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Roasted Rainbow Carrot Tart

I love rainbow carrots! They are so beautiful. I hope you like these pretties too ~ ’cause you will be seeing them a lot around here.

Last year I shared a recipe for Roasted Rainbow Carrots 2 Ways: Sweet & Savory. The sweet maple carrot version is what you top this tart with.

With the perfect almond crust you will want to bake 2 at a time. Or 3.


Roasted Rainbow Carrot Tart | recipe on


Let’s get a quickie close up at my favorite almond crust…

By the way it is gluten free, grain free and suitable for Paleo lifestyles.


Roasted Rainbow Carrot Tart | recipe on


Here are a few more recipes where I use this crust. It is perfect in sweets and savories:


Roasted Rainbow Carrot Tart | recipe on

Roasted Rainbow Carrot Tart | recipe on

You can serve this tart for Easter. With the proper Royal Doulton Bunnykins place settings, of course.

We spent lots of time in the UK as children. Bunnykins were gifted to us by my sweet auntie.

Roasted Rainbow Carrot Tart | recipe on

Don’t forget to top with homemade whipped cream ~ whether it be dairy or coconut cream.

Roasted Rainbow Carrot Tart | recipe on

Roasted Rainbow Carrot Tart | recipe on


Grab a few forks & someone you love ~ enjoy this sweet tart together.


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~ Marla Meridith

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51 thoughts on “Roasted Rainbow Carrot Tart

  1. I love anything Royal Doulton (my collection began in college!), and if it has BUNNIES? even better!

    this tart is gorgeous – what a delicious statement!

  2. I am totally in love with the mix of flavors here Marla! This is stunning in every way – and the spices and the colorful carrots. My imagination is running rampant here. Not to mention the Bunnykins – heart melted.

  3. Marla the tart is gorgeous. The little puffy chunks of carrots are like little buttons on a tufted couch. So fancy and adorable, all in one. And the Bunnykins … I had some as a child! I wonder (hope) my mother still has them. I can only imagine how much they’ve appreciated and hope to one day get my hands on them. Haven’t thought about those in 20 years. Thanks for the memories!

    And love how you wrapped the words around the plate in the opening pic. So clever!

  4. Umm, I’m not even sure what just happened. It’s like every food world collided, and I kept wondering how this could possibly work, but then by the time I was done reading the ingredients, it all made sense. So clever and original! I’m totally impressed!

  5. Hello Marla, I’m so glad you visited my blog, thanks for linking!
    You have a lovely and beautiful blog, for sure I’ll come often to visit your great ideas.
    Greetings from the Netherlands,