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These are the tunes I listen to all. the. time. They encourage me to take flight down snowy mountains. They guide me on breathy hikes. They help me endure long airplane flights. When I cook I dance to them.

They sooth my soul.

They all make me really happy, reflective and grateful.

I would LOVE to hear about your favorite tunes. I might just add them to my iTunes playlist. Leave your sound bytes in the comments. You can also leave links on my Facebook page so even more people can see them.

My favorite music playlist |

~ Marla Meridith

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17 thoughts on “My Music Playlist

  1. I love your #24 pick. James Otto has so many other great songs that you should add. My all time favorite is “Since You Brought It Up”. but I actually have many more favorites that he sings. Also, anything by Eric Church is on my playlist as well. Check out Chris Jansen also, he is a up and rising singer/songer writer.

  2. Raising Sand is one of my favorite albums, although I really love anything Alison Krauss. My favorite song of hers is Lay Down Beside Me though. And I’ve about completely worn out my Paper Airplane album!

  3. the ones I recognize I love. so the others are probably great too. i am much more of a country fan in the last 8 years. some of my faves are keith urban, kenny chesney, brad paisley “water”, and kid rock’s newer stuff like “born free”. i always welcome new music. i am going to go find some of that in itunes. thanks for the great post. what a great idea.

    xxoo, andrea

  4. Awesome play list!! Love it, I personally would add a bit more George!! You csnt have enough of that cowboy.