Sizzlin’ Summer Fun with Capri Sun!

Marla Meridith

July 30, 2014

Summer Fun with Capri Sun! |

Summer Fun with Capri Sun! |
How is your summer going? Ours is go, go, go! All year long we are super active here in Telluride, Colorado. What changes in the summer when the snow is not dumping down? Oh lots! We hike, mountain bike, fish, play in the park, swim, go on Jeep tours… and more! Where are you gonna find us? OUTSIDE!

So what do we bring on our outdoor adventures? A whole lot of simple, healthy & delicious snacks. We also pack lots to drink. It’s so easy to get dehydrated in the high altitude sun & we need to make sure we are as hydrated as possible. Capri Sun juice drinks are an awesome way to drink up, besides they taste awesome!

Did you know:

  • Capri Sun juice drinks has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives and has a new clear bottom pouch to show off the purity.
  • Don’t be shy… this drink is a great for you as it is for your kiddos!
  • Since 2008, more than 200 million Capri Sun juice drink pouches have been collected through Capri Sun’s partnership with TerraCycle and recycled and upcycled into durable goods.
  • Capri Sun juice drink pouches now have clear bottoms because Capri Sun consumers expressed the desire for this innovation.
  • In 2012, Capri Sun invested in creating a new box for Capri Sun pouches, remaking the iconic box with paperboard instead of cardboard – a change that resulted in a 30 million pound reduction in packaging in 2012. Capri Sun is always looking for ways to improve their packaging while providing consumers with the great-tasting juice drink they’ve come to expect from Capri Sun.

Summer Fun with Capri Sun! | There are four varieties to choose from:

  • Capri Sun Juice Drink
  • Capri Sun Roarin’ Waters Flavored Water Beverage
  • Capri Sun 100% Juice
  • Capri Sun Super V Fruit and Vegetable Juice Drink

I’m gonna have my eyes peeled for that fruit and veggie one. Sounds amazing! woo hoo! a new bike | Follow Capri Sun on Facebook for sizzling’ summer ideas!

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  • Teri K
    Posted at 02:10h, 18 June

    Enjoying the great outdoors! With a Capri sun!

    • Marla
      Posted at 05:05h, 30 July

      Oh yeahhh!

  • Dana
    Posted at 05:43h, 30 July

    I’m sorry but have you taken a look at the ingredients in Capri Suns before making the claim they are “heathy, simple, and delicious?” What exactly is healthy about high fructose corn syrup and fake sugars? Capri Sun is nothing but unethical marketing and horrible products, not sure how that aligns with the words Family Fresh Cooking?.

  • Maria
    Posted at 06:12h, 30 July

    Yay for summer!

  • Julie @ Table for Two
    Posted at 06:26h, 30 July

    Omg, what a childhood throwback, Marla!! I LOVED capri suns! I remember trying to not stab the straw through the other side of the packet! Haha

  • Averie @ Averie Cooks
    Posted at 11:16h, 30 July

    I love that you guys are always on the go and outside! That’s wonderful! And your kiddos, they are growing up so fast, Marla! 🙂

    • Marla
      Posted at 05:37h, 31 July

      Too fast sometimes it seems ~ but amazing to watch them grow!

  • Aimee @ Simple Bites
    Posted at 17:10h, 30 July

    I need to check these out, Marla!! Like you, we practically live outdoors in the summer. Keeping kids hydrated is a never ending job. Lol.

    • Marla
      Posted at 05:35h, 31 July

      Yes…living outdoors is the best ~ but lots of drinks always need to be at the ready!

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