrier … no the mini ice cream cones … no the Nutcrackers …. no the Oscar The Grouch … no Frosty the Snowman …. Don’t make me choose just one!!!!!

  25. I made the owl cake pops for my daughter’s first birthday. I want to get my older daughter the cake pop set for Christmas. We all love cake pops!

  26. My favorite is any cake pop that has to do with chocolate. I’ve made different shapes using mini cookie

  27. What a wonderful giveaway…I really need to learn to make some of these…I have admired from afar for too long!!!! Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  28. I don’t discriminate when it comes to something as important as cake so it’s impossible to have one favorite 😉

  29. I just had a cake pop for the first time about two months ago. A friend made them for my baby shower with chocolate cake and blue coating, and they were DELICIOUS! I’d love to make some chocolate cake pops for my daughter’s birthday party in January.

  30. My favorite cake pop have always been the poppy seed lemon cake pop and also Red Velvet, preferably in the shape of cupcakes! Love your work!

  31. My favorite cake pop is the cupcake cake pop! I love all things cupcake & it was the first cake pop recipe I tried as well. Sentimental value and all! Thank you so muh for the giveaway!!

  32. I have always wanted to try and make these. Since my son has a dairy allergy, I would need to adapt the ingredients, but am sure I could figure it out! There are plenty of us vegan bakers who have become creative in the kitchen out of necessity. How about a vegan Bakerella! 😉

  33. I think the sheep are adorable! I’ve enjoyed making the bride and groom cake pops, and would love to try to one for Christmas. My girls LOVE cake pops, and I love to see them so happy and excited for something that I made!

  34. Bakerella made this really cute reindeer cake pops for Christmas a few years ago. I’m going to have to try and recreate them! 🙂

  35. Flavor: Chocolate

    Style: Ice cream cake pop … love it. can’t wait to make it.

    But like everyone above, I love them all. Such a happy little sweet.