Sponge Bob Cake in the Cayman Islands

Pre school boy in caribbean ocean wearing a white rash guard

See that handsome guy? He is playing on Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman Islands. Not a bad way to spend a week in the winter. I never thought I would be posting a trip I took in the cold months in the heat of the summer. This post is about a happy time spent with family. Have you ever been to Grand Cayman? It is a gem of an island floating in the deep turquoise Caribbean Sea. *Smiles* are all thats mandatory. But that is easy……

Bright blue and yellow sponge bob birthday cake and decorations

Especially when you have a homemade (boxed) Sponge Bob birthday Cake. I am not sure where the fascination lies with that television show but it is like crack for kids. Personally I would prefer Chocolate Crack Cookies, but I will not digress.

Bright blue and yellow sponge bob birthday cake and decorations

We celebrate my nieces birthday there each year. BIG themes are necessary when you are small. The kids get so excited to choose the theme and bake the cake. Which is of course served first thing in the morning with giant tubs of ice cream.

Finger licking good Sponge Bob cake…..

Bright blue and yellow sponge bob birthday cake and decorations

That is my daughter. Not my niece.

Bright blue and yellow sponge bob birthday cake and decorations

Sure does look pillowy and good, eh? Dunno, I did not have any. The blue frosting was a hit with the kids. I made everyone Champagne Vanilla Pudding. More my cup of tea.

Bright blue and yellow sponge bob birthday cake and decorations

I guess even adults like Sponge Bob Square Pants. I guess. Aren’t my sister-in-laws purty?

Marla Meridith's sister in laws at kids birthday party

The Cayman’s are pretty. Very Pretty. Even when storm clouds roll in. Many cruise ships enter the ports of the Caymans. You will never find me on a cruise ship (Cuz, I turn seafoam green.). I just like that sign.

Caribbean ocean on over cast day on Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach

The kids spend all day building sand castles, squirting water guns and playing super heroes.

Children's sand toys in Grand Cayman

Snacks on the beach are fun too.

Seven Mile Beach in Cayman Islands

Way beyond the surf and sand are the special bonds and memories that we create each year. 20 family members are on this vacation together. Each small family unit has time alone and we come together often as a big group.

First Grade girls dressed up for lunch in mom's clothes

It is amazing watching the kids grow each year. My little girl sees her cousins two times a year. They are the best of friends.

Girls at lunch in Cayman Islands vacation

My mother in law made the girls these precious matching dresses. Even some for each of their American Girl Dolls.

Gran Cayman Island family vacation with children

Look at this cutie, he is the youngest member of our family. Well protected from the sun I might add.

Family trip to the Cayman Islands for Winter vacation

Little cousins hang out with little cousins. And big cousins hang out with little cousins.

Winter vacation in Cayman Islands

Isn’t that water  splendid! The sand in Grand Cayman is powdery bright white and the ocean is where mermaids dwell.

Here is my hubs with my little guy. My son is off to look for crabs…..

Boat dock in Cayman Islands by Marla Meridith

Does your family have a special place where they meet up each year?

~ Marla Meridith

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49 thoughts on “Sponge Bob Cake in the Cayman Islands

  1. I love that cake, how fun! You have such a beautiful family, and your photography, my goodness. I aspire to have shots like the ones you’ve captured here.
    My family doesn’t really have a “meeting place”. We live all over the world, so it’s rare that we get to meet up all at once. The last time we did was over 10 years ago in Montreal. It was a BLAST.

    1. Leanne, Montreal is such a pretty city. I hope to get back there again some day. Actually, I really love everywhere I have ever been in Canada. Beautiful there.

  2. That looks like an absolutely wonderful trip. I got a giggle out of the Spongebobs made out of actual sponges sitting on the table!

    I haven’t been on a big family vacation in as long as I can remember. My husband and I go on quite a few trips, but getting everyone together is extremely difficult. I would love to take everyone on a cruise, though!

    1. Hi Erin! I know those sponges that they made are so cute. Kids are so creative when you let them have at it. Very cool that you and your husband had plenty of opportunities to travel. I feel very blessed & grateful for my kids (and us) to be able to enjoy the whole family.

  3. What a beautiful post, Marla. Looks like your family had a wonderful time in the Caymans. And oh wow, is that sea a beautiful color, especially since it’s offset with the white sand. What a place to relax in.

    Love that cool cake too! 🙂

  4. any room in that family of 20 for 5 more members? what a great gift you are giving your kids. there is really nothing better than vacation memories and a sponge bob cake made from a box! xx

  5. Marla, thanks for the pictures. It kinda makes me feel like I was there. I am so proud of my family, watching them enjoy each other. What great memories are being made. Thanks for sharing. Judy

  6. Marla this post is beautiful! The pic of the 3 little girl cousins looks like an ad out of lily pulitzer for kids or something just totally high fashion and gorgeous and refined…truly they are ALL such beauties and your camera work is phenomenal in this post (as always). 🙂

    “You will never find me on a cruise ship.”–
    You and I would jump overboard rather than be confined to the four walls I think 🙂

    1. Averie, unless it was one of those swank American Express Travel high end yachts you won’t see this gal cruisin’. Even at that I don’t take well to be confined a boat. Ahem, that is why I am the mountain girl 😉 Neither of us can handle the feeling of being trapped, ever. Gotta dash to your place to see if there are any Mexico updates yet….

  7. Aww this sounds like such a fun trip! And since you’re all in bathing suits, I think it’s perfectly fine to be posting it during the summer 😛

    I’ve never really understood the appeal of Sponge Bob either…but the cake looks great!

    In response to your comment, Marcus Samuelsson actually does have a restaurant in NYC! Red Rooster…I’m going there tonight, courtesy of him, actually!

    1. That’s what I thought – this post looks summery enough. Heck, even if it was photos of winter snow in the summer I would have ran it. It’s all about the fun over here.
      For some reason I know that I will not be seeing a Sponge Bob cake on your blog any time soon 😉
      Right after I left that 2nd comment on your blog I went to Marcus’s blog & saw how much I was confusing myself. I thought he was the amazing chef behind Red Rooster. I confuse easily when it comes to that stuff. Have a blast. It’s a goal of mine to get there some day.

    1. Thanks for your compliments Angela. It was energetic & relaxing all at the same time. The kids don’t stay in one place for very long & neither do I!!

  8. You have a beautiful family! Sisters-in-law included! I must say, as an adult… I adore sponge bob. I even have a favorite episode – the one where he eats an onion sundae and has bad breath. SO funny! Thanks for sharing your trip. Wish I could teleport myself somewhere like that. 🙂

  9. So Cute Marla. We took a vacation to the islands this year, and it just doesn’t get any more beautiful! I have been to seven mile beach- how lucky to go every year. Your kids and nieces and nephew are so cute!

  10. i’ve been to the cayman islands!–lovely!…but it was BC (before children)
    our family meets up on the CA coast in a small coastal town, in a teeny house–um maybe 900 sq feet?…

    1. That small coastal CA town sounds like fun! The 900 square feet….interesting. Bet you all learn a lot about each other 😉 Cayman’s with just the hubs would be a blast too.

  11. Thanks for sharing your wonderful vaca pics! We are off on our annual East Coast beach vacation next weekend for a couple of weeks. Love it there every year! Hope you are having a great summer!

  12. beautiful trip Marla – lots and lots of good memories for you and your family!! (i’m w/you on the sponge bob cake, i’d prefer your champagne vanilla pudding too!)

  13. Oh my gosh, you have the most gorgeous family Marla (just like you)! I am so jealous looking at those gorgeous pictures with you guys having such a fabulous time on the beach in summer! I am sure you had a blast.

    1. Hi Prerna! No need to be jealous friend. How about this……. you take me to India, i’ll host you guys in the Cayman’s. Deal? No matter what memories can be made with family. Even if it is a picnic in the park. Capturing it on camera makes it even more fun. xo

    1. Lisa, that is hilarious. Sounds like your hubs grandfather would have loved this b’day party. Perhaps you guys need to bake him this cake for his next birthday…could you imagine?!