Rainbow Veggie Chicken Soup

Rainbow Vegetable Chicken Soup | Recipe on

Apparently I have a thing for rainbows. Two recipes in the past week have been rainbow-y. Last week it was a Roasted Rainbow Carrot Tart (a sweet, delicious tart ~ have you tried it yet?)

Today we eat the colors of the rainbow in a soup chock full of chicken and vegetables!

Rainbow Vegetable Chicken Soup | Recipe on

I make this soup often, especially in the cooler months. It is my dads favorite, so when he comes to visit I’m sure to have a pot bubbling away on the stove.

Whenever I cook this for my parents ~ my dad begs my mom to make soup exactly like this back where they live in NY.

Rainbow Vegetable Chicken Soup | Recipe on

She rolls her eyes and says to my dad “you LOVE my chicken soup ~ but OK ~ Marla send us the recipe.”

This exchange has been going on for about 4 years now. I sense some jealousy but we won’t get into that.

Why has it taken me sooooo long to post this recipe? Quite frankly I just add all the ingredients to a large soup pot, season to taste and never measure anything. It is usually gone that night or by the next day without a chance to photograph it.

Rainbow Vegetable Chicken Soup | Recipe on

Mom, dad and blog pals ~ here it is finally.

The simplest chicken soup you will ever make! Grab as many colorful veggies as you can. No stress. Fuss free.

I like mine with just veggies, chicken and a big hunk of cheese on the side.

Say Cheese! FamilyFreshCooking,com

Rainbow Vegetable Chicken Soup | Recipe on

My kids, hubs and dad like heaps of noodles in theirs.

Have fun with the vegetables you use. Choose your favorites.

Sometimes I use regular potatoes, in this case sweet potatoes. Sometimes spinach, sometimes kale.

Rainbow Vegetable Chicken Soup | Recipe on

Most of the time I use fresh dill, there was none in the store so bright flavored cilantro was a great alternative.

Rainbow Vegetable Chicken Soup | Recipe on

Here in Telluride  food availability can be slim pickins at times, so I need to make quick adaptations to some of my ingredients.

Change is good though right?!

Telluride, CO Winter on

Telluride, CO Winter on

There is nothin’ like coming into a warming bowl of soup after a long day of winters play in the fluffy white snow!

Rainbow Vegetable Chicken Soup | Recipe on


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~ Marla Meridith

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41 thoughts on “Rainbow Veggie Chicken Soup

    1. Hi Heidi! Great to see you here 🙂 Thankfully I stumbled upon those beauties at the market the other day. Funny ~ I could not find dill, but rainbow carrots were a lovely surprise!

  1. I love the bright colors, all I see is flavorful healthy! That is the way to eat. I will need to give this a go soon. My boyfriend, like you husband and dad, would do extra noodles too. My recent version, I add butternut squash, kale, and quinoa. The quinoa makes it so filling, and healthy. I Love these soups!

  2. I love soups with all different vegetables – the more colorful the better. I do the same with stir-fries. Eat the colors of the rainbow – that’s a great way to assemble any meal. Beautiful!

  3. Mmmm, I cant wait to make this soup! I am really digging the kale in there. Im a bit obsessed with kale at the moment 🙂 I especially love how easy it is to throw together! Really looking forward to it! PS, I linked back to a couple of your quinoa posts in my latest post. Really looking forward to making some of those too!