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Royal Wedding Luncheon in the OC

Prince William and Kate Middleton flag

Last month people from around the world tuned in at all hours of the day and night to catch a glimpse of Prince William and his bride Catherine Middleton walk down the aisle at Westminster Abbey. I took the events in via twitter feeds, not a shock. Later that day I attended a school fundraiser. Not just any small gymnasium party. A full blown, fancy hat wearing shin dig. It would have been sure to impress the press had they not all been at the Royal Wedding some 8000 miles away.

Ladies who lunch in Orange County, Cailfornia

I guess press was not really needed as they had me walking around in heels and a giant camera lens. I like pretty things. Can you tell…..

Fancy lady in feather hat pouring champagne at tea party

By the way did you know on YouTube there is an official Royal Channel? That way you can relive the magic over and over again. I figured since I missed it the first go around I would continue to fancy the wedding at a distance. At elegant tea parties.

Elegant school fundraiser in Orange County, Cailfornia

Look at these gorgeous Pimm’s cup cocktails. A full serving of fruit in one glass. Mine was made with fizzy water, perfect for toasting.

Equestrian property in Orange County CA, horse farm.

Once a year ladies from school come together with a chosen theme to throw a huge fundraiser party. The stage is partially set with the beautiful bluebird days common in sunny Southern California. I posted last years event, the theme was Alice in Wonderland. You can have a glimpse of both posts.
 Elegant school fundraiser in Orange County, Cailfornia
The money raised benefits our school library. A safe, quiet place for our children to read, grow, learn and explore. I often seek refuge in our school library. I tether my computer to my iPhone’s 3G connection and blog away. Sitting among the fresh, inspired energy of the students is amazing. Young minds are vibrant. The gifts received from this fundraiser magically help to prepare these children for their colorful lives ahead.

Royal blue place setting with POP champagne at fundraiser
I feel blessed that my family is a part of this beautiful school community each and every day. The school mission is simple and poetic. To encourage learning thorough open hearts, kindness, mindfulness and spirituality,

Elegant school fundraiser in Orange County, Cailfornia

That is what all parents want for their children……friendship, community, love, health and peace.

Elegant school fundraiser in Orange County, Cailfornia

This luncheon is spectacular in every way. It unites people with a positive mission and turns a simple day into a beautiful dreamy memory. The bagpipes added to the grand event.
Elegant school fundraiser in Orange County, Cailfornia
Let’s not forget about the food.
Elegant school fundraiser in Orange County, Cailfornia
Hope you enjoyed this visual feast…..I wonder what the theme will be next year??
British flags at fancy Orange County tea party
There were so many beautiful images from this party. If you would like to see more please view them in flickr in my album titled Royal Wedding Luncheon 2011.
Royal Wedding Themed Posts

~ Marla Meridith

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38 thoughts on “Royal Wedding Luncheon in the OC

  1. Oh my gosh, this is beautiful! …..and so housewives of Orange County, lol! You look amazing and the party looks like it was just amazing!! Lovely photos!

  2. Oh wow, I remember last year’s theme!! It was so much fun and so is this, Marla! You ladies always outdo yourselves…and it’s such a good cause to support!

    1. Faith, it is always a treat to see what these ladies dream up. All credit goes to them, I just take some pretty pictures. Glad you have been able to enjoy both this and last years event with me. I can only imagine the kind of party you would dream up….and the delicious food you would create 🙂

  3. So much fun, but seriously? I’m so jealous of your school fundraisers. We have carnivals and cake walks… you have these fab glam events! So fun.

    1. Kristin, it was so hard to edit the photos. I had so many! So much eye candy everywhere. I always end up taking pictures way more than socializing 😉

  4. What a wonderful looking day Marla! The Pimm’s cups look amazing and gotta love the fancy hats.

  5. Marla you look great and what a celebration!!!

    This is straight off the Real Housewives of OC, I swear. You need to be on that show. Can I be your stand-in sidekick? What a fabulous afternoon…seriously, where were the tv crews to capture this. It all looks awesome!

    And you in the black outfit..oooh la la, looking good there!

    And the purple/lavender baked goods, omg. SO PRETTY!

    I want luncheons like these. Or just starbucks meetups in dirty workout clothes. Either way, just seeing you is perfect 🙂

    1. Averie you know me, any day is a great day when I am in my Lululemon. This stuff is fun but thank goodness I am not on one of those shows.
      Here’s to the great outdoors, friendship, motherhood and our casual meet ups at Starbucks.

  6. And why wasn’t I invited?!!! You all look so lovely – and British in that gorgeous OC Desperate Housewives kind of a way – JEALOUS!!! xxx

    1. Susan, that is so funny….my aunt who lives in the UK said our party looked like the real deal. it was soooo fun! My friend who hosted that table brought all of those decorations back from her recent trip to England. She is an awesome party planner.

  7. I recall the Alice in WOnderland post from last year. It was outrageous and completely over the top. Incredible. I recall thinking – and find myself thinking again – with parents like this baking your school, your children will be in the best of hands, always.
    I have been in a real blogging slump lately – barely posted since Feb and am trying to not be overwhelmed by how far behind I am in my readings, but am warmed by the memories and inspiration I am receiving reading posts like this.

    1. Valerie, great to see you back on the scene. Been so busy over here, but have missed you bunches. This event was wonderful. It was super fun to be able to capture it in photos to share with you guys. Could you imagine the party all of us food bloggers could throw….omg. So fun!

    1. Pauline, I know that purple table was designed by two of my very close friends. They did an awesome job. The colors were spectacular. Are you in the OC?