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Snowy Blythe

Snowy Blythe | Dolls in the Snow | ©

The other day I got distracted. As I always do. I had just dropped my kiddos off at school & we were in the middle of a huge snow storm! That’s right, a full on snow attack in the beginning of October. We also had lots of snow in September.

Can I tell you how much I LOVED it. We dig that kinda thing in Telluride, CO. We live here ’cause we live for snow. My Blythe dolls begged to get dressed up & go outside…

Snowy Blythe | Dolls in the Snow | ©

I have owned these two lovely ladies for a bout a year now.

They only own the dresses they came with.

Snowy Blythe | Dolls in the Snow | ©

No shoes for the cold snow.

The good news is, I just ordered them some winter hats, skinny jeans, high boots and funky tops.

Snowy Blythe | Dolls in the Snow | ©

Snowy Blythe | Dolls in the Snow | ©

I have one handmade reindeer hat that they must share.

I am crazy in love with it. I need to have someone make me one.

Snowy Blythe | Dolls in the Snow | ©

Everything was fine until little blondie fell into the snow.

Snowy Blythe | Dolls in the Snow | ©

She actually enjoyed it and posed nicely.

Snowy Blythe | Dolls in the Snow | ©

At the end of the day all was OK. They got a bit snow covered…but had a dang good time!

Snowy Blythe | Dolls in the Snow | ©

Hopefully you enjoyed this diversion from food…stay tuned you will LOVE the recipe I have coming up tomorrow…

Snowy Blythe | Dolls in the Snow | ©

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~ Marla Meridith

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11 thoughts on “Snowy Blythe

  1. So artistic Marla! Feel like I just popped in on an art installation. They are very intriguing looking dolls. They remind me of the artist who did the paintings in the 1960’s of the kids, dogs and cats with the huge eyes. Fun post!

    1. Ahhhhh….I’m so glad you can appreciate this post. I had a total blast with it!! I believe Blythe is from the 60’s ~ hard to find these days but I tracked her down!

  2. This was too darn cute! Looks like a story book that I bet little girls would love. Have fun in the snow 🙂

    1. ❤️❤️❤️Ohhhhh. I can see how you would covet her! Once you become obsessed with these dolls I’m sure there is no turning back 😉

  3. I’ve never heard of Blythe dolls, but I love how you captured the mood and essence of them – love your creative side Marla – always so inspiring.

    1. Thanks so much Jeanette! When I stumbled on these dolls (via a book) quite a few years ago I was hooked. Glad I could make the introduction 😉