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Quotes to Inspire: No.2 #QOTD

Happy Sunday! Here are some quotes to set your intentions in a happy place… "I Got This" Quotes to Inspire on ( @MarlaMeridith ) Hope your weekend has been wonderful! Inspire yourself & others with these quotes on Pinterest, Instagram & around the web! Please do share. xo "Because I Said So" Quotes to Inspire on ( @MarlaMeridith ) How often do you feel like saying this? I do daily, especially with my kiddos. "Coffee Has My Back" Quotes to Inspire on ( @MarlaMeridith ) Coffee always has my back! Especially first thing every morning. "Don't meet your expectations. Exceed them!" Quotes to Inspire on ( @MarlaMeridith ) I live by this & practice it each & every minute of the day. I believe in exceeding my own expectations. Once upon a time......Quotes to Inspire on ( @MarlaMeridith ) I used to be shy….really. These days I’ve grown into the person I wanted to be. Every day I strive to become better. "Go Get It" Quotes to Inspire on ( @MarlaMeridith ) I say “Go Get It” to myself throughout the day. It encourages me to be successful in business, motherhood & everything I do! "Be One of a Kind" Quotes to Inspire on ( @MarlaMeridith ) Be yourself, love yourself & celebrate your unique one of a kind personality.]]>

~ Marla Meridith

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